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Haunted Places in the USA

Haunted Places in the USA

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Published by Agog
A encyclopedia of ghost stories from across the US, ranging from old standards to modern urban legends.
A encyclopedia of ghost stories from across the US, ranging from old standards to modern urban legends.

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Published by: Agog on Dec 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A PaZZa Production
Ever wanted a quick “hook” for a scenario? This has 100s of them! Well if it involves hauntings itdoes :) All reports of ghosts etc. are genuine reports (although wether they are realy genuine may be debatable). I figured this is better as a perminant ebook, rather than a as non-perminant web site!I have used some for Call Of Cthulhu before, although they will do for any horror RPG. This has many uses;- Add an idea into an existing scenario- Combine a few for a truly haunting scenario- Build a scenarion around one idea.- Etc.Overall - ENJOY!Look out for another ebook from me soon, next time its peoples personal ghost stories, its prettygood too!PS. My Gods Bigger than your God and could kick his ass anytijme!
Adamsville – Bottenfield Middle School – The ghost of a young man has been seen by several inthe band and choir wing of the school. He appears at any hour and then vanishes just as quickly.Albertville – Albertville Public Library – Some of the workers say that the elevator will go up anddown by itself, hearing the water running in the bathroom and it stops when they look to see whereit is coming from. They say that the library was built over a house that was tore down in the early1900’s and that the people who lived there are mad about their house being tore down so they hauntthe library. Most of the things happen early in the morning when the first person comes to work allalone.Albertville – Off Highway 431 – Believed to be haunted by one of the first owners. He died while plowing his garden with a tractor, it overturned on him and killed him. Soon afterward the man’swife started hearing banging noises, so she moved and sold the house. The next owners had thesame things had happened and they left the house in the night with all of there belongings stillinside. When the house was empty neighbors would see lights come on at night and no one wasthere. The house has been on the market for quiet some time, the price was reduced by 20,000dollars, when it is bought, and no one will live there longer than a month.Andalusia – Prestwood Bridge – When you stop on the bridge and turn your lights, off and someonewill come to you car and bang on it. They will mess you car up bad so don’t do it.Anniston – Anniston High School girl’s locker-room – The legend of Anniston High School’slocker-room is known widely through out the school. The legend is told to all the new comingfemale freshmen that goes to their lockers to dress out for P.E. They are told by what we call the“upper classmen” maybe to give them a little scare or perhaps to warn them from a revengefulghost. The legend varies in detail from person to person but the main facts of the story are almostalways the same, a girl is late dressing in and leaves a precious item and decides to go back to get itwhile sending her friend to hold the buses for her, a man then tries to rape and kill her but ends updead and the body never gets recovered and the obvious conclusion is never go into the girl’slocker-room by yourself, always go in with one of your friends and never leave anyone alone inthere. The incident that started this legend occurred not too long ago. This is how the legend goes:There was this girl (name is unknown) who was the type who always dressed in for P.E. She wasthe first to dress in and also the first to leave and dress back out. One day while coming in from playing outside she was late in dressing out. It was the last period of the day and she was hurryingso that she wouldn’t miss her bus. Her best friend was late with her and they only had 2 minutes todress back out instead of their normal 5 minutes. While they was hurrying to dress back out, other girls, who was already dressed out, was leaving to go in the gym and wait for the bell to ring thatsignaled the end of the day. Her friend was faster at putting on her school clothes but she was moreslowly and took her time. Deciding to wait for her, her friend sat on one of the benches in there tokeep her company. They rode the same bus and knew that it was almost always one of the first busto be there and didn’t want to get left. Soon after the girl finished putting on her clothes and they both walked out to sit with the rest of the students in the gym to wait for the bell she almost forgotthat she left her purse in her locker. The bell then rung but she was concerned about leaving it since