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Team Building Scavenger Hunt List

Team Building Scavenger Hunt List

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Published by joemachen
Team Building Scavenger Hunt List
Team Building Scavenger Hunt List

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Published by: joemachen on Aug 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TEAM BUILDING SCAVENGER HUNTRules: Any way you can represent these items is acceptable. Photograph ormotion video are probably best for most of these. Some items are open tointerpretation; be creative. The team with the most points WINS.Starting time: 12:00Ending time: 3:00
A crown from Burger King and a bib from McDonalds. [11 pts]
A girl riding the cannon. [17 pts] Bonus: Wearing a cowboy hat. [12 pts]
At the Wal-Mart in Sault Sainte Marie, who holds the record-high score on the``Fisherman's Bait'' videogame? [43 pts]
Someone hopping a turnstile at the Athletic Centre. [5 pts]
50 straws from the University Centre food court or Creelman Hall. [20 pts]
A uniformed lifeguard. [11 pts]
Run the track at Hastings Stadium. [19 pts] Bonus: In underwear. [18 pts]
Are you down with O.P.P.? Prove it. [14 pts]
A Plastic cup from Creelman. [6 pts] Bonus: And a serving tray. [12 pts]
 Team beer chug at Brass Taps. [50 pts]
$137 in Monopoly money. [37 pts]
A team member doing a cat-walk on a stranger’s bike. [ 15 pts]
3D glasses. [22 pts]
A team member autographing someone’s text book. [8 pts]
Photocopy your face. [5 pts] Bonus: Photocopy your bare bum. [10 pts]Additional points for each team member who participates.
A picture with the largest number of girls. – Team with most girls wins [50 pts]
An inanimate carbon rod. [19 pts]
Bob of Bob’s Hotdogs. [10 pts] Bonus: Get Bob to sign your t-shirt. [20 pts]
Back in Black. [17 pts]
A menu from Gryphs. [22 pts] As many as possible. [10 pts for each additionalmenu]
A stranger’s parking ticket. [30 pts]
 Your style is old, like Mark V sneakers. Your lyrics are weak, like…? [20 pts]
 The secret, hidden basketball court in South Residence. [27 pts]
A stranger’s mixtape or CD. [33 pts]
Coax MJ out of retirement. [# of pts depends on which # he wears out of retirement. See if you can convince him to wear #22456]
A team member’s clothing on the bear. [18 pts]
Someone playing a Rusty Trombone/Harmonica. [28 pts]
A piece of the True Cross. [6 pts]
A tenured professor banging a student. [45 pts]
Someone wearing another school’s sweater. [20 pts]
A coaster from a bar. [10 pts]
 The code to go straight to Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. [20 pts]Bonus: Get the Contra code too. [8 pts]
A stranger’s sex toy. [23 pts]
Who is the high score holder on Golden Tee in Brass Taps? [14 pts]
Correctly pronounce Eschscholzia andfloccinaucinihilipilification.[20 pts]
A team member holding a bra. [35 pts]
Open a savings account at the banking institution of your choice. [50 pts]
One word: Claymation. [23.5 pts]
An American (Proof required). [31 pts]
Wear no shirt & no shoes, receive service in a store. [44 pts]
A nipple piercing. [18 pts]
A candy cane. [20 pts]
An afro pick. [17 pts]
Simulate a Big Mac Attack. [11 pts]
Simulate a Fleetwood Mac Attack. [19 pts]
A shamwow. [6 pts]
Form Voltron. [15 pts]
An offside trap. [26 pts]
Who shot Mr. Burns? [9 pts]
Evidence that a bris has taken place. Ouch! [25 pts]
 Take me by the hand and make me understand. [15 pts] Bonus: If I actuallyunderstand. [15 pts]
A pint of True Blood. [30 pts]
A tap rendition of Jay-Z’s “I Just Wanna Love U” [33 pts]
A student who has spent over seven years getting his or her degree. [10 pts]Bonus: 10 points for every extra year
What is the name of the park the Tanner’s are picnicking in during the openingtheme of Full House? [18 pts]
A diary full of hopes and desires. [21 pts]
 Tig ol' bitties. [5 points]. Bonus: 15 points if bitties are shockingly tig
 The Hand of God. [10 pts]
A “Farmers Feed Cities” bumper sticker. [12 pts]
A Double Dog Dare being fulfilled. [24 pts]
 Team serenading a stranger. [18 pts]
What is the Matrix? [9 pts]
A BPD Homicide Lanyard. [25 pts]
A tramp stamp. [14 pts]
A partridge in a pear tree. [8 pts]
Dude looks like a lady. [20 pts]
A 2L bottle of Crystal Pepsi. [35 pts]

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