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Published by Cranial Hiccups
This is a great lesson to start off the school year. The purpose of the lesson is to instill the importance of gaining all the knowledge that we can in this life. Put together by Jenn M. of my FHE Swap group.
This is a great lesson to start off the school year. The purpose of the lesson is to instill the importance of gaining all the knowledge that we can in this life. Put together by Jenn M. of my FHE Swap group.

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Published by: Cranial Hiccups on Aug 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Become familiar with the lesson. Scriptures for each person orenough to share. Gather ingredients needed for the refreshments. Printenough copies of the graduation certificate for each member of your family.Optional: Set up the area you are having FHE to look like a teacher’s deskand classroom.
To help instill the importance of gaining all the knowledge wecan in this life.
Opening Song:
Teach Me to Walk in the Light (Hymns 304)
Opening Prayer:Discussion:
One of the purposes of mortality is to learn and gain as muchknowledge as we can before we return to our Heavenly Father. Ask someone toread D&C 93:36. Then discuss this quote from Elder David A. Bednar, “Younight think intelligence is being gifted in academic work, but intelligencealso means applying the knowledge we obtain for righteous purposes.”
Points to discuss:
1. How can you share the things you have learned for righteouspurposes?2. Ask someone to read D&C 88:118. We are taught to seeklearning by study and by faith. How does that help you to growspiritually?3.Ask your family what they think the Lord would have themlearn. (Make a list) Then read D&C 88:77-79. Add any to thelist that were not already mentioned. What things are youlearning now that will help you with the things on the list?
Pin the worm on the apple. Lay down the eight quote cards, withthe cards apple side up. One family member comes up and draws one of thecards. They read the quote that is on the card. Parents can choose todiscuss the quote if they wish. The person that drew the card gets the wormwith the matching number on his card. Have a different family memberblindfold them, spin them three times, and try to pin the worm as close asthey can to the worm on the core of the apple. Repeat until all familymembers have had a turn.
Challenge & Follow Up:
Challenge your family to pick a subject at schooland/or a subject in the scriptures to focus on this week. Before you startyour studies always begin with a prayer. Report next Monday night at FHEhow your goal has gone and made you feel during the week.As you close the lesson fill in and hand out their graduation certificates.
Closing Song:
Search Ponder & Pray (Children’s Songbook pg#109)
Closing Prayer
Apple Crisps or Gummy Worms
A long time ago, there lived a little worm.Like many worms, he liked to eat apples.There was one thing he liked to eat morethan apples and that was books!In the home where he lived, there were lotsof books sitting around. Books sat ontables, in drawers, on shelves, and inboxes. These were the kind of books thelittle worm liked best, the ones thatnobody ever picked up to read.The little worm became known as a bookworm, not because he liked toread books (although he did enjoy reading a little bit now and then)but because he loved to nibble and chew and chomp on the pages.The bookworm’s favorite book to eat was the scriptures. The pageswere nice and thin and easy to eat and their taste was heavenly. Hecould always find a book of scriptures lying around the houseunused.Soon there were lots and lots of bookworms. They were in houses allover town, eating everyone’s books – especially the scriptures. Thepeople were annoyed by these bookworms. They were tired of findingtiny holes in all the pages of their books. They wanted to get ridof these little pests! They tried lots of different things, butnothing seemed to work.One day a young man was very tired of trying to get rid of thebookworms. He had just about given up hope of ever being rid ofthem. He decided to take a break. He sat down in a chair, picked uphis set of scriptures and began to read. Much to his surprise, heenjoyed reading them very much! It gave him such a warm feelinginside. So good, in fact, that he decided to read from thescriptures every day, and as often as possible, read other books.As this young man read the scriptures every day, he noticedsomething wonderful happening. All the bookworms were vanishing! Theyoung man told his friends how he got rid of the bookworms. They allstarted reading their scriptures. Soon everyone in town was readingand learning from all the good books. They found they were muchhappier. Everyone was happier, except for the bookworms that is.They had to go back to eating apples. YUCK!
Cut each quote page in half. Fold each quote so the bookworm is on one side andthe quote on the other (blank sides facing each other). Tape closed.

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