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Astara New Letter

Astara New Letter

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Published by Damzngprod

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Published by: Damzngprod on Aug 28, 2009
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(909) 948-7412 or Toll-free: (800) 964-4941
“Astara Elf” Contest
You are probably wondering why weare talking about elves when it’s onlySeptember! The reason is our new holidaycontest. You could win one of several
Astara gift certicates by bringing in the
most sales from our “Holiday Items”selection on page 13.
Approach your friends and familyand show them the beautiful selection of items. While you are helping Astara, youwill be helping your friends and family dotheir holiday shopping. You might even
nd something that you want to order for 
yourself.Use the order form on page 14, andnote all the items ordered from each friendor family member that helps to sponsor you on this contest. Send it off to us alongwith payment and we will play Santa’shelpers. You will receive your gift ship-ment in plenty of time to distribute to your friends and family. And if you are oneof the top selling elves, you will receivea special holiday present from us. First place will receive a $100
Astara gift certicate;second, a $75 certi
cate; and third, a $50certicate.
Due to shippingcosts only Astar-ians can enter thiscontest. The finaldate for all eli-gible orders is November 15th.
A Sincere Thanks to Our Members
 At the time of this article,your Annual Fundraiser contributions are stillrolling in. I thought it
would be benecial for 
Astarians to see just whattype of services your donations provide. Of course, weoccasionally haverequests to allocate funds to
specic areas of operations, but for funds received with no designation, the
following graph illustrates the operational area the monies are needed mostand used, by percentage. Some examples of costs within each area can be presented. For instance,
 Program Services
includes but is not limited
to, order fulllment — packaging, supplies, church services, travel costs
and special event expenditures.
 Education & Publishing 
is comprised of  book and Lesson printing, new releases,
The Voice
newsletter and general product purchases.
primarily consists of rents and leases,insurance premiums and professional fees, to name afew. Salaries are apportioned across the three areas.As you can see, every penny we raise here at Astarais put to good use. On behalf of the organization, aheartfelt thanks to each and every one of you.
ProgramServicesEducation &PublishingAdministration
. B
26, 2009 — t
“Past Life Regression & Future Life Progression” and“Soul Healing — Heal Yourself By Raising Your Consciousness”
Phone: 909-948-7412 or 800-964-4941 • Fax: 909-948-2016 • mail@astara.org • www.astara.orgLocation: Ontario Convention Center • 2000 E. Convention Center Way • Ontario, CA 9176410:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. — Saturday, September 26, 2009Registration: $125/prepaid per person($145 per person paid at the door. Save $20 order your tickets early!)
2The Voice of Astara September 2009
[In the many decades of Earlyne’s teachingsthere is a wealth of material we continue to share.]
The next message I received was somethingsimilar to a famous line from a classic movie. Themovie I’m talking about is
 Key Largo,
starringLauren Becall and Humphrey Bogart. And, thistime my wonderful guardian angels and Master Teachers changed a word or two on me so that Iwould know for sure it was a message from above.I was simply thinking about working as hard asI could to improve my walking, and to get myequilibrium back.Suddenly, into my mind came an image of wonderful Lauren Becall heading to the doorway,and turning around at the open door. Calling back to Humphrey Bogart, she said the famous line:“You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve?You just put your lips together and blow.”The actual line that I received from heavenwas:“You know how to walk, don’t you Sita? Just put your legs together and walk.”The message, of course, conveys both thesimplicity of the goal that I was trying to reach
and, the difculty.
Easier said than done, as they say. Itreminded me of something that Jesus said in oneof the scriptures where’s he’s working on healing people. When Jesus put his hand out to a crippledman he said, “Pick up thy bed and walk.” Now,giving someone the power to walk is absolutelymiraculous, of course. But also saying, “Pick upthy bed” to me refers to a great deal of the healing process that you have to go through. It’s not simplythat suddenly everything is back to normal, andoff you go dancing down the street.
