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C DOCUME~1 Bwistrom LOCALS~1 Temp Plugtmp-38 St. Croix Map 2 2009

C DOCUME~1 Bwistrom LOCALS~1 Temp Plugtmp-38 St. Croix Map 2 2009

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Published by brentwistrom

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Published by: brentwistrom on Aug 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Top Ten Riverway Regulations
1. Approved lie jackets or each person arerequired on your vessel.2. Children under 13 are required to wear alie jacket.3. Glass containers are prohibited on landsand waters within the Riverway. Brokenglass is a hazard or bareoot visitors.4. Disposing human waste into the river isprohibited.5. Jumping rom clis, bridges, or trees isillegal and dangerous.6. Open campres are allowed only in metalre rings. The cutting o live vegetationis strictly prohibited. Dead and downwood may be collected or campresrom shoreline areas, however, it cannotbe collected rom islands. Possession o rewood that originates more than 50 milesrom the Riverway is prohibited. Campresmust be out and cold beore you leave thearea.7. Littering is not allowed. Carry out alltrash.8. It is illegal to shoot or possess reworkson lands and waters within the Riverway.9. Collecting reshwater mussels, musselshells, wildfowers, and historical artiactsis prohibited.10. Quiet hours are rom 10:00 p.m. to 6:00a.m.
Top Ten Ways to Enjoy the River Safely
1. Wear your lie jacket. Make sure yourchild wears a lie jacket!2. Use alcohol responsibly. Many riveraccidents involve alcohol.3. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hatto prevent sunburn. Water refects therays o the sun giving you a double dose o ultraviolet light.4. Avoid trees that have allen in the river.They can catch and overturn your canoe,kayak, or inner tube.5. Don’t jump rom clis, bridges, or trees.6. Build your campre in a re ring and putit out cold beore you leave.7. Protect your eet with river shoes, watersandals, or old shoes. Fish hooks, glass, androcks can injure your eet.8. Bring your own drinking water. Treatriver water beore drinking to avoid giardia,a serious stomach irritant.9. Check or ticks oten and know thesymptoms o Lyme disease. Deer ticks arecommon along the Riverway and somecarry the bacteria that cause the disease.10. Know how to identiy poison ivy andavoid contact. It grows along orest edgesand can cause severe itching and rash.
 poison ivy deer tick wood tick 
National Park ServiceSt. Croix National Scenic Riverway
St. Croix River Map 5: RiversideLanding to Highway 70
One o “the frst things we hauled on the new errywas a circus, consisting o a Fordson tractor withsteel wheels and a trailer hauling an elephant.There were many old army wagons and cages o animals that were pulled by horses and mules.There were about 75 horses and ponies and one zebra all driven by cowboys.”Bill Soderbeck
Imagine watching a circus foat across the St.Croix River. During the 1920s and 1930s, theSoderbeck amily erried automobiles acrossthe river at what is now Soderbeck Landing.The erry was critical to new recreationbusinesses developing in the area and the newbreed o vacationers in their Model T’s. Newbusinesses were not always protable rom thestart. It’s been said that the Soderbecks werepaid in ortune telling or their rst load.
 printed on recycled paperwith soy ink
Discover clean water, lush landscapes, and quiet solitudealong the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, anational park that with your help protects 252 milesof wild and scenic river corridor.

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