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The Proof Palpable of Immortality - Epes Sargent

The Proof Palpable of Immortality - Epes Sargent

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Published by Robert Bayer
This is an interesting work as it gives both vivid descriptions of quite powerful seances as well as discuss the basic issues of spiritualism through the ideas of many great thinkers and spiritualists.
This is an interesting work as it gives both vivid descriptions of quite powerful seances as well as discuss the basic issues of spiritualism through the ideas of many great thinkers and spiritualists.

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Published by: Robert Bayer on Dec 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Proof Palpable of Immortality
— Epes Sargent—(1881)
being an account of the materialization phenomena of modern spiritualism. With remarks on the relations of the facts to theology, morals, and religion.—
It shall assuredly come, that day of a new, an immortal evangelizing. The advent of Spiritualism is through facts and not theories. Its purpose is positive knowledge.—Hudson Tuttle. Spiritualism is an experimental science, and affords the only sure foundation for a true philosophy and a pure religion.— Ifred !. "allace. #ven in the most cloudless skies of Skepticism I see a rain$cloud if it %e no %igger than a man&s hand' it is (odern Spiritualism. $)ord *rougham. In the whole universe all is contingent, nothing is necessary, nothing a cause of itself. To explain the cause of all, therefore, we must admit a cause which may %e necessarily a cause of itself and of all things. This cause %eing, since it is necessary, it follows that +od is, for it is +od. )ei%nitz. The soul of man can know the ivine only so far as it knows itself. (arcus  ntoninuls.
To the uninformed many the narrative portions of this volume will seem like the fantasies of a medieval superstition. *ut the faithful o%server of what is going on in the world must %e well aware that the accumulation of facts corresponding with those here presented is getting to %e irresisti%le. -or their refutation something more than a word or gesture of contempt is now reuired. Those critics who hope to dispose of them thus easily will soon %e counted in the long procession of infatuated opponents of dawning truths. The phenomena are fast spreading and %ecoming %etter known/ they attract new converts daily, and are %eginning to %e admitted %y respecta%le scientific authorities, such as "allace and 0rookes in #ngland, 1erty in *erne, and "agner and *utlerof in !ussia. ll the frauds of real or pretended mediums are powerless to neutralize the effect of what has %een proved, and has now taken its place among the certainties of science. (oreover, the uestion is %eginning to %e raised whether much that we have set down as the conscious imposture of certain known mediums may not %e the work of foreign forces, the eccentric operation of which we do not yet understand. *ut in the revision of this work I have %een careful to note all those in seances in which testimony has %een weakened or withdrawn since the first edition was printed. Thus I have stricken out the accounts which (r. !. . 2wen gave of phenomena through (r. and (rs. Holmes, though he has since admitted that in this case genuine manifestations were pro%a%ly mixed up with those he suspected as uestiona%le. I have also made such ualifications as seemed pertinent in other cases. Spiritualism needs no invalidated supports. The fact that the present volume grew out of a series of familiar communications respecting the materialization phenomena, will explain, if it will not excuse, the somewhat free and desultory manner in which the many$sided su%3ect has %een treated. If my transitions from fact to theory should seem irregular, the fault lies in the original unam%itious form of the pu%lication. I have %rought down the record of phenomena to the %eginning of the year 4567/ and it will %e interesting to the student of them to remark how what seemed incredi%le at one time, even to advanced Spiritualists, has %een confirmed as the manifestations have gone on and multiplied/ and how every new 8 exposure 8 has resulted in a reaction favora%le to the confirmation of the fact involved. The course of truth, +oethe tells us, is spiral, and progress cannot %e had without occasional retrogression. That Spiritualism now offers the grounds for a science founded on o%served facts is the %elief of all persistent investigators. It has made its way in spite of the most vehement opposition that ever a great truth encountered. The large ma3ority of the cultivated classes, the religious and the scientific, have all com%ined to hoot it down, almost %lind to the consideration

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