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Pre Work - LLS

Pre Work - LLS

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Published by sam

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Published by: sam on Aug 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pre Workshop QuestionnaireSupervisory Development & Leadership Workshop
Hello!We are delighted to welcome you in the two day Workshop on
Supervisory Development & Leadership
to be held as per thefollowing details:Date:_______________________________________Venue:______________________________________Timings:_____________________________________The Workshop is being conducted by facilitators from
Life LearningSolutions
, a Learning and Development firm, specializing in LeadershipTraining, amongst others.To get a better comprehension of your experiences and workenvironment, and to know you better, we have prepared a brief list of Questions to be answered before the Workshop. These would help usunderstand your world and design the Workshop suitably.We would request you to answer the Questions and send it back to usat the earliest. Feel free to answer the questions honestly and openly,as there is /are no one right or wrong answer/s to these questions.You can use additional sheets, if required.
AGE -23yrs
JOB PROFILE ________________________________________________  ________________________________________________ 
WITH THE COMPANY SINCE __________________________ 
1. What are your expectations from the
Supervisory Development & Leadership
Workshop?Ans: From this workshop I am expecting a high quality of leadership toenhance my skills and implement in my day to day life.
2. What are the challenges you face in the current life/worksituations?Ans- Taking challenges work is a part of my hobby. I always take up achallenges work which is risk and difficult work. e.g. at times wereceived very complicated work which are difficult to process and riskof getting serious errors, I pick up those work and completed with noerrors. And resolving the work related issues with the clients like theno errors from our side and clients gives us errors. Also committed tocomplete the work within the TAT.3. What is the communication skill/interaction which is expected of you? How much of your work involves having to listen to clients,brief team members and interact with others? Are there anychallenges you face here. Specify with examples, if possibleAns –communication plays a very important role at works too, Many atimes we need to communicate with clients on the phone when theissues is not resolved by mails. I take the challenge to talk to theclients on the phone and listen carefully what the clients want and Ishares this with all my colleague. 
4. Do you ever face any disagreements, conflicts with those whomyou have to interact with at work and in personal life? Pleaserelate some common examples. How do you normally deal withthe same?Ans-confilcts/disgreements is a part of human nature when we havedifferent opinions. At work also each staff has his/her own way of doing work, so sometimes there are certain rules which a staff mustfollow but the result are the same if follow the rule or not, that time Ineed to explain with proper example to understand the staff howimportant is the steps in the work that he missed. 5. What, according to you, are the qualities required in a goodcoach? Are you a good Coach? Do you consider yourself capableof being a good Coach? What do you think will enhance yourabilities as a Coach?Ans- First, a good coach must have a good communication skills andthen good knowledge of the topic.I cannot say myself the best but up to some extend as I’ve been givingtraining to my subordinate and still learning.Definitely this training program will help me to understand more6. Any other Issues which you would like to be clarified oraddressed at this juncture.We thank you for your participation and look forward to an enrichinginteraction with you in the Workshop.
Life Learning Solutions

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