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Human Judgment and Divine

Human Judgment and Divine

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" Let both grow together until the harvest." ST. MATTHEW xiii. 30.

" Let both grow together until the harvest." ST. MATTHEW xiii. 30.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Dec 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HUMAN JUDGMENT AND DIVINE BY R. W. CHURCH " Let both grow together until the harvest." ST. MATTHEW xiii. 30. THERE are two great currents of human action going on in the world, which are represented in this parable by the wheat and the tares. And there are also two great currents of judgment on what is going on upon the stage of the world, running side by side as the world s history is unfolded ; human  judgment, with all its many variations, its infinite changes in character and force, its right decisions and its mistakes, its contradictions and collisions, its returns upon itself ; human judgment here t>elow, as peremptory and loud as it is fallible ; and above, the judgment, the unceasing, all-knowing judgment of God. It must sometimes come home to us how strange, how awful, how mysterious is the contrast between these two great masses and volumes of  judgment which are ever going on, never for a moment interrupted, whenever men think and ob serve and decide, and than which nothing can be imagined more important in what concerns mankind
and individual men. Let us, for the short time we can give to it, consider it. 30 CATHEDRAL AND UNIVERSITY SERMONS in I. And first, of human judgment, of what I have called the great perpetual current and manifestation of man s judgment on all things round him, on his fellows, on his circumstances, on himself and his life and duty. We are always judging. It is a principal and necessary part of our thoughts, of our business, of our conversation. And it is, obviously, a principal thing in what governs and determines what happens among us ; our good and our evil, our happiness or our wretchedness. As we judge justly or unjustly, as we judge rightly or wrongly, so, in a great measure, though not altogether, do things go well or ill among us. But besides this serious and effective  judgment, there is a huge amount of judging which has no bearing on the course of things, which is simply futile and empty and wasted breath, because it is so idle, so ignorant, so foolish. But, all the
same, there it is as a fact, asserting itself, intruding itself, affecting to settle the most difficult questions, and to pass the most irreversible dooms. Just think, as your imagination may help you to do so, of the hubbub and confusion of judgments which go up all day long over all the earth. From morning to night we are all of us passing judgment : we are passing judgment on the dead and the living, on those the most remote and the most unknown to us, and on those who are close to us, on the things we know best, and on the things of which we know nothing. Men, and classes, and nations, throw back their judgments, one at another, as if they were the in HUMAN JUDGMENT AND DIVINE 31 most real and unquestionable certainties, about which no one could doubt. West judges east, and east  judges west, each with equal confidence, each on grounds which are held to be clear and strong. Rich judge poor, and poor judge rich, family judges family, and neighbourhood judges neighbourhood,

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