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Published by Cristian Sutu

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Published by: Cristian Sutu on Aug 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fobie Definitie
ACAROPHOBIA frica de infestare a pielii cu capusiACEROPHOBIA teama de acreala, de acruACHLUOPHOBIA teama de intuneric (sau NYCTOPHOBIA)ACOUSTICOPHOBIA teama de zgomotACROPHOBIA teama de inaltimeAEROPHOBIA teama de zbor, de spatii deschise de aer AGORAPHOBIA teama de spatii deschiseAICHOMOPHOBIA Fear of pointed objects (also AICHUROPHOBIA)AILUROPHOBIA teama de pisici (sau AELUROPHOBIA,ELUROPHOBIA,& GATOPHOBIA)ALBUMINUROPHOBIA teama de albumina in urina, de afectiuni renaleALEKTOROPHOBIA teama de puiALGOPHOBIA teama de durere (sau ODYNOPHOBIA, ODYNEPHOBIA)AMATHOPHOBIA teama de praf AMAXOPHOBIA teama de a fi intr-o masina sau de a o conduce(sauOCHLOPHOBIA)AMYCHOPHOBIA teama de a fi zgariatANDROPHOBIA teama de barbatiANEMOPHOBIA teama de vantANGINAPHOBIA teama de spatii inguste,stramteANGINOPHOBIA teama de dureri in gatANGLOPHOBIA teama de englezi sau de lucruri englezestiANTHOPHOBIA teama de floriANTHROPHOBIA teama de oameni (sau ANTHROPOPHOBIA)ANTLOPHOBIA teama de inundatiiANUPTAPHOBIA teama de a ramane singur APEIROPHOBIA teama de infinitAPHEPHOBIA teama de a atinge sau de a fi atins(alsoHAPHEPHOBIA,HAPTEPHOBIA)APIPHOBIA teama de albineARACHIBUTYROPHOBIA teama de untul de arahide lipit de cerul guriiARACHNEPHOBIA teama de paianjeni (sau ARACHNOPHOBIA)
ASTHENOPHOBIA teama de slabiciune, de a fi slabASTRAPHOBIA tema de a fi lovit de fulger(sauCERAUNOPHOBIA,KERAUNOPHOBIA)ASTROPHOBIA teama de steleATAXIOPHOBIA teama de dezordine (also ATAXOPHOBIA)ATELOPHOBIA teama de imperfectiuneATEPHOBIA teama de ruinaAULOPHOBIA teama de fluieraturiAUROPHOBIA tema de aur AURORAPHOBIA tema de lumina aurolei borealeAUTOMYSOPHOBIA tema de automurdarireAUTOPHOBIA teama de a fi de unul singur(alsoEREMIOPHOBIA,EREMOPHOBIA, MONOPHOBIA)BACILLOPHOBIA teama de germeni (alsoACTERIOPHOBIA,MICROBIOPHOBIA,BACILLIPHOBIA)BALLISTOPHOBIA teama de racheteBAROPHOBIA teama de gravitatieBASIPHOBIA teama de plimbareBATHOPHOBIA teama de adancimeBATRACHOPHOBIA teama de broasteBELONEPHOBIA teama de ace, ace de cusut (sau BELONOPHOBIA)BIBLIOPHOBIA teama de cartiBLENNOPHOBIA teama de namolBOGYPHOBIA teama de demoni si creaturiBOTANOPHOBIA teama de plante si floriBROMIDROSIPHOBIA teama de a nu-i mirosi urat corpulBRONTOPHOBIA teama de tunete si furtuni cu tuneteCAINOPHOBIA teama de nou, de noutate (sau CAINOTOPHOBIA)CANCEROPHOBIA teama de cancer (sau CARCINOMATOPHOBIA)CARDIOPHOBIA teama de boli de inimaCARNOPHOBIA teama de carneCATHISOPHOBIA teama de a sta josCATOPTROPHOBIA teama de oglinzi
CELTOPHOBIA teama de celti; sentiment de ura fata de celtiCENOPHOBIA teama de spatii deschise (sau KENOPHOBIA)CERAUNOPHOBIA teama de a fi traznitCHAETOPHOBIA teama de par CHEROPHOBIA teama de veselieCHIONOPHOBIA teama de zapadaCHOLEROPHOBIA teama de holeraCHREMATOPHOBIA teama de bani sau bogatie (sauCHROMETOPHOBIA)CHROMOPHOBIA teama de culoriCHRONOPHOBIA teama de trecerea timpuluiCIBOPHOBIA teama de mancare (sau SITOPHOBIA, SITIOPHOBIA)CLAUSTROPHOBIA teama de a fi in spatii inchise, stramteCLEPTOPHOBIA teama de furtCLIMACOPHOBIA teama de a cadea pe scariCLINOPHOBIA teama de a adormiCNIDOPHOBIA teama de corzi, de sforiCOITOPHOBIA teama de relatii sexuale (sau CYPRIDOPHOBIA,GENOPHOBIA)COMETOPHOBIA teama de cometeCOPROPHOBIA teama de excrementeCREMNOPHOBIA teama de stanci si prapastiiCREMOPHOBIA teama de a fi singur CRYOPHOBIA teama de gheata si inghetCRYSTALLOPHOBIA teama de sticla (sau HYALOPHOBIA)CYMOPHOBIA teama de valurile marii sau oceanuluiCYNOPHOBIA teama de cainiCYPRIDOPHOBIA teama de boli venerice(sau VENEREOPHOBIA)DEIPNOPHOBIA teama de conversatia din timpul cineiDEMONOPHOBIA teama de spiriteDEMOPHOBIA teama de o multime de oameni(cu snsul de un numar marede oameni adunati la un loc, de inghesuiala)DENDROPHOBIA teama de copaciDERMATOPHOBIA teama de piele

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