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December 11 - 17, 2013 Sports Reporter

December 11 - 17, 2013 Sports Reporter

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Published by: Sports Reporter on Dec 10, 2013
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LAS VEGAS – Wes Malott of Pflugerville, Texas,capped a three-match sweep in the finals of theProfessional Bowlers Association CheetahChampionship, defeating top qualifier Parker Bohn IIIof Jackson, N.J., in the title match of the historic ESPNtelecast, 243-169, for his ninth career PBA Tour title.The first of seven telecasts from PBA World Seriesof Bowling V at South Point Hotel, Casino andBowling Center aired on ESPN, and featured the useof a highly-visible blue oil on the lanes for the firsttime in PBA history.Malott, in winning his second consecutive title,defeated Colombia native Clara Guerrero, 214-208, inthe opening match, and was nearly perfect in ousting51-year-old PBA Hall of Famer Pete Weber of St. Ann,Mo., 288-242, in advancing to the title match.Guerrero, only the third woman ever to advance to thenationally-televised championship round of a PBA Tour event, made a short-lived, but exciting appearance. The31-year-old former Wichita State University star – nowmarried and an American citizen living not far fromMalott in Pflugerville – took a 15-pin lead over Malottinto the eighth frame of the opening match. But Malottfinished with a string of five strikes to eliminateGuerrero, 214-208, and exorcise a personal demon.In two previous nationally-televised matches againstanother woman star, Liz Johnson of Cheektowaga, N.Y.,Malott lost both times. He committed a foul that con-tributed to a 235-228 loss to Johnson in the 2005 PBABanquet Open (the first time a woman had ever appearedon a PBA Tour telecast), and in July, after he won theU.S. Open in Columbus, Ohio, Malott lost a special“Battle of the Sexes” match against Johnson, theWomen’s U.S. Open winner, 194-188.“There was a lot riding on this show, especially for me,” Malott said. “The first match against Clara – thelady – I obviously remembered my foul against Liz andlosing to Liz at the U.S. Open. I needed to get that off my back. As much as I acted like it wasn’t there, it was onthe back of my mind. I told myself at the end of thematch I couldn’t give up and let it happen again, so Iwanted to put the pressure on her and I was fortunate tocome out the winner.”For Guerrero, just the opportunity “was a dream,” shesaid. “Every time you see the guys on TV, you want tocompete with them, beat them. So being here, having theopportunity to bowl against the greatest bowlers in theworld, it was a dream. It was the best part of my career.”After closing out Guerrero with his string of fivestrikes, Malott added another 10 in a row against Weber,losing his shot at a perfect game when he left a 10 pin onhis 11th shot.“That might have been the best shot I threw all day,”Malott said of the 11th shot. “I’d throw that one again amillion times.”He continued his torrid pace, striking on seven of hisfirst eight shots in racing away from Bohn in the titlematch.“Against Pete, both of us are kind of in the running for  player of the year, and I thought I would help mychances by winning that match,” Malott said, “but I alsohad to beat Parker to win the title, so every match meanta lot. I just worried about myself and did what I could towin back-to-back titles (the Cheetah Championship wasthe first PBA Tour event since the U.S. Open), and it’s agreat feeling.”The Cheetah Championship was the first time a laneconditioning oil with a color additive had ever been usedin a PBA Tour championship event, and it was praised by both Guerrero and Malott.“I saw it,” Guerrero said. “I thought it was going to be a little different. I thought I’d see the lines on the bowling ball, but it didn’t bother me at all. I think it’scool for the audience to actually see the oil and under-stand the game a little more, but I just ignored it.”
Wes Malott
page 6
The East's Most Read Bowling Weekly 
Sports Reporter
The Nation's Leading Bowling Tournament Newspaper Since 1940
Vol. 74 No. 41 December 11 - 17, 2013 50 cents
FARMINGDALE, NY – EarlHolden and John Cummings eachrolled a 300 game in the Thursday3-Man League at FarmingdaleLanes.Doug Feldman shot 279-256-760, Sal Alberino 235-257-279-771, Matt Dobbins 268-279-237-784, Tom Schneider 255-268-247-770, Larry Strauss 248-246-269-763, Tom Colon 279-257-716,Rich Valentine 245-266-203-714,Joe Casale 257-257-717, and JoeTraina Jr. 234-255-224-713.LEDGEWOOD, NJ – Alex Prelltopped the Hensle Trio Classic atCircle Lanes blasting away thecompetition with a 300 game thenadded a duplicate 258 to finish thesession with a 816 series just 9 pins shy of the high series for theleague, a title that still belongs toDan Mergenthaler with his 825. Dan Mergenthaler rolled 246-236-298 for a 780 followed by JoeMercurio Jr. with 258-254-266-778 and Ben Campbell 236-289-216-741.
