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08-The Beast From the Depths of Chaos

08-The Beast From the Depths of Chaos

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Published by: SaptarishisAstrology on Aug 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ennifer Van Bergen is a political/legalcommentator, reporter, and writer on allthings. See her page on Red Room(http://www.redroom.com/author/jennifer-van-bergen) for her blogs, bookinformation, songs, and links to her other blogs and website, including JVB AstroNews http://jvbsastronews.blogspot.com/ ."
The Beast from the Depths of Chaos:
Astro-Mythology & the Bush Gang
ByJennifer Van Bergen, USA
 [Note: This article was written before theresignations of Ashcroft and Rumsfeld.]With all that the Bush administration doesor does not do, it is remarkable that no onein the progressive community has yetbothered to do an astrological analysis of the charts of its key members. Here,therefore, I remedy this appalling failureon the part of the progressive press.Whether you believe in astrology or not,this analysis should provide you withsome interesting insights into thecharacters of and relationships between themembers of the Bush crew.I have focused here primarily on theeffects of two planets: Pluto and Saturn,between the charts of Bush, Cheney, andRumsfeld (and to a lesser extent,Ashcroft).[1] Remarkably, there are anextraordinary number of Pluto and Saturncontacts between them.[2]
Mythological Meanings of Saturn & Pluto
Even if you are not knowledgeable aboutastrology, you may know about themythological meanings of the Greek gods.Pluto was the god of the Underworld.Pluto, also known as the prince of darkness, governs the kingdom of thedead. [3]
While the planet Pluto is a tiny body and its existence was not confirmed until 1930 (and itwas recently demoted to planetoid), taking about 250 years to circlearound the Sun, it is considered to be the ruling planet of thesign of Scorpio, which has been a recognized astrological signfor thousands of years. [4] Its a reasonable assignment, sincethe theme of both Pluto and Scorpio is the cycle of birthand death.Pluto's father was Saturn, also called Kronos, the keeperof Time. Saturn, the second largest planet in the solarsystem, which takes almost 30 years to orbit the Sun, isthe most remote of the seven visible planets. It wasdiscovered in the 19
century. According to Greekmythology, Saturn overthrew his father, Uranus, bycastrating him, and then ate his children, among whomwere Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. Jupiter, who was rescued by his mother, Rhea, made Uranusdisgorge all of the other children. [5] Jupiter then exiled Saturn to Italy, where Janus gavehim a home. There, Saturn introduced such widespread prosperity that his reign wasremembered as the Golden Age, and the Romans celebrated this era each year at the end of December, with a festival known as Saturnalia.[6]The interplay, thus, of Pluto and Saturn is rich with deeparchetypal meaning. Pluto contacts are often ignored byastrologers as being generational influences, but as astrologer LizGreene says, “if one takes into account Pluto's association withcertain collective psychic energies, he has potentially a verypowerful effect on individual man since each person must makehis own pact with these collective energies.”[7]In my experience, close Pluto contacts between the inner planets[8]
the chart of 
 indicates some highlyunhealthy and destructive propensities. A
 combination is one of the deepest and darkest. I have found thiscombination more than any other in the charts of serial killers,[9]as well as in those of persons with multiple personality disorder,who are not criminals but whose basic sense of self has been shattered by severe earlytraumas.It seems as though Saturn/Pluto can work either to break the spirit or irretrievablyharden it.While a number of the members of the Bush crew contain hard Pluto or Saturn aspects toother planets in their charts, [10] none of them contain internal Saturn-to-Pluto contacts.However, remarkably, the charts of Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney contain numerousPluto/Saturn contacts
between them
: that is, Pluto in one person's chart connects to Saturn inthe other person's chart, or to inner planets (called the “personal planets”) in various
combinations.Pluto/Saturn contacts are not often found between colleagues, since the contacts willgenerally precipitate an immediate power struggle in which both people can sense that it isdesperately important who wins this battle because it will decide who in the end controls therelationship. [11]But, if Saturn and Pluto pair up, such contacts indicate, to put it simply,
a criminalenterprise
, each person providing a prop to one or more other persons darkest ambitions andpursuits. As Liz Greene says, “Pluto is Saturn's only real friend in the planetary hierarchy,although, as the saying goes, with a friend such as this, one has no need of enemies.”[12]
The Gates to the Burning Ground:The Dark Saturn/Pluto Bond 
Greene writes:“The usual quality . . . with a Saturn-Pluto contact is obsessiveness. There often seems to bea carefully organized and deliberate movement toward some self-destructive experience . . .”[13]Where Saturn/Pluto contacts occur within an individual's chart, the person will be drawntowards such behaviors of his own accord. Where such contacts occur between two people'scharts, the planets will join energies and create a self-fulfilling loop, not subject to outsideinterference or correction. As Greene explains, Saturn and Pluto have several things incommon: they both “have an association withdarkness, with destruction, and with the figure of Lucifer, the Dark Prince, or the Beast whosymbolizes the depths of chaos.”[14]Pluto represents transformation, but of adevastating kind. While Pluto may lead totransformation, it is always through some processof destruction. In other words, Plutoniantransformation occurs out of the bones and ashesof destruction. The Nazi purification of Germany was a destructive, transformativePlutonian process.When Pluto joins with Saturn, the result is ominous. Greene notes that “Saturn guards theentry to Pluto's realm for it is the [Saturnian] collapse of external values which leadseventually to the burning ground that Pluto symbolizes.”[15]Bush's administration, more than any other in the history of the United States, manifests

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