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The Chronicles of the Samuel Hain 5th Series - Ownership

The Chronicles of the Samuel Hain 5th Series - Ownership

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Published by Benjamin F. Kaye
Episode 17
Episode 17

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Published by: Benjamin F. Kaye on Dec 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Chronicles of the Samuel Hain 5
s definitely a circulatory organ of some type.
 I walked around the white oval organs. They were connected to each other by millions of blue, pulsing fibers. The walls had taken on a soft, white texture, lined with gills. Every so often, the walls would bulge; soon after the gills would flutter and release a spray of fine, blue powder. Then the walls would deflate and quiver slightly. The twin organs were synchronized with their environment and swelled when the walls expanded. As I looked overhead, I could see the blue fibers slowly spreading out, weaving in and out of the metal plates.
Do they even know what happened to them?
 Allan walked closer to the odd structure.
I don
t think so
.but they were together.
And there
s no reversing the process?
m still trying to
 the process
so no
 there is no way to reverse it.
m sorry Renata
 I forgot that the Samuel Hain was your home. This can
t be easy
s go.
 We left Hefu and Shevu, now nothing more than alien organs, in their quarters. Sardonia joined us as we walked through the main corridor.
Tyricorg, Sithim, and Yvis-Yvas have been consumed.
 I stared straight ahead, trying my best to be professional, but my eyes kept darting to the blue fibers that seemed to be following us.
 Manfred maintained a lonely vigil on the bridge. I had never seen him so
.unemotional. He was manipulating several homemade probes, flying them around the thing the ship was becoming. Every so often, his head would turn, ever so slightly, like he was hoping that he would see someone. Then his head would quickly snap back to its original position. He either didn
t realize we were there or he chose to ignore us.
Any good news?
 I walked up to Manfred.
There is news. The ship itself has changed shape.
 He brought up an external image of the Hain. It looked like a long, white worm with millions of tendrils. The delicate arms slowly curled and extended, gently propelling us through space.
What are your orders?
 I was slightly taken aback.
I think we
re past the point of giving orders. I think we have to figure out how to save ourselves.
 I put my hand on Manfred
s back, realizing how silly it was. Could machines comfort each other?
Renata! Help!
s words flashed on the main display. We ran to the SECC as fast as we could. When we got there, the Kithu
s left arm was part of the soft, white lining that surrounded us. I could see the fear in her eyes
 and the acceptance.
No, no, no!! Innocenter, you
ve got to fight it! Fight!
 I stood there helplessly.
m scared.
 Her pendant was flickering.
You won
t be scared if you fight! Just fight!
 I wanted to pull her out of the room right then and there.
Glucose, 3,4,9
Amino Acid, 24, 45, 51
.Glucose, 3,4,9
.Amino Acid, 24,45, 51
 Those were her last words. Innocenter
s pendant went black. In mere moments, she was covered with nano-chips; her body distorted into a cauliflower shape. That night, it was down to Manfred, Allan, our mascot, and I. Our quarters had become pulsing, organic cavities, filled with strange oval nodules. Our only sanctuary was on the bridge
 even there the blue fibers crawled across the ceiling. No one spoke a word. We each pursued our own solutions
 or should I say desperate fantasies. I looked up from my console for a moment and let the past wash over me. I could see them clearly now: Captain Halverson, Akhila, Tungsten, and so many others. Now my past life in our tiny solar system seemed so far away
so childish.
So that
s it!
s voice regained some of its humanity.
Good news?
 I looked over his shoulder.
s last message. She was giving us molecular attack points. If we could just insert a counter-program at those critical junctions, we might be able to reverse the process.
 He got up and headed to the medical bay
 or what was left of it.
Do you think this will work?
 Allan stood beside me and looked at the diagram of the ship.
It could work
but what will actually happen I
m not sure.
 I turned away and looked out into space.
So you
re saying we shouldn
t do this.
What I
m saying is that it
s the only solution we have left.
And if it doesn
t work?
I am still an officer of the United Earth Empire. I will have to act in accordance with my oath.
Which means?
I don
t know.
 Crescent shaped metal beams surrounded the organ. Each beam had a series of needles, glistening in the dim light provided by our lamps. Power cables ran from the beams to a portable medical console. The gills were fluttering more frequently than usual; in fact, they were flapping about wildly.
I think it knows we
re here.
 Allan broke the silence.
Soon it will
 know we
re here.
 Manfred powered up the medical apparatus. Manfred tapped a few buttons on the console and the first set of needles slowly punctured the soft, white skin of the organ. The gills closed abruptly
 as if they were holding their breath
 and then trembled violently. There was a loud moan that reverberated throughout the ship.
Are you sure you have enough information?
 I shouted above the chaos.
The Nethasian had an automatic bio-scan every day for the past several months
..the Hain knows him better than he knows himself.
 Manfred shouted back. He inserted the second set of needles.
Do it!
 I ordered.
Initiating molecular re-capture algorithms; nano-tech reversal has begun.
 Manfred was furiously manipulating dozens of reactions at once.

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