George Dakak Jr. 300 at Rockaway
Wes Malott Wins PBA Cheetah Championship for Ninth Career Title
 PBA World Series of Bowling V series introduces “blue oil” to TV fans
By Bill Vint - PBA
Earl Holden, John Cummings 300 At Farmingdale LanesAlex Prell 300 at Circle Lanes
ROCKVILLE CENTRE, NY – Mike Ramirez took center stage inthe Monday RVC 4-Man ClassicLeague at Rockville Centre Lanesfiring a 300 perfecto then addedgames of 223 and 255 for a 778series.Mark Slade shot 246-249-286-781 to take high series honors for the session followed by Ed Piazzatossing 228-241-290-759, JohnKhantzian 299, Michael Ribaudo280-234-725, Bob Moskowitz212-236-277-725, Jason French260-234-709, and Gary Robertson256-237-708.
Mike Ramirez 300 at RVC
ROCKAWAY, NJ - George Dakak Jr. knocked out a 300 game whilerolling in the Rockaway Foursomeat Rockaway Lanes and finishedthe session with a 726 set.Allen Apgar pitched a 249 gamefollowed by Chirs Morris with248-669, Peter Furio 246, LieslApgar 229-654, Joyce Hulbert222-640, Joan Dakak 200-557,Elyse Dickman 199, and KathyStone 511.
Tom Twist 300-840 at WallingtonJonathan Norcia, Kevin Jackson,Carlos Gonzalez 300
By Gloria Volpe
WALLINGTON, NJ - Very excit-ing week for the Bud LightTuesday 4-Man league that sawTom Twist slam out a 300 in his840 high for the night series andalso posting perfect 300 gameswere Jonathan Norcia, Kevin‘Tito’ Jackson, and CarlosGonzalez. Joe D’Angelo along with TJValentin both tossed a 279 gamefollowed by Jeff Di Domenicowith 277, Gabriel Tineo 269,Kevin Matawa 269,AndersonChae 267, Maarc L Heureux 260,Victor Mendoza 259, Tony Lore247 along with Joe Prenenski,Paul Stamos, Jeff DiDomenicoand Tom Twist who had 2 247’s.
PBA photo
Cheetah Champion Wes Malott.
December 11 - 17, 2013
Joan Taylors..... Ten Pin Rap.....
Every time I see bowling published or broadcast ina non-bowling scenario I am proud and happy. I’m nottalking about the media that would make fun of our sport, but rather those who recognize it as fun or chal-lenging.Here is a sampling of what I saw recently, and I wel-come any observations from our readers as well.Vizio has come up with a recording program with anexample of people bowling and being able to replay iton their laptops. The hit television comedy, “The Middle” showedthe beleaguered parents finally having time to them-selves and they look at each other with loving eyesand the wife says, “You know what would be fun?”The husband replies, “Bowling!” They take off for thelocal bowling center and have a great time.There is a television ad for the NCAA regardingscholar athletes, and in one segment a collegian is bowling and a marching band is following her, indi-cating recognition for her sport. At a science fair and expo I attended in New York, agraduate student demonstrated senior citizen activitiesand their purpose. One of her activities was bowlingwhich she said was “fun for seniors and increasedtheir mobility.”The AARP newsletter featured 99 “Great Ways toSave Money” and under “Family Gifts” they suggest-ed, “a gift card the whole family can use such asmovies, bowling, or a ball game.”Parkway Lanes in Elmwood Park, NJ (the home of Ken Yokobosky’s pro shop) was used as a backdropand example in a commercial for the Bank of America.While filming in Australia, it was noted thatAngelina Jolie brought her 6 children to the StrikeBowling Center in Sydney for some family fun.Film star Vince Vaughan was on the Ellen(DeGeneres) Show and when Ellen asked if he didsomething special for his 40th birthday, he said hewent bowling with his family.Seinfeld creator Larry David said he bowls everyten years when he takes some time off and says that because he’s been away from it so long he thinks,“Boy, this is some interesting game, this bowling.Look at what I’m doing. It’s fun.”There have been many more that I didn’t note, butsuffice to say, the treatment of bowling in the mediahas finally made a turn from the Flintstone,Honeymooners, and Dagwood days of treating it as a joke and as something to be downplayed by the spous-es of the men in each of these families.  Now that I think of it, “Married With Children” hadan episode, which was not your sanctioned league play, but it did show friendly competition betweenPeg and Al and in her heels and stretch pants, Pegrolled a 300 game. The same was portrayed in “TheAndy Griffith Show” when Howard Sprague eventu-ally, after a blackout, completed his 300 game. Thatone was sanctioned and abided by the then ABC rules.There is hope! There is always hope!