“Pick up thy bed” — how difcult could that
have been for someone, especially at that time?Just think, if today some Master Teacher said thatto you. Imagine if you had to somehow tuck your mattress under your arm to walk down the street.It’s awfully hard, but somehow you’re channeledthe wonderful, diving healing energy to enableyou to do just that. You have to do your own partof it. You have to pick up thy bed, and learn howto walk once again.Again, I received the message that they’re upthere doing everything they can to help me. Theyreminded me that I know how to walk. I had it inme. They were sending healing energy down to
Is it true that Jesus actually survived the crucixionand returned to the Near East and India for many yearsuntil he died of old age?
I do not believe that Jesus actually “survived” the crucixion. I do believe he
went to Egypt, Greece and the Mystery Schools before his death during the years between twelve and thirty-three. I believe he was initiated into the Mysteries, whichfurther enhanced his spiritual powers.I also believe that before the Master came to Earth, he knew his primary missionwas to so spiritualize his mortal body as to be beyond destruction, and his purposewas to demonstrate to all his future disciples that he could raise it again after it had
 been crucied, thus proving that his body was not subject to physical death as weknow it. His resurrection also symbolized the truth of reincarnation. He was crucied
on the cross, but he did not “die” on the cross, as we know death.Perhaps he was actually in a state of suspended animation, if you will, until his body could be entombed, symbolizing the usual death. His spirit departed from his body, but the silver cord did not break, and while entombed, he was able to trans-mute the physical atoms of his body into etheric atoms and ascend into the higher  planes of life. He is capable of appearing on any plane, the physical as well as anyof the higher planes. So we of Earth could very well “see” him through a psychic or 
spiritual contact — if he so chooses.
There is one great person you all should meet some time, and
that is your Self — the hardest person ever to meet. We all want to
understand the others, don’t we? When you learn to understand yourself, you learnto know everyone else. And yet it somehow always seems easier to study our friendsthan to study ourselves, doesn’t it?The basic thought to start with in all teaching of social values, whether it be withchildren or with adults who seek the truth, is self-acquaintance. To understand humannature, it is not necessary to acquaint yourself with all of society. Instead, studyyourself impersonally. Direct your thoughts to the discovery of the inner workings of your own mind and emotions. Dig deep within until you thoroughly know yourself,and then you will be able to understand and get along with everyone else. But be ashonest with yourself as you would be with others.Jesus said, “If you are not gathering the precious grain you are throwing it away.”Humans are on earth to gain the goodness of life through experience. They are made
selsh because they throw away the grain of goodness in every experience.The thresher comes, and ails life, releasing the grain from the chaff. It is your 
duty, then, to fan the chaff into the past, and store the grain for tomorrow. Remember that every day’s experience bears grain to feed your life. If you are starving it is onlythe fault of your own unwillingness to do your part.
[Besides being an editor for the publication,
Golden Rays
, published by TheLibrary of the Spiritualist Episcopal Church in Eaton Rapids, Michigan,Dr. Robert also wrote for the periodical. Here are some of his articlespublished in July 1947 issues.][Sita Earlyne Chaney (1956-2008) was the onlychild of Astara’s founders, Earlyne and RobertChaney. She contributed to
The Voice
in one wayor another since the day she was born. Here is anexcerpt from her book,
 Long Night’s Journey Into Dawn — Ease Your Pain
(909) 948-7412 or Toll-free: (800) 964-4941
In September Earth’s movement speaks to us softly in one twenty-four hour period as thelight of day and the dark of night are twinned in time. Through the Book of Dzyan, this Lessonreminds us that Earth is a living, moving entity, and as such begged for us, longed us into beingthrough putting much effort into meeting the requirements for the life of us. Earth chose to bethe world of manifestation needed for our Return. In this season of balance and the slow turninward, let us love as much in return.
STANZA ONE — Beginning of a Sentient LifeVerse 1 — The Lha which turns the fourth (Earth) is servant to the Lha(s) of the seven(the Planetary Spirits, they who revolve, driving their chariots around their Lord, the one-eye(Loka Chakshub) of our world. His breath gave life to the seven (gives light to the planets). It 
 gave life to the rst.) “They are all Dragons of Wisdom.”We have now come to the point in evolution which involves the taking of the components of 
matter and arranging them into forms. That structure can take the form of anything — a sun,
a planet or a human being. In this rst Stanza, we are talking about form taking the structure
of the Sun, the Earth and all other planets — a solar system.
