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Published by Frank Gallagher
Stumped Circle Humanity Obliteration Of Life
Stumped Circle Humanity Obliteration Of Life

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Frank Gallagher on Dec 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SCHOOLStumped Circle Humanity Obliteration Of Life Forgive me LordBlessed be the ignorant folk On splendored grass I tokeWhen not on black go greenNow a socialite headliteA firebug ... a flash Where the fuck's my stashWhat is what is not of no relevanceFor happiness among the irrelevanceSome say all things relative Never heard from you, but now assuredly blessedNow Dear Lord Where the fuck is the cashNow I lay me down to restYes of course a hood wink Giving ignorance shot my best Without a blink A cheat I know Awaiting search beneath pillowSure Tooth Fairy BS but paid well for the timesSwing low sweet chariot and all that rhymesA song a dance on yonder swingFrom a chandelier I sing 1 ding a ling 2 of 3rd kindNuff encountered to see night throughBlessed insanity arms in air once threwTomorrow promises more in lieu of sheepNow in night's tranquility sleepNo more stomach churn oft blewBlaming on the rain the acid stewCaring for fools ... I get it LordWho knew ... what's new with youTaking leave artistic license The one that pays without taxationDearly departed before awardedCatch me not ... catch as catch canDeer and the antelope also ranNone as fast as uncle Sam PR-Political Religious frontA PRICK a screw a c Sorry bub ... It's OK I'm gayI repeat sorry meaning I'm notTwo way street where's thought policeDoublethink solstice
A taste of think bodes not wellA stone an epitaph others fellA priest a political behind sellUp the ass ... some grass A fast attempting to yell a blastA coherence flash but don't tellBlessed be the LordAlive today and tomorrowFound He lost sorrowTranquility in persistent quarrelSurvival despite absent moralsThe way of nuts and squirrelsThe winter of lifeOnce believed a strifeA gun a sword and a knifeTo head heart and throatA frog a prince a kiss and a missGlory part and parcel ancient storeyFeet on ground heads above12th perhaps 14th floorA see a hear a speak notMay be floor of the first13th a verse a curse a hearstSay again whose on firstDiary of a sad man glad man mad manA point of view a point of orderA smorgasbord of perspectives1st 2nd 3rd classPlane boat or terrain A suit a smirk a shirt a quirk land lubber eat dirt Peaceful disarray month of May or manta rayA thought chanced, but what ... a "difference" ... the hell you sayWhen in thereof all is without Do not allow the science breed utter you nonsenseA quill a pen most anything can killA pill a still enhances the swillIn go ahead backup excel reach happy mediumNo gas no oil needed in neutral vehicleRPM - Religious Political Media all a buzz about nothingSomeone shit in their grass A Catholic a Protestant a Moron ... omitted an M? ok Am Catholic am Protestant am MoronA gun a sword a knife..... a circle of life
, san#en or san$ar%, or
, san&iki no sar%, literall 'three monkes'(, sometimes called the
three mystic apes,
)1* are a pictorial ma+im. i$ -ik  a$Shi$0 a Shi$ &ares tr%th o0 the 0orest no mind to see hear to speak o0 the Shi$ killing ow m%ch wo%ld a wood ch%ck get 0or their minds ... pres%ma&l wh the wood ch%ck ch%cks wood Together the em&od the  prover&ial principle to 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil'. The three monkes arei$ar%, covering his ees, who sees no evil -ika$ar%, covering his ears, who hears no evil and wa$ar%, covering his mo%th, who speaks no evil. Sometimes there is a 0o%rth monke depicted with the three others the last one, Shi$ar%, sm&oli$es the principle o0 'do no evil'. e ma &e shown crossing his arms.4 5Dr 4aising in opelessness and Despair http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%mans %mans are one o0 onl nine species known to pass the
 6which tests whether an animal recogni$es its re0lection as an image o0 itsel06along with all the great apes !gorillas,chimpan$ees, orang%tans,  &ono&os(, 3

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