If you're looking forChristmas or holiday gifts forthat bowler on your list the pos-sibilities are wide in range andcost.Personal equipment rateshigh, starting with a bowlingball. Each year 75 to 100 bowl-ing balls make their debut. Theygo from a child's starting weightof six pounds to the maximum of 16 pounds. They come in dozensof colors, various cover compo-sitions, some with pictures orobjects such as flowers, sculls,boxing gloves or scenic logosimplanted. They even come indifferent scents. In price, bowl-ing balls range from about $60to as high as $300.You can purchase a blank ball,to be drilled later to the specifi-cations best fitted to the recipi-ent. Avoid pre-drilled balls.There are bowling bags andbowling bags, to hold your balland whatever else you mightneed on your bowling outings.You can find a simple single ballbag for as little as $15, and jumpto a super six ball carrier for asmuch as $400.Shoes are important, and theycome in all styles, colors, andmaterials, some with changeablesoles and heels to adjust to dif-ferent approach surfaces. Thereare also high heeled bowlingshoes, but they are made forshowing and jesting, not bowl-ing. Shoes will cost you $25 forthose to get you by to almost$300 for perfect and personalfoot fits.Bowling shirts, slacks, ties andkerchiefs are available as are jackets and rain gear. Jewelry of all kind, rings, watches, beltbuckles, bracelets and replicasof lanes, balls and pins can beengraved with a bowler's memo-rable performances.One of the most helpful, eco-nomical and appreciated giftsfor a bowler is an accessory kit.The products included insidecan feature slip-on bowlingsocks, tape of all kinds, bandag-es, product to cover bruisedareas creating a new skin, ballcleaner, record books, handicapmanuals, something to help youslide or stop sliding, fingerinserts, wrist and arm bands of all types, resin bags and towels.There are many type of bowlinggloves---some that even providethe power of magnets. There arethe long used accessories, andnew ones appear regularly. Theyrange from less than a dollar to$20 or more and you can decidehow much you want to spendand how many items you wantto include.A thoughtful and always wellreceived gift is free practicegames, membership in bowlingorganizations and pre paidentries into tournaments. Thereare local, state, and nationalevents in the list of the 10,000tournaments conducted world-wide. And that's a gift that couldkeep giving in the way of largecash and merchandise prizes.Bowling publications, books,movies and videos abound. Butif you are giving instructionalmaterials, don't overdo it. Onegood book or video is enough,two or three might give toomuch to absorb at once. Followup later with another teachingaid. There are magazines avail-able that regularly feature allphases of instruction.The ultimate, of course, is togift someone with his or her ownpersonal lane, installed in anattic, basemen or beside a home.Price? Start at $10,000 and goup and up, and up.
 Mitch Weinberg 279
MADISON, NJ – Mitch Weinbergled the scoring in the FridayClassic League firing a high 279.Jim Moore shot 277, Jim Hintze267, Patty Hanlein 231, and LizViola 218.
 Ian Lerner 276 
MADISON, NJ – Ian Lerner topped the Police & Fire Leaguefiring a high game of 276.Jim Boston shot 256, and TommyMagers 248.
 Evan Weinberg 268
MADISON, NJ – Evan Weinbergled the Junior/Major BreakfastClub firing a high game of 268.Jack Vander Meulen shot 255,Curtis Kyzima 233, MadasynBancroft 157, Rebecca Bednarik 156, and Ava Hanlein 154.
 Jim Dresch 268
MADISON, NJ – Jim Dreschrolled 268, Mark Martinowich265, Victor Pitra 241, and KathyFaisam 172 in the LivingstonBusiness Men’s League.
 Bryan Katz 267 
MADISON, NJ - Bryan Katz ledthe Wednesday Trio League firinga high game of 267.Oren Warter shot 256, AndrewStephen 255, Stephanie Rahn 246,Lissette Tapanes 219, and DawnDammon214.
 Herbert Worthington 262
MADISON, NJ – HerbertWorthington shot 262, and EmilyRiley 210 in the CMIL League.
 R. Keirstead 241
MADISON, NJ – Rich Keirsteadrolled 241, Dan Smith 232, andJoe Jagiello 222 in the PharmaPlus League.
 Dave Hanft 232
MADISON, NJ – Dave Hanftrolled 232, Dan Pridham 195, andScott Harwood 194 in the Tuesday400 Doubles League.
