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Published by roul_sujeet

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Published by: roul_sujeet on Aug 26, 2009
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Page 1 of 259What is Oracle Financials? Oracle Financials products provide organizations withsolutions to a wide range of long- and short-term accounting system issues.Regardless of the size of the business, Oracle Financials can meet accountingmanagement demands with:• • • • • • • • • •Oracle Assets: Ensures that an organization's property and equipment investment isaccurate and that the correct asset tax accounting strategies are chosen. OracleGeneral Ledger: Offers a complete solution to journal entry, budgeting,allocations, consolidation, and financial reporting needs. Oracle Inventory: Helpsan organization make better inventory decisions by minimizing stock and maximizingcash flow. Oracle Order Entry: Provides organizations with a sophisticated orderentry system for managing customer commitments. Oracle Payables: Lets anorganization process more invoices with fewer staff members and tighter controls.Helps save money through maximum discounts, bank float, and prevention ofduplicate payment. Oracle Personnel: Improves the management of employee- relatedissues by retaining and making available every form of personnel data. OraclePurchasing: Improves buying power, helps negotiate bigger discounts, eliminatespaper flow, increases financial controls, and increases productivity. OracleReceivables:. Improves cash flow by letting an organization process more paymentsfaster, without off-line research. Helps correctly account for cash, reduceoutstanding receivables, and improve collection effectiveness. Oracle RevenueAccounting Gives an organization timely and accurate revenue and flexiblecommissions reporting. Oracle Sales Analysis: Allows for better forecasting,planning. and reporting of sales information.What is the most important module in Oracle Financials? The General Ledger (GL)module is the basis for all other Oracle Financial modules. All other modulesprovide information to it. If you implement Oracle Financials, you should switchyour current GL system first.GL is relatively easy to implement. You should golive with it first to give your implementation team a chance to be familiar withOracle Financials. What is the MultiOrg and what is it used for? MultiOrg orMultiple Organizations Architecture allows multiple operating units and theirrelationships to be defined within a single installation of Oracle Applications.This keeps each operating unit's transaction data separate and secure. Use thefollowing query to determine if MultiOrg is intalled: select multi_org_flag fromfnd_product_groups; What is the difference between Fields and FlexFields? A fieldis a position on a form that one uses to enter, view, update, or deleteinformation. A field prompt describes each field by telling what kind ofinformation appears in the field, or alternatively, what kind of informationshould be entered in the field. A flexfield is an Oracle Applications field madeup of segments. Each segment has an assigned name and a set of valid values.Oracle Applications uses flexfields to capture information about yourorganization. There are two types of flexfields: key flexfields and descriptiveflexfields.
Page 2 of 259Where can one get more info about Oracle Apps?• • • • • • •This FAQ: Oracle Applications Scripts Oracle Applications Home Page Oracle AppsNetOracle Applications Users Group ITtoolbox Portal for Oracle (formerlyOracleAssist) Oracle Applications 10.7 NCA Documentation Library The ERP SuperSite1. How do I find the list of responsibility assigned to menu. Just the table namewill do ? There are two views are involved in this case 1) FND_RESPONSIBILITY_VL2) FND_MENUS_VL First you have to find the menu_id of the menu from FND_MENUS_VLThen you have to search in the FND_RESPONSIBILITY_VL with the condition of menu_idThe query goes like this SELECT responsibility_name FROM FND_RESPONSIBILITY_VLWHERE menu_id = (SELECT menu_id FROM FND_MENUS_VL WHERE user_menu_name LIKE'%MENU_NAME%') 2. How many user is using the given menu ?What is the table name toidentify he above relations.The Table to identiy is FND_USER_RESP_GROUPS. From this table, you can get theUser_id and then map it with the FND_USER table to get the user name 3. Relationbetween the menu and form. What is the table name maintain this relation.4. Can any one tell how many Key FlexFields are there in Oracle Applications andthere names with Module name. Run This qury: SELECT fat.application_name,fif.id_flex_name FROM fnd_id_flexs fif JOIN fnd_application_tl fat ONfat.application_id = fif.application_id AND fat.language = 'US' ORDER BYfat.application_name 1. 1.i Suppliers There is more than one account for the samesupplier, which one do I choose? Check the supplier site addresses and choose thesupplier whose site address matches your invoice address. If none of them matchyour invoice then ask DP section to create a new site. If all
Page 3 of 259the supplier accounts have the same site addresses then choose the Supplier withthe lowest number. We are in the process of merging all the multiple accounts intoone. 1.ii I cannot find a supplier or an employee on the database Please senddetails of the supplier or employee to DP section. Minimum details required are asfollows: • Name and full address • If an individual please confirm if the personis an employee or not • Standard forms for full supplier set-up can be obtainedfrom DP section. 2. 2.i Batch Headers How to print batch headers • • • • 2.iiSelect the batch header you want to print by clicking on Query, and Find. Thenenter the batch number you require and click on the Find button The system bringsup the batch details Confirm that you have the right folder open ie UCL BATCHHEADER Click on the Action menu and then click Print A copy of the batch headerwould be printed on your printerCan I adjust or delete batch header details? • • You can add invoices to a batchat any time You can change the invoice type on the batch header after enteringinvoices against a batch and the new invoice type will default onto new invoicesentered after the change. Changing the batch header does not affect invoicesentered before the change You can delete an invoice from a batch at any timebefore the invoice has been approved. See 5.i You cannot delete an invoice batchthat contains invoices. If you want to delete an invoice batch, you must deletethe invoices in the batch first. See 5.i• • 3. 3.iGrant related Invoice Distributions I am unable to post an expense claim to agrant Please check that you have used the standard invoice type and not expensereport type. If you have used the wrong invoice type then you would have to deletethe invoice and re-enter the invoice. See 5.i I am unable to enter a grantdistribution against a 6P … expenditure type because the system is requesting fora valid quantity Please enter the expenditure amount in the quantity field.3.ii3.iiiI wish to enter a distribution against a grant code but the system is requestingfor an expenditure Item date In this case you are trying to enter an expenseagainst a completed grant. Please confirm the completion date of the grant andenter a date on or before the grant completion date. You can confirm the date asfollows: • Select the grant field • Click on the picklist button on the toolbar orpress CTRL+F11 • Enter the grant code and click the Find button The system wouldthen bring up brief details about the grant. • Scroll to the right to view thegrant completion date.

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