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Creationism or Evolution

Creationism or Evolution

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Published by silverock

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Published by: silverock on Aug 27, 2009
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Creationism or Evolution?
by Sebastian R. Fama
s it possible to know that God exists even though we cannot see or touch Him? Well, webelieve that radio waves exist and we can’t see or touch them. And we believe it becausethe evidence allows for no other conclusion. We turn on a television and we see and hear someone who is many miles away. Adjusting the antenna changes the quality of thepicture. Disconnect the antenna, and there is no picture. Obviously the television isreceiving the pictures and sound from the air.
we can know that radio waves existeven if we cannot see or touch them.
Similarly, we can know that God exists because the evidence allows for no other conclusion. For instance, the fact that we exist is an indication that God exists. But, youmight ask, what about the theory of evolution? Couldn’t that explain our existence? No, notat all. A look at the evidence will show us why.
Honest evolutionists will admit that evolution is not a science. It is nothing more than atheory, an assumption that the universe and living things created themselves by a totallynaturalistic, materialistic process. Creationists claim that a look at the facts rules out thetheory of evolution. Evolutionists reject the idea of a Creator because they claim that factsmust be observable by the senses. Thus, this would exclude God. However, it would alsoexclude radio waves. As we saw earlier, radio waves are not observable by the senses -their effects are. Likewise, God is not observable by the senses, but His effects are.
we can know that God exists even if we cannot see or touch Him.
The theory of evolution contends that billions of years ago the elements which the universeis made up of were packed into a dense mass at an extremely high temperature. Themass exploded (the Big Bang) and over millions of years this mother of all chaotic eventsformed an orderly solar system with planets and stars. After our own planet cooled down, avariety of complex and delicately balanced ecosystems consisting of tens of thousands of species of animals, fish, plants, and bacteria were formed by chance. All of thissupposedly evolved from a burnt rock, which is all the earth would have been after coolingdown. Now, if life could come into existence by chance chemical reactions, why can’t theprocess be repeated in the laboratory with deliberate actions, millions of dollars and thebrightest minds?
But what about the fossil record, isn’t that evidence of evolution? Hardly! Just how old thefossils are, is itself a matter of controversy. But more important is the fact that the fossilrecord contains no transitional forms. Transitional forms are not important to evolution -transitional forms
No transitional forms means no evolution!
What is a transitional form? Imagine that you are watching a cartoon illustrate how a fishevolved into an amphibian. At the beginning you would see a fish. As the cartoonprogresses, the fish’s fins begin to shrink and change shape until they have formed legs.Each frame of the cartoon would be a transitional form. If evolution takes millions of years,then there should be billions of transitional forms for each evolved group. But we find nosuch thing in the fossil record. Even in the earliest fossil layers we find completed, complexlife forms, such as clams, snails, jellyfish, sponges, worms, etc. No one has been able tofind fossilized ancestors for a single one of them.
Another problem arises when we realize that even the so-called "simple" life forms are notreally simple. Today we know that a cell is one of the most complex structures known toman. In a book titled "
The Evidence for Creation" 
by Dr. G.S. McLean, Roger Oakland andLarry McLean, we find the following on page 113:"The cell has turned out to be a micro universe containing trillions of molecules. Thesemolecules are the structural building blocks for countless complex structures performingchains of complex biochemical reactions with precision… a single cell surrounded by a cellular membrane exhibits the same degree of complexity as a city with all of its systems of 

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