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Product Criteria Cards

Product Criteria Cards

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Published by bgeller4936

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Published by: bgeller4936 on Aug 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Product Criteria Cards
1.Pictures relate to topic2.Attractive and neat layout3.Folded with information on each panel4.Neat and clear writing highlighting importantpoints5.Correct spelling
Concept Map/Web
1.Has major topic in cente2.Shows details about the topic with linesand/or circles radiating from the center 3.Visually shows relationships of details or ideas to one another 4.Neat and legible
1.Conveys a message2.Clear writing with correct spelling3.Neatly drawn4.Humorous5.Creative and original
Crossword Puzzle
1.Each word intersects with another in at leastone space2.Correct spelling3.Accurate definitions indicating across anddown4.Neatly and clearly done
1.Well-organized sections divided by lines2.Clear and neat writing3.Has a title and sub-titles4.Accurate information5.Correct spelling
1.Demonstration is informative2.Easy to understand3.Follows a logical sequence4.Good eye contact with audience5.Materials are used appropriately
1.Has a solid backing2.Visually attractive and neat3.Pictures overlap4.Creative and original5.Has title/labels spelled correctly
1.Pictures are clear and understandable2.Neatly done3.Shows topic accurately
Comic Book/Comic Strip
1.Frames in correct sequence2.Tells a story or idea through pictures3.Characters/objects clearly drawn4.Clear writing with correct spelling5.Humo6.Original and creative
Flowchart or Diagram
1.Has items in sequential order 2.Shows relationship between items by use of arrows or lines3.Labels and items are neatly written4.Short explanation of each item
© 2005 Pieces of Learning, from
 Activities and Assessments for the Differentiated Classroom
by Carolyn Coil.* These Criteria Cards were created or edited by PVUSD teachers for the HM Reading Integrated Thematic Units
Product Criteria Cards
Friendly Letter 
1.Formatted correctly, with: heading, salutation,body, closing and signature2.Spelling and mechanics are correct3.Tone of letter is friendly and courteous4.Information is focused and well organized5.Letter is at least 1 page in length
Journal Entry
1.Each entry is dated from the time period2.Journal entries include descriptions of thesetting.3.Entries written as first person accounts4.Entries describe activities and events of thetime and place5.Entries include personal responses of thewriter to people and events of the time
1.Clear and understandable rules2.Well constructed3.Visually appealing4.Relates to topic being studied
1.Correct location of places2.Clearly written key and symbols3.Has scale and compass rose4.Labels and places spelled correctly5.Shapes of places and distances are accurate6.Neatness
1.Labels &Title2.Accurate data plotted correctly3.Ruled measurements4.Easy to understand5.Neatness
1.Accurate representation2.Durable and well-constructed3.Neatness4.Creative use of materials
Illustrated Booklet
1.Has words that explain pictures2.Pictures match topic3.Organized in a logical fashion4.Neat and visually appealing5.Correct spelling and gramma
1.Items are balanced and hang from acentral point or structure2.Durable construction3.Visually appealing4.Creative5.Relevant to topic
1.Asks 5–8 appropriate questions2.Uses a prepared script or set of questions3.Questions are in a logical sequential orde4.Interviewer is polite and courteous5.Uses good communication skills6.Thanks the subject at end of interview
Oral Report/Presentation
1.Voice projection, clarity and expression2.Eye contact3.Appropriate body language and gestures4.Correct timing
© 2005 Pieces of Learning, from
 Activities and Assessments for the Differentiated Classroom
by Carolyn Coil.* These Criteria Cards were created or edited by PVUSD teachers for the HM Reading Integrated Thematic Units

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