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Part of Florida Bar complaint filed by Michael Pinson against attorney Paul Phillips.
Part of Florida Bar complaint filed by Michael Pinson against attorney Paul Phillips.

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Published by: Michael Robert Hussey on Dec 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Oldsmar,FL 34677
(813) 855-3663
 2, 2012The Florida BarAttorney/Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP)651 East
 Formal complaint
 misconduct against attorney Paul Phillips,
 FL Bar
Dear Ladies
 basis for this complaint arises
 attorney Paul Phillips
 andcontrived misrepresentations.In July
 contacted attorney Paul Phillips for legal advise regarding a blogger who wasrelentlessly harassing and
 me and my company online.
 consulting with Mr.Phillips and disclosing privileged and confidential information regarding my case with him, headvised
 I had no
 these illegal acts
 and he
dissuade me
 legal action against the blogger. Months later, I learned thatMr. Phillips had deceived me, intentionally made
 statements and
 to disclose a
of interest he held with the blogger, whom is now his client.The allegations here regarding attorney Paul Phillips are summarized as
 Numerous, Multiple and Repeated Instances of Unprofessional and Unethical Behavior2. Acts of Moral Turpitude including Extortion, Dishonesty,
 Means, Lack of Candor3. Representing Conflicting Interests; Failure to Disclose a
 of Interest4. Fraudulent
 & Contrived Misrepresentations5. Acted with Oppression, Malice, and Fraud6. Professional Misconduct7. Motivated by Bad Faith or a Conscious Desire to
 Me and My Business
 Honesty Requirement; Prohibition on Deception
9. Unreturned
 Settlement Payment
 in the
 $3,200The allegations are explained below.(1) At the heart of the skills which a lawyer
 to his client is the exercise of hisindependent professional judgment. Given the realities of the American adversarysystem, a lawyer's total loyalty must be to his client, restricted only by his duty to thecourt and to the law.The
 code of ethics regulating the legal
 adopted by the American BarAssociation in 1908, expressly prohibited an attorney
 representing conflictinginterests unless all concerned consented
 disclosure of the
 In the 1970Code
 Professional Responsibility,
 Association promulgated
 evenstricter, and certainly more extensive, set of rules governing conflicts of interest. Further,
 adopted disciplinary rules
 ethical considerationswhich generally prohibit a lawyer
 participation in any
 of interest situation.It is attorney Paul Phillips undisclosed business and personal interests with liberalblogger and political consultant Peter Schorsch; the individual who invaded my privacy,relentlessly harassed and defamed me, and caused tremendous
 financial injury
 to me andmy business, whom I sought Mr. Phillips advice to take legal action against, so that Icould protect my business
 from further
 degradation, which is the cause of my complaint.(2) In early
 became heavily involved in supporting, then Gov. Charlie
 politicalissues, beginning with the Amendment One campaign. As my role in the businesscommunity in Tampa Bay grew, so did my involvement concerning issues
 thebusiness community. I was asked by an advisor of the Governor, Republican Party ofFlorida
 board member Gregg Truax,
 become involved
 Presidential Campaign
 to be a
 as my
 track record as a business owner placed me in a position to speak out on issuespertinent to the business community in Florida, which was a constituency of particularlyinterest
 Governor Crist.
 I was
 to be in
 press conferences
 eventswith the Governor and vocally support his
 agenda statewide.
(3) In the
 2009, advisors close
 to the
 Governor began
supporting Governor Crist's candidacy
 for the
 United States Senate.
 I was
support the Governor, given the terrible
 was in at the time. Ithought it imprudent for a first term Governor to jump ship, during the worst financialdown turn our state has
 in recent memory. However, the pressure mounted for me
to do
 support Governor
 Senate campaign.
In August
 was invited to attend a
 at a private home in St. Petersburg,Florida.
 donated $1,000
 U.S. Senate Campaign.
 I met
Governor privately and was eager to hear his plan to
 Florida out of the fiscal turmoilwhich had
 nearly every
 industry in our state.However, the Governor advised me he had no intention of speaking out on key issues,ideas
 help Florida recover. Instead,
 to my
 Governor advised
me he
 just wanted
 me to
 raise more money
 would discuss
 becomes elected
 to the
 U.S. Senate.
 Governor Crist thatbusiness owners wanted detailed solutions, not personal attacks. I recommended theGovernor go head-to-head in detailed debates regarding key issues with
 Florida House, Marco Rubio.The Governor advised me he would not debate Rubio, nor would his campaign mentionhis name, because he could win the Senate seat merely on the volume of money heplanned to raise.
 Governor's discourse
 these matters caused
 great concern. Albeit,
 I was not yet
 on our
 relationship, until
 a bit
 I had
 several moreconversations with the Governor and his chief advisor, Greg Truax over the next severalweeks.
 to ask
 questions about
 donor money
 being spent
 and the
 answersprovided to me where deeply disconcerting.
 the conclusion of several discussions, Idetermined
 longer support Governor Crist's agenda,
 as it was my
 corporate interests, lobbyists
 and big
government bureaucrats and he was out of touch with the issues
 Florida's smallbusiness owners, such
 I was
 also concerned about what
 thought could
 be an
illegal misappropriation
 donor monies.In late September
 publicly declared
 opponent,Marco Rubio and encouraged my network of 5,000
 friends, family
 membersand business associates to do the same. A tide seemed to have turned away
 share with colleagues
 other small businessowners in my community to explain why I was pulling my support for Governor Cristand endorsing Marco Rubio for the US Senate. The video
 its way onto the Internetand went viral and was picked up by the press. Thirty days
 I endorsed Marco Rubio,Governor Crist lost the GOP straw poll in his own county (Pinellas County) and shortly
 announced he was leaving the GOP and continuing his campaign for the
Senate as an independent.
 was just shortly
 Governor Crist lost the Republican Primary race and announcedthat he would run as an Independent for the US Senate in March
 that a personunknown
 to me,
 political consultant
 began writing
 and defamatory articles about me, my business and posting maliciously

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