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DHS Newsletter 10.Doc

DHS Newsletter 10.Doc

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Published by Edward Grensky

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Edward Grensky on Aug 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Good News
We have located three more classmates, andhave two email address changes for you; soget out your reunion booklets and keep upwith the changes.
First, two email changes:
1. Change the name of Estelle Abel toEstella Hazen Woody,and changeher email address to:flyers@centurytel.net.2. Margaret Day Hammer, change to:Peggy.hammer@chemeketa.edu.
Classmates Found:
1. Linda or Lynn Mann MorrisLynn_phx@yahoo.com.
2. Connie Smith Whitestewhi@peoplepc.com.3. Kathy Story Wagnerwags@cmspan.net.
Newsletter Information
I know I’ve asked for the past two weeks if anyone would like to write a column for thisnewsletter, or submit a periodic post, tocontact Ed at:ed_tonya@msn.com I’ll try not to mention it again, but keep it inmind; I have had only two willing soles sofar.
Terry Woodall Sept. 2
ndHappy Birthday Terry from all of your classmates.
If I’m missing anybody’s Birthday, it’s dueto you not filling in your birth date on yourweb page.
Douglas High Alumni News Letter
Publisher Ed Grensky Volume No. I Issue No. 10 Date 8/29/09
 Web Site Information
Something new that’s been added to the website is the convenience of reading current,and past newsletters anytime you want. Tofind it go to the main page of the web site,and scroll down looking on the right sideuntil you see “Featured Links” and click onthe newsletter you want to read.When you’re on the web site don’t forget tolook at the message board for informationfrom classmates, also check the “familynews summary”, recipes, and more.On the main page of the web site, there arethree areas you can go to, to check yourclassmates; I find the best place to go is“View Class Directory” under the worldglob. Why? It’s easy to find, and with just aglance it shows those that are missing,diseased, and for those found it shows thecity they live in right off the bat; from thereyou can go to their biography.I’m still looking for photos from some of you that took photos at the reunion, you cansend me via email, if of course they weredigital.Ed_tonya@msn.comThe mostimportant photo I’m looking for is a close upof the group in the gym.
Reunion Poll StatsReunion Poll StatsReunion Poll StatsReunion Poll Stats
Two weeks ago I posted a poll on ourweb site asking you to vote on what youwanted to do for our future reunions; theresponse was okay.
What do you want for the next ten years?
Picnic every year w/ 50th reunion. (9)
Picnic's + Reunion in 5 years w/ Big 50th. (11)
Total Votes: 20
The actual vote counton picnics each year with a reunion in 5years and a BIG 50
is 14 instead of 11;there were two that couldn’t vote on thecomputer and one that made a mistake invoting.
I received an email from Marilyn Grass’she made a great observation; I putpicnics will be held each summer onAug. 1
They will be held on thefirst Saturday in August every yearaccept for what is planed for the 45
By: Jeanette Gardner (Harty)
grannynette@gmail.com I liked this, it reminds me that nomatter how old we are, we still have thatopportunity to sing the song we came tosing, If we just will. Tagore did not reallybegin to share is poetry until in his 50’s. Ibelieve as long as we are willing to put forthand try something new, we will stay young.And I for one do not want to grow old , I donot want to spend my days rocking in myrocking chair, I want to sing my songs, evenif they are out of key...
3Oliver Wendell Homes said: Manypeople die with their music still in them ,Why is this so? To often it is because theyare always getting ready to live, before theyknow it, time runs out. Tagore expressed asimilar thought in these words. “ I havespent my days stringing and unstringing myinstrument, while the song I came to singremains unsung .”
Just For Laughs
 A little girl, dressed in her Sundaybest, was running as fast as she could,trying not to be late for Bible class. Asshe ran she prayed, 'Dear Lord, pleasedon't let me be late! Dear Lord, pleasedon't let me be late!' While she wasrunning and praying, she tripped on acurb and fell, getting her clothes dirtyand tearing her dress. She got up,brushed herself off, and startedrunning again! As she ran she onceagain began to pray, 'Dear Lord, please don't let me be late...but pleasedon't shove me either!'
I felt I should run this Memorial for Joan one more time.
Joan’s husband Bob sent this emailfor her classmates.
Thanks, Ed, and others, for your postingsremembering Joan.Over the past year there has been atremendous outpouring of love from ourown community and beyond. Choral andBible theater performances, donation of Bible books to our local library, andmemorial funds have all been dedicated inher memory. I share, and invite you toshare, Joan's strong faith and belief ineternal life.Joan loved our home and family, includingdaughters Amy and Kim. She loved ourcommunity, serving for many years as a layrepresentative to the ShepherdstownMinisterial Association. Joan treasured ourcommunity's Vacation Bible School, whichshe taught and helped direct for many years.She loved teaching adults and especiallychildren about the Bible. And shedocumented her methods in a book, awonderful labor of love entitled "That YeMay Teach the Children" I still have copiesof her book for sale if anyone is interested.Joan termed the last few years, when wetoured the country for her Bible talks, "thepeak of her career." It was a wonderfultime.Joan had fond memories of Oregon,including Winston, and Douglas HighSchool in particular. We had the privilegeof making a couple of quick visits over theyears and she was in touch with a few of your classmates. Joan really enjoyed herhigh school years and I know she wasblessed by all of you who knew her. If youhave any special stories or comments aboutJoan, I'd be glad to receive them via emailat: snipes@principia.eduWishing you and your classmates all thebest,

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