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15-Comet Hale-Bopps Foci the Hidden Schedule of World Disasters

15-Comet Hale-Bopps Foci the Hidden Schedule of World Disasters

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Published by: SaptarishisAstrology on Aug 28, 2009
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Comet Hale-Bopp’s Foci: The Hidden Schedule Of World Disasters 
BySergey Smelyakov & Jan WicherinkThis is a sequel to the articles [1, 2]
rof. Sergey Smelyakov is a member of the“Golden Fund” of Cyclic Science of Russia,President of Kharkov Regional AstrologicalCentre. He owns Ph.D. in Cybernetics andDoctor’s degree in Numerical Methods. Hissite www.astrotheos.comis devoted to synthe-sis of Astrology, Theosophy and Science instudy of Time. Owing to the grants, he was re-porting the results of his research pertaining tothis site in England, Scotland, Germany, Rus-sia. His birth data is June 22, 1953, 5:47 AMUT, Kharkov, USSR.
an Wicherink is an independent re-searcher with an interest in the astronomicalaspects of 2012 and the preserved esotericknowledge concerning this subject by freema-sonry, religious and spiritual organizations as well as the American indigenous people. He’ssharing this interest with Professor Dr. SergeySmelyakov and has had the opportunity to co-author a few articles focusing on the GreatCelestial Conjunction of 2012. His website is www.soulsofdistortion.nl.
The statistics pertaining to the Foci of the Comet Hale-Bopp (HB) certifies that a series of eventsrelevant to the specified factors of influence show a
to manifest intensely in a close vicinities of the comet HB’s Time Foci and, first of all, in those countries where those events firstly took place. Asit is a trend, this does not mean that at each Focus and at each country these events must take place inabundance, but that after a trend has been revealed, the events would develop in the respective wayand, in most cases, would show intensification at the subsequent Foci. The best way to check thisstatement is to track the statistics for countries (e.g. N. Korea) of types of events (e.g. air crashes)over the years [3] that passed since the initial manifestations in 1997 [5].As the below analysis shows, this Spring all Foci were marked by extremely numerous manifesta-tions – especially those which are associated with air crashes, crazy shootings, take overs, quakes, andeven in
 new aspects
: thus the Natural calamities, apart from the former factors, are now replenishedwith the asteroid threat.
After an intense manifestations of the Autumn Focus T7 (Sep.16), when the starting point of theworld-wide financial and industrial crisis had begun, and Winter Focus T2 (Jan. 3), when most pro-nounced events were the European Gas Crisis and Israeli Invasion in Gaza, this Spring these andmany other manifestations were so numerous and sound that they “filled the gaps” between the 5-dayorbs of the HB’s Foci. Such a
surge in multiplicity
of manifestations relative to factors of influence,countries and number of events at zero level of Solar activity[www.swpc.noaa.gov/ftpdir/indices/DSD.txt] in March – April relative to Sunspots which stimu-late manifestations pertaining to the Foci [5, 6] may seemingly be
explained just by the BifurcationPoint BP15
[7] that fits this period, or more exactly – coincides with the Focus T4 (viz. March 20). Tothis end it is important to note that these manifestations have decreased in number after Focus TB(April 7 – 11) as quick as their number increased before, at Focus PG (Feb. 24 – 26) preceding thecomet HB’s Focus T3 (viz. March 3), although this decrease is slightly masked by a typical after-effect. To illustrate this, a greater time span, than a conventional 5-day orb, is reflected in the Sum-mary for TB.
As the events appearing at Foci act as “sparks” for the subsequent development we may assumethat those trends that obtained a support by multiplicity of events would probably obtain
further de-velopment in the forthcoming Foci
– on
(viz. July 4, 14) and
(September 16), and may be fur-ther on, in cycle – T1, T2, etc. In particular, these trends are seen in
influence of
Space objects, Earth-quakes, socio-political and economical collisions
(See Sects. 1 – 3).
We may also presume that the prospective
growth of Solar activity
[6] to
of the awaited events
, the more so since the protracted minimum of 11-year Solar cycle acceler-ates the growth of Solar activity (and thus its effect) the maximum of which is expected in 2012 (if notretarded).References
[1]Whether Comet Lulin would Energize the Foci of Comet Hale-Bopp? www.astrotheos.com/Downloads/Lulin.zip [2]The Comet Hale-Bopp Foci as the Resonance Points of the Chronicle of World Disasters www.astrotheos.com/Downloads/hbmc.zip [3]COMETS http://www.astrotheos.com/Page9.htm  [4]Whether the Comet Hale-Bopp is Opening the Gate to the Forthcoming Decade?www.astrotheos.com/Downloads/Sec9-2.zip [5]The Heavenly Colleagues and their Earthly Pursuits, or Whether this is Uranus for Whom theBattlefield is Prepared?www.astrotheos.com/Downloads/Sec9-3.zip [6]A.L. TCHIJEVSKYwww.astrotheos.com/Page5.htm  [7]The Last Multi-Turns of the Spiral of Time before it Rolls Up to Appear in New Reality www.astrotheos.com/Downloads/Spiral.zip 
1.1. Asteroids1.2. Space Debris and ISS1.2. Space Dust
Earthquakes, Volcano eruptionsSnow storms, avalanches, landslides, hurricanes, loss of dwellingDeaths on a mass scale from destruction, drowning, fireFiresEpidemics, poisoning, drugs, cloning
Aviation accidentsSpace AccidentsTransport AccidentsShipsTrains, carsTechnogeneous (non-terrorist) Explosions, Destructions and fires
3.1. Violation of psychological and legislative boundaries by individuals and groupsActs of TerrorismSomalia PiratesCrazy shootingCoercion and crueltyVandalismRobberies3.2. Violation of frontiers and military operationsFrontiersMilitary tests, manoeuvres, warsMilitary operations and terrorism in the countries reacting to the comet HB’s Foci from 1997(Apart from the events that pertain to other factors – AT, etc.)IsraelNorth KoreaKosovoNorthern IrelandIranIraq3.3. Collisions in politics and social life (Loss of relations, disturbances, revolutions)
London Summit 2009, G20Sixties anniversary of NATO, Summit NATO 60Revolutions, coup d'etatThailandGeorgiaMoldovaPolitical and social scandals, resignations, arrestsDemos, riots, Strikes3.4. Economical collisionsEuropean Gas Crisis

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