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Armored Combat

Armored Combat

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Published by pkubasov

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Published by: pkubasov on Aug 28, 2009
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Paul of Bellatrix
CHAPTER SECTION PAGEINTRODUCTION 1 4GENERAL TECHNIQUES 2 6STANCE 2 6Tactical Considerations 2 6Mobility 2 7PERCEPTION & CENTERING 3 8Mental 3 8Flow 3 8Cues 3 8Preparation 3 9SWORD 4 10Physics 4 10Stance 4 10'Snap' Techniques 4 11Teaching Analogs 4 12Speed Exercise 4 13Variations 4 14Return Techniques 4 15Side Return (Teardrop) 4 16Half Teardrop Return 4 18Overhead Return 4 19Push-Through Return 4 20Advanced Strike/Returns 4 21Sword-Side Attacks 4 21Sweep Strikes 4 23Backhand Reverses 4 23Drag Strikes 4 24Wraps 4 24SHIELD 5 27Position 5 27Punch Block 5 27Multiple Blocks 5 28Offensive Techniques 5 29Presses 5 29Hooks 5 30Defense 5 31EXERCISES 6 33Movement & Balance 6 333-Step 'U' Walking 6 336-Step Turn Walking 6 34Sideways Walking 6 35Forward Scallop Walking 6 36Power Pushing 6 37SWORD EXERCISES 7 39Pell Work 7 39Butterfly Walk 7 40Return Analog 7 42Return Timing 7 45SHIELD EXERCISES 8 47Shield Hook 8 47INTEGRATED EXERCISES 9 48
Armored Combat, Version 2.2 Page 2 August 2004
Alternate Sword/Shield/Step 9 48Two-on-One 9 49Slow Work 9 51Appendix A - To Find a Proper Stance 10 56Appendix B - Sword Balance and Construction 10 57Appendix C - Shield Balance and Construction 10 58Appendix D - Breathing Exercise 10 59Appendix E - Common Problems 10 61Appendix F - Especially for Women 10 74Appendix G - Two Swords (Florentine) 10 80Appendix H - Single-Hip Returns and Attacks 10 82GLOSSARY 11 90AUTHOR’S NOTES 12 91
DIAGRAM / FIGURE SECTION PAGEFigures 1a-1b Stance 2 6Figures 2a-2d Snap 4 11Figures 3a-3d Wavy-Rising Snap 4 15Figures 4a-4f Side Return (Teardrop) 4 16Figures 5a-5d Overhead Return 4 19Figure 6 Overhead Return (moving blade) 4 20Figures 7a-7d Push-Through Return 4 20Figures 8a-8c Wrap 4 25Figures 9a-9b Punch Block 5 28Diagram 1 3-Step U-Walking Exercise 6 33Diagram 2 6-Step Turn-Walking Exercise 6 34Figures 10a-10d Sideways Stepping 6 35Figures 11a-11e Scallop Walking 6 36Figures 12a-12d Power Pushing 6 37Figures 13a-13i Butterfly Walk 7 40Figures 14a-14e Return Analog 7 42Figure 14f Return Analog 7 44Figures 15a-15e Return Timing Exercise 7 45Figures 16a-16d 'Snatch' Shield Hook 8 47Figures 17a-17e Alternate Shield/Sword/Step Exc 9 48Figures 18a-18d Double-Back Return 9 53Figures 19a-19c Foot Placement Appendix E 62Figures 20a-20b Arm Not Cocked Appendix E 63Figures 21a-21b Squaring The Shoulders Appendix E 64Figures 22a-22d No Shoulder Rotation Appendix E 65Figures 23a-23f Short Returns Appendix E 66Figures 24a-24f Pushing Back While Swinging Appendix E 68Figures 25a-25l Pulling Returns into Body Appendix E 69-70Figures 26a-26f Abdomen Not Tensed Properly Appendix E 71Figures 27a-27f Side Return Appendix F 77Figures 28a-28d Whip Around the Corner Appendix F 78Figures 29a-29e Single Hip Return Appendix H 82Figures 30 Single Hip Return with Shield Appendix H 86
The author reserves all publication and reproduction rights. However, the document may be copied for privateuse. If the document is not copied as a whole, entire titled sections must be included in the copy.Armored Combat, Version 2.2 Page 3 August 2004

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