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Published by api-16000772

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Published by: api-16000772 on Aug 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1: The Airport 
“Drake, Hurry up or we’ll miss our flight”, yelledDrakes mom as she shut the car door.“Ok, ok I’m coming”, said drake as he tried torun while carrying two extremely heavy bags packedwith all his toys and comics in it. Drake is a skinny 12year old boy with many freckles on his face. He is astrong and smart kid who loves comic books and heloves to ride his bike to school and around his block.He is an only child and he’s moving to New York, intoan apartment. He got into the car and shut the doorwhile putting his belt on.“Come on why do we have to move to New York,it’s so crowded and don’t get me started about rushhour traffic, its all horrible!
 You know this is the
only way your dad can keephis job and anyway we already paid for the apartmentand I also found a job down there as your schools viceprinciple, so don’t get angry about it! If we stay inKansas, your Dad will lose his job, I’ll be paying foreverything and we’ll be very poor,” said his mom in anunhappy voice. Suddenly the car came to a stop andDrakes Drake’s Dad pull out the car keys and they allgot out, they were finally at the airport. As drake shutthe car door and as he headed to the trunk of the carDrake looked up at the sky then he suddenly saw aspace ship fly over his head.“Where did that ship come from,” though drake?Suddenly the ship came to a stop and shot out a wavethat completely destroyed cars which made Drake, hisfamily and everyone around him fall to the groundwith extreme force. Drake laid on the ground, stingingwith pain, As he got up to go to his parents he saw
that his parents were not even getting up, they wereas still as a rock and when he checked if they werebreathing ok he found that they were dead. They werecurled up in a ball with there hand covering upsomething.“Dad, Mom? NO!!! PLEASE, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!”He screamed. And as Drake saw what killed hisparents he dropped to his knees crying. He saw bigchunks of the car pierced in the hearts of his two dearparents! Tears and tears dropped down his face, Hewas so devastated! “What will I do?! Where will I goto”, He thought!?Suddenly, the ship shot out a red laser at theairport, destroying it along with the innocent peopleinside. The Laser beam was destroying everyone andeverything in its path. When Drake was aware thatthis red laser beam was coming toward him, Drakemade a run for it, he put everything he had into

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