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The Year 2012 In End Time Prophecy

The Year 2012 In End Time Prophecy

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Published by J. Amory Forrester
Is the year 2012 important. Many voices are clamouring about it and most of them for your money. See what I have to say for FREE.
Is the year 2012 important. Many voices are clamouring about it and most of them for your money. See what I have to say for FREE.

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Published by: J. Amory Forrester on Aug 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Year 2012 ?
Is it the End of the World?
The year 2012 is quickly approaching mankind on earth and the buzz is on.Everyone is talking about that year and wondering if the Mayans are right as well assome other prophetic writings may suggest.But who is right? Is there a book that you can depend on for the Truth concerning2012?
The answer is Yes!!
It is the Bible and for your sake I hope you take the time to find out if the world iscoming to an end and if it is going to happen in 2012!
You must get the answers to these questions
RIGHT!!!!!Else you are in grave DANGER!!Will There Be Anyone Left After
I know that many of you
will probably not believe
what you are about to read on thispage and elsewhere on this site, but I
implore you
to read all of it first with an openmind before casting judgment on its truthfulness and accuracy.
The world is not coming to an end by 2012
, even though many things are alreadyhappening according to the timeline given forth in Biblical prophecy as laid out in theBible, but many events still remain to be fulfilled before the start of the End. The geo political realm is set and the pieces in place for it to begin at any time however. The 7year tribulation has not begun yet, so the end which is after the 7 year Tribulation cannot be 2012. This is now the year 2009, and if you added 7 years to this date it would carryus over into 2016, if the Tribulation started today, which it hasn't.
This you can count on!!!
However, we are getting close as the signs in the heavens will reveal soon.However, it is my belief that we are not far from the beginning of the 7 Year Tribulation, thus meaning that the year 2012 might have
 some real significance
, just notthe End of the World, yet! But fasten your seatbelts as things start to heat up that werestarted in Sept 2008 in the economic collapse that began and will continue unhindered. Iwarned many about the year 2009 and that they would need to fasten their seatbelt, for things would happen in the US that have not happened before. If you have beenwatching the news any at all (beginning in Sept. 2008 thru now) you would know what Imean. America has changed indeed. But is it in your best interests, or are you being liedto by the government and those in power over the government?
Oh I know, it is silly of me to think our politicians have our best interests in mind!! Don't leave me now. Keep reading unless you want to kept in the dark (where youcannot see)! The Prince of Darkness wants to keep you there. Read on and let the light of the truth dispel the darkness whereby we are kept in bondage to the things we cannot  see!
Many of the things that the Mayans wrote about, as well as Nostradamus, Planet Xwritings, etc. line up partially with the Book of Revelation, especially with the7Trumpets and the 7 Vialswhich will befall the planet Earth as written and foretold by theApostle John in the Book of Revelation in around 96 A.D.Fire is coming to the earth and theUnited Statesby many means. Yah/God is going to
cleanse the earth
, (just as New Age philosophy teaches in the works of Barbara MarxHubbard, George Trevelyan, John Randolph Price and many others: Yes I have read allthese works and many others) but not by water as in the Days of Noah with the firstdestruction (not a full destruction) of the earth, but by
the second time
!! Onemust not forget that according to the Bible He will destroy it for the same reason as in theDays of Noahin the Book of Genesis.
The biggest delusion to ever hit the planet iscoming and most all will be deceived.
Let not you and your household be deceived. Youcan be an overcomer and overcome Satan and the New World Order (without guns) andescape the things coming upon the Earth if you listen and believe what the Creator of allthings says in His Word to Mankind, that is written down in the Bible. I'm not talkingabout joining some counterfeit church of today or adhering to their false teachings aboutthe end times, but a one on one communication between you and your Creator!
Fireballs from the heavens
(comets, asteroids) are going to hit the earth twice.TheBook of Revelationlikens them to a burning mountain. And there
will be a nuclear 
world war 
(World War III). Even Satan knows the Bible and knows it better than we do.He has had millions of years to hear Yah/God speak of it and two thousand years sinceJohn the Revelator wrote the Book of Revelation to see where his end begins. He canmove on "his seed" to write of things of a prophetic nature as he has done since timeimmemorial, but they are designed to lead you away from the TRUTH of Yah/God andhave you as company in his final resting place.I know of how he works in this area, (False Religions) for I adhered to Zen Buddhism,Wicca, the New Age Teachings and Scientology for many, many years which began as Istudied to be a psychologist and sociologist in college and beyond, before I was led to theTruth by Yah concerning my error and deceptions and was shown how the master deceiver, Satan does it all. You can understand it as well.
There is no such thing as the "end of the world" where the earth is completelydestroyed!
Most people get their false notion of the complete end of the world frommisinterpreting the scriptures in the Bible concerning the end of the world. The word"world" in that context means "age", "cosmos".The
age that will end 
is the
age of man's evil governments
and the beginning of God's/Yah'sgovernment on the earth as Yahshua/Jesus rules as the King of kings. Christis coming to set up His Kingdom of which there will be no end whether you believe it or not. Gravity is still true whether you know about it or not!!!Basically this means that when He returns after the Great Tribulation of the end days,He will
remove all those who do not believe in Him
(which means believing in HisComing Kingdom included: He says that the gospel of the Kingdom must be preachedand published to all nations and the end will come) will be removed by Him from theearth. Just as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, He will destroy the kingdoms of theearth and all the evil rulers including the Antichrist and his New World Order worldgovernment that is fast approaching and the False Prophet and throw them both into theLake of 
. All unbelievers will be removed and thrown into Hell awaiting the 2ndResurrection and then Hell and Satan will be thrown into the Lake of Fire as well at theend of His Millennial Reign.The world in Bible language means the realm outside God's/Yah's realm (Kingdom of Yah) in which Satan is the ruler of the world according to Yah's written Word, the Bible.The world is the realm of the flesh and Yah's realm is the realm of the "spirit".Babylonis the seat of the King of Babylon (Satan) and his  New World Order and it will be destroyed.
So in essence the "
end of the world 
" is the end of Satan'sandhis minionsrule over the hearts and minds of fallenmankind and thetrue church.

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