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PrivateEnterpriseMoney Snips for Flyer

PrivateEnterpriseMoney Snips for Flyer

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a new money system is readying to be born a new, we now know we are the value so the signature backs the action. private contracts of exchange are the few rules used when in commerce with another, more to come!
a new money system is readying to be born a new, we now know we are the value so the signature backs the action. private contracts of exchange are the few rules used when in commerce with another, more to come!

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Published by: Kimarie Runningdrummer Teter on Dec 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Surprise Weapon
A Non-Political Money System
By E. C. Riegel, 1944.
To put money power into the hands of the people andmaintain constant buying.
To maintain a constant price level and prevent inflationand deflation.
To preserve and perfect private enterprise.
To avert financial collapse and economic chaos.
To provide a world currency and preserve peace.
For description of book see back of wrapper 
) PREFACE INTRODUCTORY I. MONEY MYSTERY The heritage of old world errors and now the Americandeparture. II. HOW MONEY DOMINATES How the political money system perverts all economic activitiesand political policies and breeds war. III. THE COMING CRISIS The threatening inflation chaos and how to avert it. IV. MONEY FREEDOM The consummate economic and political ideal, encompassing allfreedoms.
V. MONEY MASTERY The assertion of man's inherent money power and the denial of political money power.
VI. HOW THE MONEY IS TO BE ISSUED Checks and currency and their basis. VII. EACH ISSUER'S LIMIT Determination of each person's limit of money issue and itsredemption, and the maintenance of adequate supply withoutinflation and deflation. VIII. HOW THE UNIT IS TO BE DETERMINED The method of fixing and stabilizing. IX. HOW THE EXCHANGE IS TO BE ORGANIZED Organization State-wise of a private enterprise money system,either by the leadership of the Governor or the initiative of businessmen. X. FROM STATE TO WORLD OPERATION The local beginning of a potentially universal system, developingeconomic union with political isolation. XI. AMERICAN LEADERSHIP The intellectual revolution.
THERE is a fundamental evil of which the convulsion of war is but thedramatic manifestation and of which the nations must be purgedbefore reconstruction can begin.
Billions upon billions of such unbacked money units are being createdby governments and injected into the money stream. This has thesame effect upon the politico-economic system as water has upon thefood value of milk - it thins it until it will no longer sustain thebusiness system. Hence we are developing economic anemia which isapproaching the crisis of world-wide inflation and monetary collapse. The obvious remedy is to back money. How can this be done? Theonly way is for the issuer to be prepared to give value in exchange forit when tendered. To do this, a money issuing government must gointo the production of goods and services, just as Russia is doing,otherwise it produces inflation and perverts business. The so-called capitalist governments are destroying business byissuing unbacked money. The Russian government backs its moneybut prohibits free enterprise. Must business be destroyed by oneprocess or other? By no means. We now have
"the book that meetsthe crisis." 
 PRIVATE ENTERPRISE MONEY is the first book to master the subject of money and thus solve the capitalist-collectivist enigma. It shows thatmoney is necessarily perversive as a political instrument and that toescape both inflation and communization its issuance must be theexclusive prerogative of private enterprisers who can back their issueswith goods and services and thus maintain a sound end stable moneysystem and once and for all remove the threat of communization. The whole issue between private enterprise end communism turns onthe decision whether money shall issue from private enterprise orfrom government. The die is cast when choice is made between thesealternatives. Accept the political money system (as we have up tonow) and inflation must come, with collectivism the only escape.

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