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OMS Care Critera 0910

OMS Care Critera 0910

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Published by Chris
The OMS CARE Criteria
The OMS CARE Criteria

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Published by: Chris on Aug 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1We expect all members of our community to C.A.R.E.
Oregon PanthersLibraryComputer LabRestroomArrival & DepartureOffice
Follow adult directions1st time givenClean area after yourself Replace materials & books carefully & properlyCare for and returnequipmentPush in your chair after useUse hallways to avoidcutting through libraryKeep furniture where it is Keep gum out of labsEnter and exit the labs quietlywhen indicated by teacher Put unnecessary items under chair or tableStudents put pass to lab basket if assigned a project in labsRemain quite through classunless discussion is requiredRaise hands for questionChairs flat on floor and push inwhen leaving labsLeave settings and equipment in better shape than you find it.Keep hands to self.FlushWash handsObserve the rights of others in the restroomThrow your trash awayMaintain personal spaceAvoid loitering Stand by your bus stopareaLine-up single file before getting on the busBe safeGive others their spaceKeep the bus cleanThank the bus driver Show consideration for neighbors' propertyDispose of trash propertyBe a good role modelUse polite languageKeep hands and feet toyourself Speak in quiet toneAsk permission firstUse the phonerespectfully 
Use appropriate languageFollow adult &leadership studentsdirections the first timegivenUse indoor voicesBe courteousUse appropriate languageFollow Adult DirectionsBe courteous to othersBe respectful of equipment andothersUse appropriatelanguageObserve the bells and passing timeBe courteous Use appropriatelanguageFollow adult directionsthe first timeBe courteous Use appropriatelanguageFollow adult directionsfirst time givenBe courteous 
Come prepared with allmaterialsHave planner signedCome with a pass andsign in on binder Return books to re-shelving carts Keep area clean and put awayany trash and recycling in labStay seated until dismissal tokeep doorway clear for others toenter or exitHave all necessary items to work in labsKeep work focused on coursecurriculum work Leave equipment in better shapethan you find it Ask permission beforeleaving classHave a passGo directly todestinationBe direct in getting back to classUse restroom during breaks and passing time Be in line when the busarrivesBe at your bus on timeHave special bus passessigned by administration before riding busAll walkers need to leavecampus after schoolCarry bikes, rollerblades,skateboards, etc. whileon school groundsUse sidewalks for safetyBe on timeHave paperwork readywhen arrivingMake appointments for seeing administrationCheck in office whenarriving late 
Excellence& Effort
Work with a purposeUseinternet/computer for educationaluse onlyUse good mannersPositive AttitudeBe helpful to others whenyou have abilityUse goodmanners Have a greatattitudeHelp others inneedUse goodmannersUse goodmanners; with please and thank you 
We expect all members of our community to C.A.R.E.
Oregon PanthersClassroomHallway and StairsGymOutsideCafeteria
Follow adult andclassroom expectationsfirst timeTake care of your surroundingsPush in your chair Be prepared to learn newthings each day Walk Keep hands and feet toself Follow adult direction1st time givenGo with flow of trafficand stay to the rightGo directly todestinationGive your name whenaskedTake care of your surroundings Show good sportsmanshipKeep hands and feet toyourself Invite others to join your activityShare equipment Care for and returnequipmentUse polite languageKeep hands and feet to self Use good sportsmanshipTake care of your surroundingsShow considerations for neighbors property Eat your own foodWait your turn in line, be patientClean up after yourself, help others if neededRaise hand for dismissalKeep hands and feet toself Keep food in cafeteriaInclude othersStay seatedUse conversationalvoice

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