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Witch War and Peace

Witch War and Peace



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Published by umbraintentus
the account of peace talks between two pagans
the account of peace talks between two pagans

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Published by: umbraintentus on Jul 13, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Peace talksYesterday I posted a bit on Honor and Revenge. This was in in response to E-mails asking Why I never did anything back (personal, thus not an obligation), why I called them cowards (snipe attacks) and if Ithought Lee had a right to vengeance (no crime, no justice)that prompted the following exchange, which I am saving here because as, I've said the truth needs to be available, and this way I can control if/when it gets deleted. So here are the peace talks, including aYIM, which I normally wouldn't do without permission, but in this case it's necessary.I still encourage everyone to put out their own truths on this matter, no to continue any sort of attacks, but to make the truth available. Truth spreads as easy as lies, if it is available. So mote it be.****** BEGIN******User:
Date:2007-07-12 19:33 (local)Subject:
(no subject)
Keyword:muladharaIt is rumored that I accuse David aka ShadowStrider of raping and stalking me. I do not. I hope, neither will my husband any longer. If he does, he is wrong. It did not happen. David and I had a relationshipthat ended badly. I made up the rape and stalking for attention. It did not happen. I seduced him, notvisa-versa. I was and am 100% culpable. He never called, emailed, showed up anywhere without permission. He never did anything obsessive or creepy. He has never done anything harmful to anyoneand is a good person. Whatever he says happened between him and me, and anyone else, is the truth.He always tells the whole truth and never lies at all. What I did was horrible and wrong and Iapologize.I will not say any differently in private. Do not ask me to, because I will not.If you would like to email to test if I will in fact stand by this revision of history, or that this email/posttruly originated with me, feel free to at alphapythia@livejournal.comReplyThreadReply |DeleteReply | |ScreenReply | | |FreezeReply | | | |Track ThisReply | | | | |  Link Reply | | | | | |User:
Date:2007-07-12 19:56 (local)Subject:
(no subject)
Date:2007-07-12 20:01 (local)Subject:
(no subject)
Date:2007-07-12 20:13 (local)Subject:
(no subject)
Keyword:seriousI certainly hope so, and your not 100% culpable. it takes two to tango, and I share in the blame of our affair.you put a post-it note on my windshield that said "peace" on it, years ago. I still have it. I'vehoped for peace for a long time. please let it last this time. I never wanted to hurt you, or Lee, and I never wanted to hurt either. I walked out because I loved you both.I don't expect to be friends Sophia. but, peace is possible.
so if you want it done, all you have to do is leave it done.Have a good life dear. Now fuck off. ; )ReplyParentReply |ThreadReply | |DeleteReply | | |ScreenReply | | | |FreezeReply | | | | |Track  ThisReply | | | | | |Link Reply | | | | | | | User:
Date:2007-07-12 20:16 (local)Subject:
(no subject)
I hope you won't see it as "undoing it" if I still don't really want to share friends somuch. If someone's off stirring stuff up and running stories, I will not be their buddy. Ido not mean anything by this other than personally I choose not to and I didn't last timeeither. As long as that won't break our peace accord I think we're finished.ReplyParentReply |ThreadReply | |DeleteReply | | |ScreenReply | | | |FreezeReply | | | | |Track  ThisReply | | | | | |Link Reply | | | | | | | User:
Date:2007-07-12 20:25 (local)Subject:
(no subject)
Whatever Sophia.If you don't like people because they are my friend, your loss.as to stirring things up, I know how that goes...why not try this...it's from one of my favorite plays...SCENE 2: Rabbi's study. The background shows shelves of sifrei-kodesh. There aretwo chairs in the room. The rabbi is sitting and studying when Yettele enters. Be

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