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When Two Worlds Collide Chapter 3

When Two Worlds Collide Chapter 3



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Published by moxie

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Published by: moxie on Aug 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When two worlds collide chapter 3Bella came in the room all sweaty why was she here she was carrying a notebookand pen good afternoon Mr. Ashton she said the teacher smiled at her in awelcoming way hello bella he said so we met earlier you have switched yourschedule by putting health after lunch am I correct he asked she nodded um…………I wanted to change mine to go to another class so I talked to the principle bella youcan sit there it you like he pointed to the seat Travis was sitting this time it was myturn but Travis is sitting there I said signaling to him Travis nodded in confusion theteacher gave us a glare fine a grumbled Travis grumbled and went to the first seatnext to Brian in the front I had to apologize to him bella came to sit next to me Iwanted to be furious with her but I couldn’t I had no idea why she sat downapologized to me in a sweet way by saying im sorry please I will make it up to youthe next Travis can sit with you I really am sorry she said and I could see it throughher chocolate brown eyes I nodded keeping a poker face Travis looked really upset Idug into my bag and pulled out chocolate I had brought today for lunch when theteacher wasn’t looking I wrapped it up wrote a sorry note and passed it to him Travisloved chocolate when he got it he smiled a forgiving smile in relief and was happythat my friend did not hate after class it was gym last period we met Claire she saidwe could come over afterschool I told my brothers and sisters said goodbye and wedecided to go through the short cut when we reached there we went up to her roomon the top floor it was old and cracked but she designed it perfectly we spent hoursin that room homework , playing and just having fun I didn’t realize what time it wasuntil esme called Edward she said its ten at night you should come home now okay Isaid I said bye to Claire because Travis had left earlier when I reached home esmegave me my food bella still looked embarrassed by what had happened in health Ismiled at her and told her it was okay at twelve in the night I didn’t feel very sleepyso I decided to watch some late night TV I had no idea when I fell asleep …….Bella p.o.v That night I lay in bed in health why did I choose Edward alice was there to so wasRosalie Edward just kept coming into my mind whenever I concentrated in thingsand me being me always embarrassed herself in front of everyone I didn’t feel likesleep I opened the light to my room 2:00 wow I thought I got up and went downstairs for TV there saw Edward sprawled on the couch fast asleep with some oldmovie on I nudged him and made some place for myself I flipped through thechannels until I rested on some TV show I watched until 3:00 and then fell asleepEdward p.o.vEdwards dreamI was in a room it was dark very dark people were screaming kids crying I heard thevoices of my family there too I was running in slow motion something was chasingme but who was it then it changed a was somewhere again bella was there to she
was smiling Claire was there to they were looking at me they both smiled their teethgleaming until I saw Claire run to me next thing a new I was on a beach again bellawas there to I was looking at myself dance with her we were both smiling then I feltsomeone wake me up wakey , wakey sleepy emmet called I groaned and buried myhead in the pillow unlike any other brother emmet threw me the ground I stayed stillI had landed with a thud and my leg was throbbing and I would have guessed it wasbleeding I got up sleepy wiped my leg with water and cleaned it put a freshbandage on it and went upstairs to get ready I saw bella in my room I froze shesmiled at me was I seeing things next thing I knew she was gone shaking my head Igot in to the shower the ice cold water didn’t disturb me my mind was elsewhere allthose dreams what was wrong with me I got out changed and went downstairs forbreakfast everyone was down they were done their breakfasts so I grabbed a cerealbar out rose`s hand she was about to eat she groaned and got herself another one Iate it then I my cell buzzed it was message from Claire she was meeting outside inten minutes I told the others after they were all gone I heard the bell ring must beClaire she was wearing Capri and a sleeveless shirt she was holding the keys tosomething I gave her a confused look she cocked her head to the side signaling to acar it was a red convertible my jaw dropped wow was all that came out Claireexplained as she drove well when you left my aunt came over and said she hadbirthday present for me and showed it to me her sons wife owned a showroom inforks she said she could afford to give me a car as a present neat car I said I nowshe said I can`t believe the look on Travis face when he sees this she said I smiledknowing I wouldn`t be able to see the look on my parents face when I got my 18
late slip who cared as we drove to Travis`s house he was sitting on the front stepswaiting for us his eyes widened when he saw us Claire smiled at him he gladly ranup to the car sat in it we turned the music up high and had a great time on our wayto school we took the vents short cut getting revenge on enemies along the waywhen we reached I was first in line for a late slip I saw alice rush by she looked atme a smug smile on her face I groaned when I reached my class I sat down next toClaire bella was sitting with stinky Sam I sat down we decided to go through theshort cut the vents when we were making our way to Spanish isn`t today the firealarming testing then the fire alarm bells started ringing we all froze there was noway out we were trapped they closed everything and it went on for 2 hours it wasgetting hot there and we all were sweating Claire groaned you know they are goingto put a search for us double the trouble I said Travis nodded we sat in a cornerwhere no one would find us hours past it took forever what was happening sweatrunning freely down my head like everyone else my leg was pressed to ground andit was getter very hot it was uncontrollable now and then suddenly flames burstheaps of them we were in a corner this would be death no way out I could feel myheart beating furiously as the fire came near we were huddling Claire breathingheavily her head pressed against my shoulder Travis was close to me I could feel hisfear a lot like mine and Claire`s this was it was so close all the opening were closedsilent tears running down Claire`s eyes I felt the need to support her but couldn’t Iwas shaking the fire was so close touching us now I heard Claire scream as it burned

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