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Right to Afterlife Scribd

Right to Afterlife Scribd

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Published by Clark
What if ghosts came out of hiding to interact with and live alongside humans? Would they have any civil rights? Could people catch them and imprison them without any consequences?
What if ghosts came out of hiding to interact with and live alongside humans? Would they have any civil rights? Could people catch them and imprison them without any consequences?

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Published by: Clark on Aug 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Clark Palmer about 6,500 wordsCjp1282@yahoo.comRight to Afterlifeby Clark Palmer“Mr. Jones, let’s go back to the night you claim youwere assaulted, kidnapped, and falsely imprisoned.”Larry Jones sat hunched forward in the witness box,working desperately to control his anxiety and his bodylanguage. His lawyer, Assistant District Attorney RobertKozlowski, told him that a little nervousness would earnhim some sympathy from the jury, which they desperatelyneeded to win such an historic case.On the other hand, too much fidgeting or pausingbefore answers usually made juries think the witness wasdoing a poor job lying.Kozlowski strode to the witness box. “Where were youthe morning of October 6th, Mr. Jones?”“Grocery Emporium. I was workin’ my usual shift,”Jones said. He was an off hours stock clerk. It was one
Palmer / Right to / 2of the few types of jobs a ghost could get. Most peopleweren’t very comfortable around ghosts so business ownerswere leery about giving them more visible jobs. And Jonesdidn’t have the guts to challenge society on that issuewhen he was looking for a job.But it beat the hell out of his old job: dealing withcustomers at the post office. To add insult to injury, hedidn’t even live to collect his pension.“When is your usual shift?” Kozlowski asked.“Eleven to seven in the morning. Every day.”Kozlowski rested his forearm on the wooden railingaround the witness box. “Do you like your job Mr. Jones?”“Yeah. Y’know, I was employee of the month again lastmonth.”“Well, congratulations. It sounds like they’re luckyto have you.”“Objection,” Kozlowski’s opponent, Jack Donaldsonsaid. “Your honor, is there a point to all of this?”Judge Carol McKorvee frowned at Kozlowski. “I’m surethere is. Can we get to it sooner rather than later, Mr.Kozlowski?” Her voice was tinged with the weariness ofsomeone who had witnessed every lawyer trick in the book.“Certainly, your honor.” Kozlowski had been testinghis opponent for the entire trial to see what he could get
Palmer / Right to / 3away with. He expected an objection. He didn’t think theother man would let him use an approach Donaldson hademployed for much of his career as a defense lawyer.Kozlowski was so familiar with Donaldson that he knew theman didn’t take kindly to “tasting his own medicine” so tospeak.But Kozlowski was trying to irritate his opponent tothrow him off of his game. And maybe objections could workin Jones’ favor. Kozlowski was just trying to make anervous man feel more comfortable. That might make thejury view Donaldson as insensitive, which made his clientsseem insensitive.“What happened when you left work that morning Mr.Jones?” Kozlowski asked.Jones’ chair creaked loudly as his obese frame shiftedaround. “I walked home like always.”“But you didn’t make it home did you?”Jones rubbed his hands together slowly. “No.”“What happened?” Kozlowski asked.“I ah...I was on my street. I was a few houses away.An’ somebody came up behind me. Then I saw somebody in thestreet walking toward me. There were two more guys aheadof me.”

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