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Customer Satisfaction in Aircel -Khalid Muzaffar

Customer Satisfaction in Aircel -Khalid Muzaffar

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MBA Project on Aircel. Measuring the customer Satisfaction of Aircel among Professional Students in the state of J&K.....
MBA Project on Aircel. Measuring the customer Satisfaction of Aircel among Professional Students in the state of J&K.....

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Published by: Abd Al Mateen Yousuf on Dec 09, 2013
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Measuring the Customer Satisfaction in Telecom Sector among Professional Students – A Study of Aircel Kashmir
Project Report Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Award Of MBA
Submitted By: - Submitted To :- Khalid Muzaffar Sajad Ahmad Mir Roll no: 320 HR Head, Aircel J&K The Business School University of Kashmir Srinagar- 190006
In the name of“Allah”
To all the students who have lost their precious lives during 23  years of armed conflict in the state of J&K.  May Allah bless them with a place in paradise and give  patience and courage to their parents to bear such irreparable loss.
For whom Allah has decreed:
“So your Lord has decreed: Do not worship anyone but Him and be  good to your parents. If one or both of them grow old in your  presence, do not say fie to them, nor reprove them. But say gentle words to them, and look after them with kindness and love say “O  Lord, have mercy on them as they nourished me when I was small” {Al Quran - Surah - 17: Verse - 23}.
In essence “Man” is incomplete. His resources are limited and his faculties are finite. Every  big task he wants to accomplish inevitably involves many helping hands. No individual can ever claim to have carried out any work of paramount importance and magnitude without the support and patronage of others. From the core of my heart, I feel it obligatory to mention that credit in its entirety goes to Almighty Allah who gave us courage to take up this project and it were his blessings that the Project work was completed within the stipulated period. The writing of a project report may be a lonely and isolated experience, yet it is obviously not  possible without the personnel and practical support of numerous people. Thus my sincere thanks go to Miss Sumaira Nissar (Faculty Guide) who endured to explain things clearly and made my project a rewarding experience for me. I would also like to thank Prof. (Dr.) S. Mufeed, Director Business School for his valuable suggestions and words of concern. I would also like to thank Mr. Sajad Ahmad Mir, HR Manager, Aircel Srinagar who provided me access to the valuable documents of postal services’ existing policies and procedures. I would also like to extend my profound thanks to the faculty members of our Department and my colleagues and family members: Mateen Yousuf, Shaikh Owais, Shah Iqbal and Tabish Ashraf for their encouragement and sound advice. I shall be failing in my duty if I do not express my gratitude to my parents for their constant support and guidance. I thank “Almighty Allah” for giving me such a wonderful parents in them.

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