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2011 12 PresidentsReport Draft

2011 12 PresidentsReport Draft

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Published by Colleen Ryan
Annual Meeting to the board
Annual Meeting to the board

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Published by: Colleen Ryan on Dec 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Friends of the Albany Roundtable
2011-12 Annual Report and Preview of 2012-13 Luncheons
The following are highlights of the Luncheons and activities of the Albany Roundtable Civic Luncheon Series during its 33
2011-12 LUNCH!N"
The featured speaker for the October luncheon was
#ei$a Loe
, Associate Professor of Sociology and Womens Studies at !olgate "ni#ersity, who discussed her new book,
 Aging Our Way: Lessons for Living from ! and "eyond 
 $O%ford "ni#ersity Press, September &'(()* +uring the luncheon, the Roundtable presented the ew Patroon Award to
%he "ta$eholders& 'nc(
 and its founder !atherine -) .edgeman, /s0) The award recogni1ed the organi1ations efforts to culti#ate support for philanthropy, ci#ic engagement, and the arts among the regions young professionals) !orporate support of 2&3' was pro#ided by the ortheastern Association of the 4lind at Albany $thanks !hris 4urke*, and the Roundtable Raffle was an o#ernight stay at the-organ State .ouse)
Re) "*ith& ditor and +ice President of the %i*es Union
, addressed the Albany Roundtable in o#ember) As he does on The -edia Pro5ect, which airs weekly on WA-!, Smith offered aninside look at media co#erage of current e#ents, and announced the coming a#ailability of the T"s iPad app)
Al,an #aor .erald /ennins
 returned to gi#e his annual talk about the state of the city at the6anuary &'(& luncheon, which drew a capacity crowd and was sponsored by 7ey4ank for 2&,''') 6eff Stone, +istrict President of 7ey4ank, introduced the -ayor)
o, el,er& .eneral #anaer of the %i*es Union Center
 on South Pearl Street in Albany and S-8 ortheast Regional -anager of 9i#e /ntertainment, addressed the Albany Roundtable in February) .e discussed the
history of the facility as outlined in the :-ilestones of the Times "nion !enter; report, trends in arena entertainment, and the role of facilities like the T"! in downtown re#itali1ation) !orporate support for this luncheon was pro#ided by A< Platform Realty $thanks Felton -c9aughlin*)
/ason Helerson& New or$s #edicaid 4irector&
#isited the Albany Roundtable in -arch) <n 6anuary, &'((, 8o#ernor Andrew -) !uomo announced in his State of the State address that he had issued an /%ecuti#e Order aimed at redesigning ew =orks outsi1ed -edicaid program) The order called for the creation of a new -edicaid Redesign Team to find ways to sa#e money within the -edicaid program)
4avid Carroll& )ecutive 4irector of the Al,an 'nstitute of Histor and Art&
 addressed the Albany Roundtable in April) The !olorado succeeded !hristine -iles as the head of one of Americas oldest museums in September, &'(() .e spoke of the need to dramatically increase support and create a more #ibrant institution that ser#ed the broader community)
The Albany Roundtable hosted an annual meeting in -ay with a cocktail reception featuring
 /ohn Nor5uist&
President and !/O of the
Conress for the New Ur,anis*
) or0uist ser#ed as-ayor of -ilwaukee from (>??@&'') "nder his leadership, -ilwaukee e%perienced a decline in po#erty, saw a boom in new downtown housing, and became a leading center of education and welfare reform) amed a
#overning $aga%ine
 Public Official of the =ear during his tenure,  or0uist also recei#ed the 4acon Pri1e, named for #isionary Philadelphia planner /d 4acon)
 &age ' of (

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