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HEX Character Generation Cheat Sheet Version 2

HEX Character Generation Cheat Sheet Version 2

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Published by NestorDRod

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Published by: NestorDRod on Aug 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 All content ©2006 Exile Game Studios, LLC. All Rights reserved.Document produced by Nestor D. Rodriguez, with invaluable assistance by Colin Chapman.
By Nestor! 
Step One: Archetypes!
 HEX: 39-41, GMS: 1, SSW: 6-7  Pick One
Academic LawmanAdventurer MissionaryCelebrity MoneymanCrewman Monk Criminal OccultistDoctor Reporter Engineer ScientistEveryman Soldier Explorer SpyHunter Survivor 
Step Two: Motivations!
 HEX: 41-43, GMS: 1, SSW: 7-8 Pick One
Duty LoveEscape MysteryFaith Power Fame RedemptionGreed RevengeHonor SurvivalHope TruthJustice
Step Three: Primary Attributes!
 HEX: 43-46 Spend 15 Points, on a one-to-one basis, minimum of 1, maximum of 5
Body CharismaDexterity IntelligenceStrength Willpower 
 2All content ©2006 Exile Game Studios, LLC. All Rights reserved.Document produced by Nestor D. Rodriguez, with invaluable assistance by Colin Chapman.
Step Four: Skills!
 HEX: 48-59, SSW: 8-10Spend 15 Points, on a one-to-one basis, minimum of 1, maximum of 5Skill Specializations cost ½ Points, no more than one Specialization per Skill at character creation, add +1 to Skill when they apply
Skill Attribute Specializations
Academics Intelligence History, Law, Literature, Philosophy, ReligionAcrobatics Dexterity Balance, Breakfall, Contortion, Juggling, TumblingAnimal Handling Charisma Cats, Dogs, Horses, Birds, ReptilesArchery Dexterity Blowguns, Bows, Crossbows, Nets, SlingsArt Intelligence Music, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, WritingAthletics § Strength Climbing, Jumping, Running, Swimming, ThrowingBrawl § Strength Dirty Tricks, Grappling, Kicking, Punching, ThrowsBureaucracy Intelligence Academia, Business, Government, Legal, MilitaryCon Charisma Bluff, Fast Talk, Lies, Tricks, SeductionCraft Intelligence Carpentry, Chemistry, Electronics, Mechanics, MedicinesDemolitions Intelligence Defusing, Dynamite, Gunpowder, Improvised, IncendiaryDiplomacy Charisma Etiquette, Leadership, Negotiation, Persuasion, PoliticsDrive § Dexterity Buses, Cars, Motorcycles, Tanks, TrucksEmpathy § Intelligence Body Language, Emotions, Intuition, Lies, MotivesFirearms Dexterity Archaic, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Submachine GunsFocus Willpower Concentration, Courage, Meditation, Resistance, ResolveGambling Intelligence Blackjack, Cheating, Craps, Poker, RouletteGunnery Intelligence Artillery, Bombs, Cannons, Machine Guns, RocketsIntimidation Charisma Interrogation, Orders, Staredown, Threats, TortureInvestigation Intelligence Crimes, Enigmas, Interview, Research, SearchLarceny Dexterity Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, Safecracking, Security, Sleight of HandLinguistics Intelligence Codes, Deciphering, Gestures, Lip Reading, TranslationMartial Arts Strength Aikido, Boxing, Capoeira, Judo, Kalaripayattu, Karate, Kung Fu, Savate, Tai Chi Chuan,WrestlingMedicine Intelligence Diagnosis, Disease, First Aid, Surgery, VeterinaryMelee Strength Axes, Clubs, Knives, Spears, SwordsPerformance Charisma Acting, Dancing, Musical Instrument, Oratory, SingingPilot Dexterity Aircraft, Balloons, Drilling Machines, Ships, SubmarinesRide Dexterity Bulls, Camels, Elephants, Horses, MulesScience Intelligence Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, PhysicsStealth § Dexterity Camouflage, Disguise, Hiding, Shadowing, SneakingStreetwise Charisma Black Market, Carousing, Haggling, Rumors, ScroungingSurvival Intelligence Foraging, Hunting, Navigation, Shelter, TrackingWarfare Intelligence Logistics, Organization, Strategy, Tactics, Terrain (Arctic, Desert, Jungle, Naval, Urban)Specialized Skill § Zero Level Skill