 Bednarik 203
MADISON, NJ – Alice Bednarik rolled 203, Jodi Belli 194, and Nancy Roberts 189 in the Monday Night Ladies League.
Thomas Litland 200
MADISON, NJ - Thomas Litlandrolled 200, Bill Phair 199, MikeJenkins 199, and Esther Mertens184 in the Thursday MixedLeague.
 Elaine Wilson 189
MADISON, NJ – In the LadiesLeague Elaine Wilson shot 189,Cindy Heinemeyer 188, and LizMcKissock 187.
 Zachary Linder 140
MADISON, NJ – In the BantamPrep Breakfast Club LeagueZachary Linder shot 140, ZacharyRieger 138, Damian Nieves andCharlie Glink 128, SamanthaGlunk 116, and Amanda Granata83.
December 11 - 17, 2013
Remember......You never get a second chance... to make a First Impression.
Chris Barbaro 780
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – ChrisBarbaro topped the scoring in theThursday Custom ThumbzDoublez League firing games of 256-266-258 for a high series of 780.Frank LaBruyere rolled 256-235-268-759, Carl Clory 268-243-736,Bill Carreras 266-248-223-737,John Smisek 259-242-708,Richard Butt 234-224-247-705,and Billy Rapel and MikeChookasezian 257.
 Shaun Amiruddin 289
ROCKVILLE, CTR, NY – ShaunAmiruddin led the scoring in theMonday RVC 4-Man ClassicLeague firing a high game of 289.Michael Ribaubo shot 288, LenAmbruso 286-237, Chun Bae 279-225-235-739, Mel Brosn 278-242,Dave Goldman 268-244, Nick Dilauro 268-233, Tim Swanson268-241, Bob Froehlich 267-225,Steve Palopoli 265-246.
 John Soulant 276 
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – JohnSoulant led the scoring in theTuesday Late Men’s League firinga high game of 276.Joe Mazza shot 268-235, MikeCzaplinski 266-235, Pat Zenker 265, Matt Carey 263-203,Anthony DePace and KennEvensen 258, Ralph Carolio 249,and Michael Fisch 237-247-241-725.
 Mike Gralto 279-765
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – MikeGralto topped the scoring in theTuesday Oceanside K of C Leaguefiring games of 257-229-279 for ahigh series of 765.Jim Flynn shot 234-278-217-729,Pat Zenker 257-257-736, JoeLupo 224-258-223-705, KeithMassimillo 247-219-219-685, andHeather Maxwell 272-211-620.
 Joseph Gavin 744
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Joseph Gavin topped the scoringin the Wednesday Night MixedLeague firing games of 246-265-233 for a high series of 744.Salvarote Panzarella shot 264,Allen Johnson 249-233-683,Terry Boyle 245-236-698, VickyLockwood 256-712, andMichael Travers 241-2-01-233-675.
 Steve Klein 718
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – SteveKlein topped the scoring in theFriday Night Mixed League firinga high game of 279 and a highseries of 718.Alan Salem shot 236-279-204-7189, John LaBau 27-227-226-730, Ed Rasa 268-233, TimO’Brien 234-212-256-702, EdGraeff 217-248-245-710.
 Pat Zenker 692
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – PatZenker topped the scoring in theSunday Adult/Child League fir-ing games of 243-235 for a highseries of 692.Patrick Bukovsky shot 234-223-677, Santo DiSciafani 227-201,Raul Malave 223, John Balbi213, Mike Bukovsky and JoePrunty 211, and BarbaraMigliorno 202.
Frank Montgoris 265
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – Frank Montgoris led the scoring in theSunday Night Mixed League fir-ing a high game of 265.Bryan Swiader shot 254-222,William May Sr. 254-236-248-738, James Nolan 253-236, JulioZambrano 249, John Novichonek 248, Jarvis Skellington 247-227,and Kim Swnson 218-208-233.
 Ryan Ciccimarro 642
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – RyanCiccimarro paced the Thursday ElCheapo League firing games of 236-214 for a high series of 642.Cory Williams shot 229-203, JonMartinez and Steve Frey 216, andJohn Moran 213.
Gloria Belmonte 634
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – GloriaBelmonte paced the TuesdayLadies League firing games of 237-210 for a high series of 634.Pat LaGuardia shot 223, BettyAnn Lescher 221, Sheryl Padaetz208, and Marilyn Stern 200.
 Laurie Bettineschi 224
ROCKVILLE CTR, NY – LaurieBettineschi rolled 224, Lori Flacks222, and Sondra Crummell 213 inthe Tuesday Koffee Kats League.In the Monday Ladies ClassicLeague Remee Malley shot 224,Mindy Myers 205, and JayneZimmerman 190.
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