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My Miracle 4

My Miracle 4



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Published by sbowler
My Miracle Chapter four
Please review
Sorry for taking so long I hope you like it. There is a bit of a cliff hanger but I'll give you a hint that you can probably already guess at Bella is going to freak out.
My Miracle Chapter four
Please review
Sorry for taking so long I hope you like it. There is a bit of a cliff hanger but I'll give you a hint that you can probably already guess at Bella is going to freak out.

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Published by: sbowler on Aug 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My Miracle
Chapter Four
Alice’s POV
“Did Bella just say what I thought she said?” Emmett asked.“Yep” I replied. All we could do was keep staring ahead and think about Bella.We got in the Volvo and headed back to our home. Rosalie textedCarlisle, none of us wanted to talk at the moment. All we wanted to do wasget home and have a family meeting.Jasper and Edward were rigid in there seats from are thoughts andemotions plus there own. How could this of happened, to my best friend, mysister. If I could cry I would. This is just so complicated.We arrived at the house to find Esme and Carlisle sitting at thedinning room table waiting for us. We all took are seats. There was thisacquired silence that no one would break. Another minute, five, ten, okay Ican’t take this anymore.“What are we going to do?” I whispered but they could hear me.“I don’t know but now that we know the child is indeed Edward wecan not leave.” Carlisle replied. Edward just sat there regretting all that hehas done.Carlisle realized no one else was going to say anything so he started totalk again, “I will talk to Charlie and make arrangements for her to come livewith us. He knows deep inside that we can help her more than he can. SoEsme dear will you help me?”“Yes Carlisle.” Esme replied.“Okay.” Carlisle continued, “So if you all agree to let her move inthen there is something I am worried about. Knowing how stubborn Bellashe will probably do anything to get out of this house. So we are going toneed all your help and cooperation. So do we all agree?” We all nodded.“Okay, Edward may I speak to you up stairs.” Edward nodded andCarlisle signaled Esme to come to.Right when they were all out of sight Rosalie started her rant, “I can’t believe that selfish pig would do such a thing. I know he did not know aboutit but still. I mean he loves her more than anything and he through it allaway. He keeps on saying he did it because he loved her bla bla bla. Can’t he just get over his issues and be with her. This is so messed up.” For onceRosalie is right about this.
 Nice job Edward I thought.
Edward’s POV
“Nice job Edward” Alice thought.Carlisle and Esme sat on the leather couch in the office while I sat inthe chair across from it. There thoughts were pretty much the same sorry for Bella sorry for me. But why are they sorry for me they have absolutely noreason to be sorry for me.“Edward” Carlisle began, “I know that you’re confused, angry, andupset. But you need to try your best at controlling your emotions for Bella. Iknow I said Bella will in and Charlie would know it’s for the best but youneed to understand. She is in a lot of pain right now so the only way we canget her to trust us is to probably gang up on her. I know it seems wrong but itwill help us in the long run.”“I am so sorry.” I whispered.“Edward. It’s okay, everything will be okay.” Esme said, “Alice,Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper will go to school tomorrow and Carlisle, you,and me can go talk to Charlie okay?”I nodded. I went to my room to my laptop and picked out a king-sized bed on the internet. It should be hear tomorrow so that is taken care of andEsme just went out to get food for my Bella.I wish I could go back change everything that has happened. I wantthis baby and I want Bella. My family was right I should have stayed inForks. Bella always said she didn’t like when I was all protective andcontrolling all the time. But that was the only way I could keep her safe.Bella had always been difficult but now I have a feeling its about toget a lot worse.
Next day still Edward’s POV
Carlisle, Esme, and I where all heading to Charlie’s house. Bellaalready left for school and Charlie decided to take a day off to enjoy himself.To bad we are about to ruin it.We pulled up to the house and got out of the car. Carlisle knocked onthe door. The wait was agonizing, for I knew we are entering a place that isworse than death. A father’s protectiveness for his daughter.Charlie answered after about seventeen seconds.
“What in gods name are they doing here?”
He thought.“Charlie may we speak to you?” Carlisle asked.“Sure come on in.” Charlie answered. We sat down in the living roomon his beat up furniture.
Carlisle started the conversation, “Charlie I know you probablydespise us and I understand that but promise us to try to understand were weare coming from.”Charlie nodded.“We have learned that Bella is carrying my son’s child and we know ithas been a struggle. But Bella needs us to help her get through this. She isyoung and naive. So we have a suggestion.” Carlisle said.“Go on.” Charlie replied.“We think Bella should move in with us for-” Carlisle didn’t get achance to finish his sentence before Charlie temper over took him.“What? You come into my house after you have left my pregnantdaughter and say have her move in with us. She would never go for that. Sheis eighteen.”Carlisle nodded then said, “I know that she is eighteen but by law it ishalf Edward’s baby so it would only make sense for her to live with us. It’sfor the best.”“I don’t know if I can trust you.” Charlie replied.Esme joined in on the conversation “Charlie we will take care of her and will not abandon her.”“Okay on one condition.” Charlie said.“What?” I asked.“Promise me you will not hurt her like that again.” Charlie begged.“I promise.”
Bella’s POV
School so strange today, Alice, Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie kept onstaring at me. Thank God Edward wasn’t here. Haven’t they done enoughalready I don’t need them to do more damage.The bell rang and I made my way to the parking lot. As they didyesterday they followed me, but they were in a parking lot full of humansand I was ten feet from my car. Then what do Idol I fall right on my butt.“Bella” Angela screamed as she ran over to me, “Are you okay?”“I’m fine just a little fall as usual.” I said as she helped me up.“Thanks Angela I’ll see you tomorrow.”As I was driving a shiny red car sped past me. Oh great I thought tomyself now there trying to kill me.As I got to my house Carlisle’s and Rosalie’s cars were outside myhouse. This can not be good.I came into the living room to find all of the Cullen’s plus my Dad inthe tinny living room.

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