Step Four-A: Martial Art Styles!
Style Block Grapple Kick Punch Throw
Aikido +1 -1 -1 +1Boxing +1 -1 +1 -1Capoeira +1 -1 +1 -1Judo +1 -1 -1 +1Kalaripayattu +1 -1 +1 -1Karate -1 +1 +1 -1Kung Fu VariesSavate +1 -1 +1 -1Tai Chi Chuan +1 -1 +1 -1Wrestling +1 +1 -1 -1
 3All content ©2006 Exile Game Studios, LLC. All Rights reserved.Document produced by Nestor D. Rodriguez, with invaluable assistance by Colin Chapman.
Step Five: Talents!
 HEX: 60-71, GMS: 1-3, SSW: 10-18 Pick one Talent or Resource
Talent Prerequisite Benefit
Accuracy Reduced called shot penalties
+1 Dexterity ratingAlertness +2 Perception ratingAnimal Affinity +1 Charisma bonus dealing with animalsAtlantean Blood Longevity and improved abilitiesAtlantean Commands Atln. Power Words Can issue complex commandsAtlantean Language Linguistics 6 Fluent in Atlantean languageAtlantean Power Words Atln. Language Can issue one-word commandsAttractive +1 Charisma bonus dealing with peopleAutofire Firearms 4 Improved autofire attack Blind Fight Reduced penalty for poor visibilityBlock Brawl/Martial Arts 4 Perform block as a reflexive actionBlunt Strike Melee 4 Do nonlethal damage with lethal weaponsBold Attack Charisma 3 Use Charisma with a specific combat Skill
 Bold Defense
Charisma 3 Use Charisma for Active Defense ratingBreaking Blow Brawl/Martial Arts 4 Damage Structure with unarmed attacksCalculated Attack Intelligence 3 Use Intelligence with a specific combat Skill
Calculated Defense
Intelligence 3 Use Intelligence for Active Defense ratingCaptivate Performance 4 Temporarily entrance targets
+1 Charisma rating
Improved climbing speed
Combat Aptitude
Intelligence 3 Exchange attack and Defense diceCombat Skill Skill 4 +2 Defense with specific non-combat SkillCounterstrike Brawl/Martial Arts 4 Damage attacker with a successful Block Damage Control Craft 4 Reduced penalty for Structure damage
 Danger Sense
Reduced surprise penaltyDelayed Blow Brawl/Martial Arts 4 Can delay damage from unarmed attack Diehard Improved death threshold
 Direction Sense
 — Always know directionDodge Athletics 4 Perform dodge as a reflexive actionDrive-by Attack Firearms/Gunnery 4 Reduced penalty for speedDual Wield Dexterity 3 Reduced penalty for two-weapon attacksEvasive Action Drive/Pilot 4 Perform evasive action as reflexive actionFearsome Intimidation 4 Temporarily frighten opponentsFinesse Attack Dexterity 3 Use Dexterity with a specific combat SkillFlurry Dexterity 3 Reduced penalty for multiple strikesFocused Attack Willpower 3 Use Willpower with a specific combat Skill
 Focused Defense
Willpower 3 Use Willpower for Passive Defense rating
 — +1 Size ratingGuardian Intelligence 3 Provide Defense bonus to allies
Willpower 3 Use Willpower for Stun ratingHigh Pain Tolerance Reduced penalty for woundsInspire Diplomacy 4 Provide Skill bonus to allies
 Instant Reload 
 — Reload weapon as a reflexive action
 — +1 Intelligence ratingIron Jaw +1 Stun rating
 Iron Will 
 — +1 Willpower ratingJack of All Trades Intelligence 3 Improved untrained Skill rolls
 — Improved jumping distanceJury-Rig Craft 4 Can improvise repairsKeen Sense +4 Perception rating with a specific sense

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