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Get Organised

Get Organised

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Published by saleem_b

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Published by: saleem_b on Aug 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Time for a Clean Out
Time has flown. It's been six months since you came back from your relaxing holiday over Xmas andNew Year.Remember when you charged into the office that first day, all primed to make the new year the bestever. You made a New Year's Resolution that you would definitely get organised to start the comingyear with a bang! So what did you do? You cleaned out all the clutter that had accumulatedthroughout 2002 and in some instances, since 1992!And once you had completed this mammoth task, you felt fantastic. The office never looked so good.No more buckling bookcases, overflowing filing cabinets, wall to wall and desk to door piles of paper.In fact, your colleagues couldn't believe what they saw. The CEO walked in and thought he was in thewrong office!Six months later?
Let's have a look at your office now ?
six months later.What does it look like? Is it still in pristine condition or does it look like a teenager's bedroom again?A quick test?Is your desktop hidden under a mountain of paper?Do your fingers bleed each time you access your filing cabinet?Do you risk an avalanche when you open the cupboard doors?The Solution for the ClutterersIf you answered yes to any of those questions, here's what you need to do.
Clean out the Clutter?
Put the voicemail or answering machine on, inform your colleagues you will be working on a highpriority project for the morning/afternoon/day/week or month,
grab a jumbo bin or three, closethe door (if you have one) and get to work
.Yes. It's that simple.
Start with the floor, then the cupboards, bookcases, filing cabinets, deskand anywhere else.Not sure what to toss or keep?
Follow The Office Organiser's Golden Rules of Cleaning out the Clutter?
Ask yourself:Do I really need or want this?Will my life change in any way if I got rid of it?Would someone else benefit from having it?If I am going to keep it, where's the most logical place to find it again?What's in it for you?
Why do you put yourself through this process? Well it's quite simple. You will find things moreeasily,you'll feel better, you'll look like you've got your work under control (even if you haven't), you'llhave heaps more space, you'll be able to focus, you'll save time and your boss will be very happy as
you'll save your company a fortune on stationery because you hoarded enough to supply the wholeorganisation.Controlling the clutter foreverThere's only one way to do that - regularly clean up. A little clean each day will keep you focussed andsane! All you need to do is ?do it!Have a great week!About The Author
5 Easy Steps to Making Housework More Manageable
Sometimes the task of keeping a clean, tidy house just seems overwhelming. Why is that? Because itnever ends! You never get done! In order to make the task more manageable and give you the feelingthat you have accomplished something. I've broken it done into 5 easy steps.
The first step is to survey every room in your house making a list of everything that needsto be done.After you have done this you can break it down further by deciding how often things needto be done and who should do it.
Scheduling housework is important because it gives you thefeeling that you actually completed your tasks for the day making housework more satisfying.After you have decided what needs done and how often and who should do it.
Now take 7 sheets of paper and write one day of the week on each. Now start placing the jobs into the days of the week. 
Chores that need done every day will be on every sheet, the ones that only need doneonce a month will go on a monthly chore sheet. Don't worry if you don't put everything from one roominto one day, you'll be doing daily cleaning and getting done what needs to be done that day.
You'llbe surprised how wonderful this can be, when your list is done you are done.
 Period. This waywhen my daughter ask me when I'll be done cleaning I have an answer, When I get the things on mylist done. Do you want to help?Next type up your list in a wordprocessing program and save them in a folder titled "weeklyhousecleaning" print off several of each day and put them on the fridge or somewhere out of the waythat you can remember.Each day grab the list for that day and start going down the list. You'll be surprised how quickly itgoes, and it's sort of a game to see if you can finish your list. Actually you can go really quicklybecause you will be doing these chores on a regular basis now and things won't get overlooked, so youdon't have to spend very much time on any one thing.There you go, 5 easy steps to keep your house in tip top shape and you will never have to worry aboutunexpected guests again. Check back for more house cleaning tips!Tina Seay is the author and webmaster of http://LearnSomethingToday.comher goal to teach skillsthat help people achieve their dreams. Her other websites includehttp://FortheCatLover.com and http://yourweddingstory.netYou can write to her atwebmaster@learnsomethingtoday.comYou can reproduce this information on your website, blog, ezine with the signature box included.
Taking Care of You: De-Clutter
De-Cluttering our lives can be an extremely liberating exercise. There are many types of clutter thancan hinder us having the quality of life we want and deserve. There is clutter that is in our minds asnegative self-talk. There is the clutter that physically exists in our homes, cars, offices, such as oldnewspapers waiting to be recycled, stacks of magazines you will never read, old clothes that aredestined for the good will because they no longer suit our style or size, etc. There is another form of clutter often referred to as "tolerations" that refers to all those nagging little things that drain ourenergy every time we encounter them. This type of clutter can encompass the other two types andalso includes things such as the broken toaster that only toasts one side of the bread, the whistlingkettle that no longer whistles, that phone call you've been meaning to make for two weeks. This typeof clutter or tolerations, fill up time and space in our lives by their very existence. When we are able toreduce and then eliminate most clutter, we have so much more energy for what we really want in ourlives.
So, what are you tolerating in your life right now?
What broken down things, messes, eyesores,unsatisfactory conditions and circumstances, and behaviors (yours and those of others) have you beenaccepting and living with could you change or eliminate to immediately improve your quality of life?What has been draining your energy unnecessarily under the guise that "that's just how life is?" Allthese little annoyances add up to cost you big chunks of your time and energy and are well wortheliminating.
Take some time this month to de-clutter your life.
Make a list of your top 10 tolerations thatcould be eliminated by the end of this month.
action and eliminate these things fromyour life. Cross items off your list as you eliminate them.Make a second list of your top 10big tolerations that may take a while to eliminate and get working!
Share your list with afriend for support and encouragement or email it to me at ruth@coachruth.com and I'll support yourintention.Ruth Hegarty is a confidence coach who helps people increase their personal and professionalconfidence for greater self-esteem, happiness, and success.Contact Ruth atruth@coachruth.comor 617-846-3824 for a free 30-minute coaching session. Visither website athttp://www.LeapofConfidence.com.
Can You Really Improve Your Organisation Skills
I'm sure most of you have heard of Zig Ziglar International Sales Guru. Well in one of Zig's weeklynewsletters, there were a number of comments about the habits of well-organised people which Icouldn't resist sharing with you.What are the habits of well-organized people?

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