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The Trial of the Dog Man

The Trial of the Dog Man

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Published by Devon Pitlor
A horrid sideshow attraction becomes lethal
A horrid sideshow attraction becomes lethal

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Published by: Devon Pitlor on Dec 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Trial of the Dog-Man
by Devon Pitlor
Preface: Jared Nescott, the precocious son of Brooke Nescott as nearing the end of his eighth grade year and preparing to enter high school hen he suddenly began asking another of his far-reaching !uestions" This ti#e it as si#ply $%hat does it #ean to be truly hu#an&$ The !uestion did not bother Brooke in the slightest, as she attributed it to Jared being intellectually challenged by his teachers and as pleased, but she did not have a ready anser for the !uery" 'nstead, she postponed a response and pro#ised to give the !uestion #ore thought hile Jared and his friends, #e#bers of the aeso#e Plus (i)ed *lub, spent a #onth at a nature ca#p far fro# +ristock" %hen Jared returned before the start of his ninth grade year, Brooke had reason to provide hi# ith a kind of anser" But for once in her life, she hesitated to do so" This is partially the story of hy" '" (cott oda#ar visits Brooke Nescott and ric Palobay+lthough (cott oda#ar didn.t kno it, a s#all but significant coincidence as about to happen as he pushed his sports heel chair up the slight incline of Brooke Nescott.s side drive on a particularly ar# afternoon in early June of /012" (cott had been friends ith both Brooke and her do#estic partner Dr" ric Palobay for years, and he as alays a elco#e guest in their ho#e" (o elco#e in fact that
he invited hi#self to visit that afternoon ithout giving a precise reason hy" $Just ant to chat ith ric about so#ething,$ he said on the phone" $'.ll be there in a fe"$$*o#e for drinks and dinner,$ said Brooke, ho at age 23 as still full of the sa#e incessant curiosity about the things that interested (cott and her lover ric, hich ere respectively the solving of s#all cri#es and #ysteries for the for#er and insects and cryptids in the case of the latter" 't #ade life in usually drab +ristock #ore interesting" Jared, her brilliant and see#ingly poerful son and (cott.s son Tyshan, certainly Jared.s e!ual, ere off at su##er ca#p, as ell as the other boys of the infa#ous Plus (i)ed *lub" 4oever, as (cott pushed his ay up to Brooke.s door, a perennially unpleasant o#an na#ed 5orelei Par#eter as leaving, she as a o#an ho had alays been #eddleso#e and officious enough to keep her overly involved ith the #inutiae of 5ykes Middle (chool to the degree that, as perpetual president of the PT+, she busied herself ith nearly every class activity her son 'an as involved in and had often in the past endeavored to get both teachers and ad#inistrators relieved of their duties due to things that she and apparently she alone considered $inappropriate"$ 'n fact,
alays appeared to be 5orelei.s favorite denigration of activities in the school" +s she bustled ful#inating and in a flouncy huff past (cott in his heelchair, 5orelei as still fu#ing" (he paused in her invective long enough to glance don at (cott and snort: $+ #an in a heelchair&$ Then she
continued looking backard at Brooke, ho stood nonchalantly in the dooray visibly un#oved by 5orelei.s anger" $'nappropriate, si#ply inappropriate,$ continued 5orelei" $To have e6posed the eighth graders to this #ovie" 'ne6cusable, inco#prehensible, intolerable, i#proper, inappropriate, inappropriate"""""$$5ots of in-ords,$ said Brooke indifferently" $'.ll be happy hen you get
your van and leave"$The little 7oke as not lost on (cott, ho grinned perceptibly at the passing #other" 5orelei glanced back don at hi# and scoled: $+ #an in a heelchair" +nd no ' recogni)ed you" 8ou are Tyshan.s father" 4e is in the sa#e class" 8ou should be as incensed as ' a#" 6posing children to that sort of #ovie"""" That #an *ook has not heard the last of it" The board is going to call a special su##er""""$$%e kno,$ inter7ected Brooke" $No toodle-doo" (ee you soon so#eday"$ 5orelei Par#eter, #other of 'an, ho as also a #e#ber of the ae-inspiring Plus (i)ed *lub, sla##ed the door of her van and nearly ran don a rose bush at the side of the drive as she hurried off, her face flushed ith righteous anger about so#e #ovie that 'an.s eighth

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