This Stanza refers to the Lha — or Spirit — which turns our planet. We pause here to re
-member that the Earth is a living entity — a breathing, evolving organism and, therefore, hasa spirit. The spirit ensouling our planet is called the Lha. The Lhas are spirits of the highest  spheres. The shining establishment in Tibet is called Lhassa, meaning the dwelling place of a god, the residence of the Dalai Lhama. The title of Lha is often given in Tibet to some Narjals — saints or yogi Masters — who have attained supreme occult powers.
So this Stanza begins by saying that the Lha or spirit which turns our planet is servant to
the spirit of the seven. This indicates that our Earth is not as old as some of the other planets. It is subservient to the spirit of the other seven.
“They who revolve” refers to the planets driving their chariots around their Divine Being 
 — the one eye of our world, the sun. His breath — the sun’s rays — gave life to the seven — the
 seven planets. “It gave life to the rst. They are all Dragons of Wisdom.” In other words, they
are all suns within themselves. They are all alive with lights unto themselves or with planetarybeings involved in supervising their evolution. This could also imply there is a sun at the cen-ter core of our Earth.
 But the principal point of Stanza One is to indicate that our Earth planet — which is
 fourth in the chain — is subservient to the chief spirit, or god, of the seven planetary spirits — is subservient to the Sun. The Sun, as with all globes, has seven offspring — or Great Angelsbefore the Throne; seven Beings who dwell in the Sun itself and direct the progress of the solar  system from their central kingdom.
Verse 2 — Said the Earth; “Lord of the Shining Face (the Sun) my house is empty ... Send 
thy sons to people this wheel (Earth). Thou has sent they seven sons to the Lord of wisdom.Seven times doth he see thee nearer to himself; seven times more doth he feel thee. Thou has forbidden they servants, the small rings, to catch thy light and heat, they great Bounty to inter-
cept on its passage. Send now to they servant the same.”The Earth is complaining to the Sun, Lord of the Shining Face, that her house is empty
and imploring the Sun to send her seven great Beings to start a lifewave to people the wheel. — the planet. Earth is cosmically declaring that it is now prepared and ready to support life.
 Earth complains, “Thou has send seven sons to the Lord of Wisdom. Why not to me!” [Seventh
 Degree, Lesson 9, page 18]
me. I had to put my legs together and walk tothe nearest physical therapist’s place, and doall that I could to get my equilibrium back.Sounds simple, dear reader? Believeme, it is not. But, we all have the abilitywithin us to walk further down our spiritual paths, no matter what’s in our way. Put your mind to it, dear reader. Put your heart to it,whatever your goal may be. You can do it.Just put your mind and heart together, your consciousness, and your spirit. Walk. Youwill have divine guidance every step of theway, from Jesus, from Mother Mary, fromBuddha, from Moses, from the Goddess-Priestess Isis, from many who are up thereattempting to guide you along.
“My husband, Charles, studied your Lessons very loyally. We were able to at-tend one seminar. I played the Bardo tapewhile he was making his transition. NowI’m 87 and planning ahead. Recently I played the Bardo tape [now available on
CD] — it has faded. Is it possible to get
a fresher one? I will appreciate it. I haveshared Earlyne’s Mystery of Death and
Dying. It is so beautiful.” — H.S.
“Thank you [Steve] for the handwrit-ten notes from you on Astara letters. It
means a lot! You rock!” — K.M.
“Words cannot express how I feelabout Astara. I have learned much wisdom
and knowledge from the books — the Les
-sons from Astara. Thank you, Robert, Ear-lyne and Sita for all your hard work. Theday I heard of Sita’s transition, I felt like part of me was gone. I loved reading her column. She was so beloved and thank you
all at Astara for your hard work.” — R.U.
“I joined the Astara Ambassador pro-gram in May of 2007 through our belovedSita Earlyne Chaney. I [am continuing]to do my best in helping Astara’s Light toguide those who seek spiritual guidanceduring these very troubled times. Astarahas been a great source of Light to me sincethe early 1970s. May it prove to be a greatsource of Light to other seekers on the path
of spiritual enlightenment as well.” — J.D.

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