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CV Final

CV Final

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Published by khaledskainy

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Published by: khaledskainy on Aug 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Darazi Bldg. • Nafiaa Str. • Bramieh • Saida • LebanonPhone +961 (3) 410334, +961 (7) 724714, +961 (7) 751848 • E-mail:khs_02@hotmail.com
Lebanese, Single, 27
of August1979
1998 -July 2002
Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Minor inPolitical Sciences
American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon.
1982 - 1998
Lebanese Baccalaureate
Rafic Hariri High School, Saida, Lebanon.
March 2008 PresentOctober 2005 February 2008
ABOU MERHI LINES S.A.L. (Offshore) Beirut,Lebanon – Purchasing / Procurement Officer.
Maintaining purchasing operations for 4 vessels(Car Carriers).-Receiving requisitions from the vessels.-Sending inquiries for different suppliers.-After receiving quotations, we send forapproval to our Fleet manager & Technical Superintendents.-Processing of the order by confirming tothe supplier, then following up thedelivery to the vessel.-Following up of the payment terms &deadlines of the suppliers with thefinancial department.-During all the above steps, we try tomaintain the best filing system possible,where it facilitates the tracking of thePurchase orders respectively.
ABOU MERHI LINES S.A.L. (Offshore) Beirut,LebanonCrewing Supervisor – Abou Merhi Crew Ltd.
Acting as Human Resources Manager for thecompany’s vessels:
8 Trade vessels Car Carriers (150-160crewmembers).
End decision making in coordination with the CEO.
Planning, improving and implementing a suitablerecruitment system.
Contacting Manning Agents in Arab countries(Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt) & ForeignCountries.
Performing interviews with seamen in differentpositions (Officers & Ratings).-Following different interviewing criteria for
 December 2003 –October 2005Officers (Engine or Deck) & Ratings (Engine orDeck).
Following ISM (International SafetyManagement) systems in choosing candidateswith full certified documents needed for everyrank and for every flag state according to IMO(International Maritime Organization).-Making sure that the candidate – whether officeror rating have enough experience on hisseaman’s book to be hired on our vessels.
Improving our recruitment system byimplementing a simple English languageexamination to test their knowledge of BasicSafety procedures and equipment on boardaccording to IMO and SOLAS System (Safety of Life at Sea).
Studying & investigating thoroughly thecandidate’s previous experiences / sea servicesbefore hiring in order to minimize the possibilityof having any crew problems in any port in anycountry which may lead to trouble with thevessel’s port stay or trade line.-Following up the candidates signing-onprocedure (Contract signature, flight todestination) and signing-off procedure (handingover, flight back home).-Signing contracts with crewmembers accordingto the IMO, under the conditions of ITF & ILO.
Maintaining – along with the assistant - a clearand detailed filing system (Soft & Hard copies),this is easily accessible to any authorizedemployee.-Having monthly appraisals for all crewmemberson board our vessels to maintain a certainstandard of knowledge and professionalism withour seamen. All these appraisals will be addedto the crewmember’s file to be checked onfuture hiring.-Attending vessels from time to time to check onthe crewmembers, and to encourage them towork harder, especially that they stay almost 6months away from their families and friends.
Following up the Payroll System in coordinationwith the Financial / Accounting Department, byproviding them with monthly deductions,expenses, and allotments as it is sent monthlyfrom the all the vessels, in addition to any extrapayments or bonuses granted to crewmembers.
Supervising the payment of salaries to thecrewmembers’ families, whether by cash or bybank transfer.
October 2002 December 2003February 2002March 2002August 1999 September 1999
Acting as an operations coordinator with ourpersonnel on board our vessels (Fleet ManagerMr. Macka – Tech. S.I. Mr. Abdo – Port CaptainCapt. Boutros) regarding different presentmatters (Technical repairs, Dry-dock items,requisitions, logistics, repair crew, etc…).
ABOU MERHI LINES S.A.L. (Offshore) Beirut,LebanonAssistant Crewing Manager – Abou Merhi CrewLtd.
Maintained professional correspondence (e-mail, phone and fax communications) withdifferent national and international manningagencies.
Underwent some sessions and seminars byEuropean and Arab Technical Engineers andCaptains in our offices in order to learn andknow more about the criteria of interviewingseamen (Deck & Engine).
Carried out interviews as well as assisted ininterviewing higher ranked seamen (Captains,Chief Engineers, etc…).
Made a check list concerning ISM certificatesfor every rank on vessels.
 Tested the crewmembers with their Englishknowledge of basic safety terms on boardvessels. All of these tests were done to avoidany deficiency in the periodical ISM Audit reportdone by the Flag State or the Class of thevessel.
Made sure that all the needed documents are inevery crewmembers file. In case of anydocument missing, I have to follow up withseaman in order to finalize it.
Assisted in the distribution of salaries to thefamilies.
Made sure that all signing on crewmembershave their Company Uniforms with them upontraveling to join the vessel, and wore themupon vessel’s arrivals to different ports..
Assisted in the opening of the Beirut branch of this company which was situated in CYPRUS(Head Office), in addition to branches inGermany, Austria & Malta.
Ventured on an introductory campaign of ourservices to the Ship & Yacht Owners in the

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