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Homily for Advent December 2013

Homily for Advent December 2013

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Published by Ed Ball
Focusing on the true meaning of Christmas.
Focusing on the true meaning of Christmas.

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Published by: Ed Ball on Dec 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Homily for the Season of Advent
By Ed Ball, December 08, 2013
 As we gather today, in the midst of this Advent season, we are reminded tis the season as we prepare for the celebration over the glorious birth of Christ. A moment in history that ushered in the Son of Man, the rule of a new kingdom, one that is meant to serve in abundance of love and grace, rather than rule over subordinates as expected by those dedicated to the Old Testament laws and as told by prophets of years past. In my personal life, those times where I have failed, when I have felt that all is lost, and
things couldn’t possibly get any worst,
is when the Holy Spirit sends me a reminder to focus on our Father as Creator
 that He is always creating. For not once have I found a bad situation, where when I humbled myself before Jesus, and God the Father, that the Holy Spirit did not convict my very soul to the point where eventually I came to realize that something good was about to come of all this.  As we envision Joseph and Mary struggling to find a decent room in the bustling city of Bethlehem
to provide for the proper birth of God’s beloved Son, our LORD and Savior 
; unbeknownst to us, God has a greater plan in store. One that threw Satan for a loop, who would possibly look for the Holy child in a manger? Who would have known, that such a humble setting would be the first place of worship praising the birth of our Savior, and eventually three wise men would arrive bearing Him gifts fit for a King. By the age of 12, Jesus was teaching elders the truth as the Living Word in their temple, also known as
His Father’s house
, just below the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Later during Jesus
 ministry, He performed many wonders. He went on to turn water into wine, healing numerous sick, driving demons out of those that were publicly considered a menace to society and their families, causing the lame to walk again, restoring the sight to the blind, He would raise the dead with just a few powerful words of utmost authority, and all this is but a small sampling of the list of miracles that He performed. Even the mere touch of His garment released His power and by faith others were healed. Also, Flavius Josephus, the Jewish historian of the time is mystified and reluctant to label
Jesus as “only a
 mere man
 based upon Jesus
 accomplishments as verified by witnesses of that era. Gathering up His 12 disciples, what a motley crew by human standards; they consisted of a despised tax collector, a zealot, a Benedict Arnold, one short tempered, one of so many doubts, a shy man, and the job descriptions go on until apparently the characteristics of men in all walks of life were selected. Perhaps if we look closely enough, and were honest with ourselves, we would see our mirrored image
in Jesus’
followers. I know I have.

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