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INGLES- BURKE-Select Works of , vol. 2 [1790].pdf

INGLES- BURKE-Select Works of , vol. 2 [1790].pdf

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Published by Eduardo Sandez

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Published by: Eduardo Sandez on Dec 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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T)& O/*/& L*#2"28 ' L*#&248 
 A P2+&$4 O' L*#&248 F5/%, I/$.
E%5/% B52&,
S&-&$4 W03 0' E%5/% B5&, 60-. 2 
T)& O/*/& L*#2"28 O' L*#&248 
K -BGG (+D GJEL) K HMK< Q JLQ MF<, $F., HJNL, FGF-HJG²L, <MLGF GMF<LGF KLK< F 1960 LGFGMJ KLM<Q G L < G  KGLQ G J F< JKHGFKF<N<MK. 2010 OK L 50L FFNJKJQ QJ G L GMF<F G JLQ MF<.$L K HJL G L FF JJQ G JLQ O KLLLH://G.JLQMF<.GJ, O OK KLK< F 2004 F GJ<J LGMJLJ L <MLGF GK G JLQ MF<, $F. G ²F< GML EGJGML L MLGJ GJ LL, LG MK L KL'K HGOJM KJ FF,LG K GLJ LLK F GLJ GJELK (#, KE +D), GJ LGE MK G L MF<J<K G KKQK, <MLGF <K, F< KLM<QM<K, HK NKL L  O KL. K LL K KG HJL G L+GJL JJQ G JLQ DD O GFLFK GNJ 1,000 GGKF< IMGLK GML JLQ F< HGOJ, F< K N J G JMHGF JIMKL. MFGJE FKJHLGF LL HHJK F L GG F< KJNK K <KF EFL F  JLQ MF< GGK F< O KLK K LJKL-FGOF OJLLF HHJF G L OGJ< «J<GE¬ (E),GJ «JLQ.¬ $L K LF JGE  Q <GMEFL OJLLF GML 2300B.C. F L MEJF LQ-KLL G K, F HJKFL <Q $JI.G ²F< GML EGJ GML JLQ MF<, $F., GJ L FF JJQ G JLQ +JGL, HK GFLL L DJLGJ LG@JLQMF<.GJF< NKL JLQ MF<'K EF O KL LOOO.JLQMF<.GJGJL
*FF= 'JJQ G> '=JLQ 
$B D, $C.8335 AKGF +GFL J, ML 300$F<FHGK, $F<F 46250-1684
FF JJQ G JLQ: L GJK G <EMF< BMJ, NG. 2+ N7.0 (FJL< HLEJ, 2013)
E%*4*/ U3&%:
==L 2GJK G> <EMF< BMJ=.
 A O $EHJFL G L +QF<LGF. GJOGJ< F< BGJH GL Q JFK CFNF($F<FHGK: JLQ MF<, 1999). G. 2. AMLGJ:<EMF< BMJGJOGJ<:JFK CFNF
 A#54 T)*3 T*4&:
BMJªK KK JLKE G L JF NGMLGF. $L HJGNG<EFQ JHK F< BMJ JLMJF< LG L KKM F F< F.
FF JJQ G JLQ: L GJK G <EMF< BMJ, NG. 2+ N7.0 (FJL< HLEJ, 2013)

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