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If He Only Knew (continuation3)

If He Only Knew (continuation3)



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Published by Marydean

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Published by: Marydean on Aug 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lindsay peered through the screen of the front door at Brent “Who was that?”“It was just Jake” Brent replied tearing away from his thoughts.“ Did he start goin’ off about how he doesn’t care for me much?”“No baby. He wanted to talk about how excited he was that we were going to be inSan Diego soon. I told him I’d call him back later when I wasn’t busy.” There wassome truth there.Lindsay knew that Jake was impartial to her. She over heard him say once, in hisexact words “she was a high maintenance, stuck up bitch.” It didn’t really botherher though. To her, Jake was a broke nobody with too many opinions anyway. He wasstill working as a server at his family’s lame restaurant. What did he know? Theonly thing that mattered to Lindsay was her and Brent’s wedding, which was due totake place soon, in the Caribbean. Jake wouldn’t have a lot to say after she wasBrent’s wife.After Brent finished with the boxes, he sat on the couch in the living room forsome relaxation and turned on the television. Lindsay came and sat next to him. Heput his arm around Lindsay’s shoulder, hugged her in closer and kissed the top ofher head. She seemed so tiny compared to him. They sat in silence watching theweather man deliver his forecast , predicting more heat and some thunder showersfor tomorrow. During the break, they gazed at a commercial advertising a beachresort in some tropical paradise at a discounted rate.“Shoot! I almost forgot to call Jake back!” Brent quickly rose from his seat notnoticing Lindsay’s look of disgust at the mention of Jake’s name. “Be right back,baby.”Brent stepped out to the front porch, cursing the weather as he had done earlier.He dialed Jake from his cellphone and on the second ring, an answer.“Bueno?”“You’re an idiot dude. Bueno?” What’s up with that?”Jake gave a little chuckle “Brushin’ up on my Spanish so I can impress thesenoritas. Anyway, bro, so I was saying, Myli…”“Okay, stop right there” Brent interrupted “I don’t really care about any ofthat.”“I’m just letting you know so you’re not surprised if you bump into her.” Jakechuckled again “It would be funny if you did with Lindsay there. Myli’s way hotterand way cooler than…”“Hey! Stop! I know you don’t like my fiancé but you’re gonna have to be respectfulof the fact that she’s my girl! I’d appreciate it if you could keep your distastefor her to yourself.” Brent’s anger was rising. He tried his best to keep hisvoice low enough to where Lindsay was unable to hear him.“She’s not for you, bro! I’ve been your best friend for twenty years! I know you!That bitch is just dragging you down! She’s clingy, she’s possessive, your alwaysdoing what she wants but what about you, huh? And you’re gonna marry her. What abig fuckin’ joke!”Before Brent could say another word he realized that Jake had already hung up. Hewas fuming with rage, his heart beating rapidly from the adrenaline that floodedhis body. Pacing back and forth on the porch, he then made the decision to go fora walk down the street, shoving his phone into his pocket. He had no idea of wherehe was headed, he just knew that he needed to calm down before he entered thehouse and faced Lindsay. The more distance he gained from the house, the slowerhis heart beat and the smaller his strides became.It was inconceivable to Brent that his best friend could talk so poorly about thewoman Brent chose to marry. Of course Myli was more easy-going and down to earth---not to mention gorgeous beyond belief--- but Jake needs to remember that it wasshe who made sure things between her and Brent ended the way they did. He would’vewaited for her. Myli told him not to. She made a strong point that she benefitedmore if he was out of her life for good and he did what he thought would make herhappy. All he ever wanted was to see her happy.Brent looked behind him to see how far he had gone. Only four blocks, not too far.Without breaking stride, he turned around to head back to house. ‘How much time

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