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August 22 Update TA Rem WD

August 22 Update TA Rem WD

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Published by kentreporterbcb

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Published by: kentreporterbcb on Aug 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kent Education Asssociation
Tentative Agreements, Remaining Proposals, Withdrawn Proposals
KEA Proposals with Tentative Agreements (as of August 22)
1.District to provide KEA with 250 hard copies of the labor agreement at no charge.This would be an increase from the current agreement for 100 copies. (
Tentative Agreement -The district agreed to provide KEA with the contract as a singleelectronic Word document.
Students with a history of violence would not be allowed in school until a plan is inplace and all affected teachers notified.
 Tentative Agreement, August 14
3.When required to move to another classroom during the school year, the teacherwill be relieved of teaching duties for three school days.
 The current contract provides one day for elementary teachers to move classrooms during theschool year. In addition, the District agrees to provide necessary moving supplies and supportstaff to accomplish the move. Tentative Agreement on modified language for this section.
Clarify language regarding shared leaves for injury or illness, to align with districtpolicy and state law.
 Tentative Agreement May 19.
5.Medical benefits would be paid under certain circumstances while on unpaid leaveof absence.
 Tentative Agreement, August 19. (associated with item #10)
Substitute teachers would receive 70% of a beginning teachers' daily rate.
  Tentative Agreement with modified language, August 21.
Increase pay for specialists.
  Tentative Agreement, August 20. Implementation of this proposal will cost approximately$600,000 over two years.
Administrators would complete the Guest Teacher Feedback Form
(Currently,teachers complete this form regarding their substitute teachers.)
 Tentative Agreement with modified language, August 21.
When teachers voluntarily or involuntarily move to a different school during thesummer, they will receive 5 extra days of pay.
 Tentative Agreement with modified language, August 19. (2 days pay)
10.Expand options and increase medical benefits relative to maternity or paternityleave.
 Tentative Agreement, August 19.
11.Employees would receive full pay and benefits whenever injured or taken ill on the job.
 Tentative Agreement with modified language, August 20.
Teachers would be allowed to take time off from work to attend annual unionconvention.
 Tentative Agreement with modified language, August 21.
KEA Proposals Remaining (as of August 22)
Decrease class size and caseloads
 August 21, KEA presented a new, lower cost class size and case load proposal. Estimated cost isin excess of $32M.
Extra-curricular/Extra-duty pay: Compensate the new position of Webmaster$4,000 at high schools and $2,000 at middle and elementary schools.
Estimated cost: $105,000
Extra-curricular/Extra-duty pay: Create a new position of School Rostermaster andpay each $1,000 in each high school and middle school
Estimated cost: $12,000
Modify how the district communicates to teachers and the union regardingallegations of misconduct.5.Expand options for using the 3 paid personal leave days.
Allow teachers to take up to 5 paid days leave for the death of any individual withwhom the employee had a close, personal relationship.7.Teachers completing the Individual Educational Plans (IEP) would receive thatspecial pay through monthly installments instead of a lump sum.8.Provide extra pay to teachers for every IEP, Multi-Disciplinary Team, GuidanceTeam, Student Support Team, and Evaluation Team meeting that is held outside of the regular work day.9.Increase by approximately 10% the extra pay for teachers who are scheduled toteach more classes than a full-time position.10.Increase class coverage pay by approximately 10%.11.Optional workshop days would become mandatory and teachers would be allowedto use sick leave or discretionary leave and not attend.
Teachers and Educational Staff Associates (ESAs - e.g., counselors, nurses, etc.)would not have to report for work on floating report card days. Currently, teachersdo not have to report to the work site. Because ESAs do not complete report cards,they are currently scheduled for training on these days.13.Delete language regarding annual goal-setting conference so that teachers areautomatically paid for their annual goal setting conference work.14.Increase new teachers' pay for their training days by approximately 10%.
15.Automatically provide teachers with the state-funded benefit amount.
Limit before/after-school faculty meetings to one per month & staff developmenttraining to one per month.17.Limit of one meeting per week per teacher for the following topics: Vertical Team,Grade Level Team, School Improvement Team, Collaborative Academic SupportTeam & Classroom Assessment for Student Learning — this does not apply tomeetings covered by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.18.In order to introduce new programs, Kent School District must first decreaseteachers' current work load and reach agreement on the new program with KEA.
Teachers would be provided additional planning time during parent conferenceweek.
20.Teachers would vote to hold parent conferences outside of the workday if contiguous work time is reduced.21.No teacher would be required to create or maintain a website - or use other onlinetools, e.g. Moodle or SWIFT, to inform parents of their child's academic progress.
Reduce district's cash reserves from 5% to 3%; eliminate all administrativepositions beyond the state Basic Education Allocation; eliminate all travel fundsfor administrators before making any teaching staff reductions.23.Determine seniority status using each teacher's experience in Washington; out-of-state experience would not be recognized.24.Part-time employees would have their seniority determined in a pro-rated manner.25.Teacher layoffs would be determined as follows: volunteers first, followed byseniority status and endorsements.26.When staffing reductions result in transfers, volunteer requests will be honoredfirst.27.When recalled, teachers would be able to choose their assignment if there is morethan one position available. Teachers can choose to be removed from the re-employment pool.
Seniority would be the determining factor when recalling laid-off teachers to fillsubstitute teacher positions
29.When given an employment offer, teachers would have 48 hours to respond ratherthan the current 24- hour time frame.

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