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Sample Paper on Physics Grade 10

Sample Paper on Physics Grade 10

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Published by aadesh_mahato
For the students who are going take their board exam...
For the students who are going take their board exam...

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Published by: aadesh_mahato on Aug 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Subject –Physics
Define inertia and force from the 1
Differentiate between mass and weight.
State Newton’s second law of motion and show that F=ma from second law of motion.
A bullet of mass 40gm moving with a speed of 80m/sec enters a heavy woodenblock and is stopped after traveling a distance of 50cm. What is average forceexerted by the bullet.
A body “X” of mass 5kg is moving with velocity 20m/sec while another body“Y” of 20kg is moving with velocity 5m/sec. Compare the momentum of the twobodies.
Find the weight of an object of mass 320gm in the earth and on the moon. Forearth g=10m/sec square and for the moon it is 1/6
of this value.
In what case is the P.F. equal to Zero?
A light mass and a heavy mass have equal momentum. Which will have moreK.E? Explain
State the work energy theorem.
For a freely falling body, show that the sum of P.E. and K.E. are equal.
A bullet of mass 50kg is moving with a velocity of 500m/sec. It penetrates 10cminto a still target and comes to rest. Calculate:-(1)
The kinetic possessed by the bullet.(2)
The average retarding force offered by the target.
Two bodies of equal masses are placed at height h and 2h. Find the ratio of theirpotential energy.
A body has K.E. 16 times more than that of another moving body of same mass.Calculate their velocity ratio.
Draw a neat diagram for a pulley system having a velocity ratio five. Derive anexpression for the mechanical advantage.
A pulley system has V.R. = 4 and efficiency 70% when a load of mass 1.4kg israised by it. Calculate:(1)
the M.A of the system, and(2)
the effort.
Explain, when a test tube containing water is kept inclined in a beaker filled withwater, the part of the tube containing air and immersed in water appears to shine.
QUESTIONS ON LIGHT1. What do you understand by refraction of light ? what is the cause ofrefraction?2. What is total internal refraction of light?What are the conditions required for total refraction to take place?3. What do you understand by spectrum? How is the spectrum obtained?What isthe cause of dispersion?4 .Arrange the different colours in the spectrum in increasing order ofwavelength?5 Define angle of deviation?How does it relate to the angle of prism?6 Define critical angle?How does it relate to refractive index?7 Draw a ray diagram for 1800deviation of path of light through a prism?8 Name the invisible spectra.How can their presence be detected?9 Draw a ray diagram to illustrate the bending of a stick in water.10 A monochromatic ray of light travels from air to glass.Find the ratio of thefrequency of light in air and glass?11 State Snells law of refraction?12 Is it possible to burn a piece of paper using a convex lens in daylight withoutusing matches ?Draw a diagram to support your answer.13 A ray of light is incident normally on a plane glass slab.What will be the angleof refraction and angle of deviation for the ray?14 Draw a curve showing the variation of the angle of deviation with the angleof incidence at a prism surface.How is the angle of emergence related to theangle of incidence when the prism is in minimum deviation ?
Question 6
 (a) PQ and PR are two light rays emerging from the object P as shown in the figurebelow:-i.
What is the special name given in the angle incidence (
) of ray PQ?ii.
Copy the ray diagram and complete it to show the position of the image of theobject P when seen obliquely from above.iii.
Name the phenomenon that occurs if the angle of incidence
is increasedstill further .[3](b) When a tuning fork, struck by a rubber pad, is held over a length of air column in atube, it produces a loud sound for a fixed length of the air column.i.
Name the above phenomenon.ii.
How does the frequency of the loud sound compare with that of the tuning fork?iii.
State the unit for measuring
.(c) Give one use each of the electromagnetic radiations given below:(i) Microwaves(ii) Ultraviolet radiation(iii) Infrared radiation .[2]
Question 5
 (a) Show that for the free fall of a body, the sum of the mechanical energy at any point inits path is constant. [4](b) Name the type of single pulley that can act as a force multiplier. Draw a labelleddiagram of the above named pulley. [3](c) A pulley system has a velocity ratio of 4 and an efficiency of 90%.Calculate :-i.
the mechanical advantage of the system.ii.
the effort required to raise a load of 300 N by the system.
.a)The weights of two bodies are 3N and 3Kgf respectively. What is the mass of eachbody?b)State Newtons second law of motionc)Find the weight of a body at the centre of the earth?d)State the energy change in i)photographic film ii)electric celle)Draw the diagram of human leg showing the position of LOAD,FULCRUM and EFFORT
a)Explain why?Violet light is deviated more than red light on entering the prism.b)Can a metal emit electrons at all temperatures?Explain your answer.c)Explain the principle of hot cathode ray tube.d)Why is the core of an electromagnet made of iron?e)Draw a ray diagram for 1800deviation of light path through a prism.
a)Derive a relation between SI and CGS unit of force.b)Define critical angle?How does it related to refractive index?c)A lighter body and a heavier body have same momentum.Find mathematically,which have more K.E.d)Name the invisible spectra.How their presence can be detected?
a)Write two differences between total internal reflection and reflection from aplane mirror.b)State two properties of infrared radiations which are different from visible light.c)Give an example when work done by a body is i)negative (ii)zero.d)State the work energy principle.e)What do you understand by weightlessness?e)Write the SI and CGS unit of power.How are they related?

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