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Screenplay Flavor Lychee Black

Screenplay Flavor Lychee Black



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Published by jamesyu

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Published by: jamesyu on Jul 14, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“FLAVOR: LYCHEE BLACK”A MANGA SCREENPLAYFade-in…INT. The Library- DAY(Cue FLCL’s “Stalker Goes to Babylon)
The camera blurs, then slowly focuses to reveal a long row of books.Through the walkway we catch a glimpse of GARO, a young man around 20years old reading through his Asian Studies books. His eyes suddenly lifts from the pages for a second, and shifts to the right.Sure enough, two ninjas appear out of nowhere, katanas drawn. Garokicks a chair into the face of the guy on the left and parries thesword to his right, spinning around to knock the guy to the ground. Thethree of them begin a ballet of death: Flashing blades, aerialmaneuvers, the whole Yojimbo package. They slice, dice, parry and kick.Garo clearly is gaining the upper hand, he drops one of the ninjas and forces the other into a stack of books, twisting through the air, heslices a perfect strike on the other guy’s head, the ninja crumbles.Garo lets out a sigh.
GARO: Shitheads.
The camera only shows the fast shuffling of someone’s feet, a startled Garo looks back, only to have his face get caught by a flying knee, hestumbles back into stack. Glancing up he sees his opponent. VIOLENT RHAPSODY, a man in his early 20s, smirked at him. Clad in black, helooked like a reaper only darker.
VIOLENT RHAPSODY (VP): I’m disappointed, thought Blade Clan’s ace issupposed to be much better than this.GARO (smiles):…VP: Name’s Violent Rhapsody. VP for short.GARO (chuckles): It’s been a while since I have to get serious.VP: Serious? Haha, you take me too lightly ninja.GARO: Are we gonna fight or what?VP: Sure, let me just warm up-
In that instant he was no longer there, his knee already flying up toGaro’s face, Garo blocks it, spins around into a lightning fastcrescent kick to the guy’s face.
VP: Nice move, should have pulled that out sooner.
Garo, silent now, simply moves in with his bokken for a straight menstrike, his swing missed. Looking down he found Rhapsody spinning witha sword towards his stomach, he barely brings his bokken down to blockit as VP pushes it forward and slams him into a book case. Fighting back now, Garo pushes him back, they struggle and *thwack*.
VP: What the?
He glances down to see a butterfly knife sticking out of his chest.Sighing, he falls down dead, mouth open in disbelief.
GARO (smiles): Dumbass. When I make up my mind to kill you, there’snothing left for you to do but die.
 He reaches down to get his sword when suddenly Violent Rhaspody’s dead hand shoots out and grabs him, he stares at it in horror as Rhaspody’seyes suddenly open! He struggles as a thundering drumming starts in hisears, louder and louder!BEEP 
INT. The Dorm Room- MORNING
The alarm clock blinks 7:00, a hand shoots out from off the screen and slams on the snooze button, a heavy sigh comes fromover at the bed. The camera lifts up reveal Garo, with sleepy eyesstarring blankly up at the ceiling, rubbing hisforehead with one hand as if to shake off another night of inadequate rest.
 GARO (VO): Name’s Garo, college student.
Garo gets up and sits on the bed, looking down at thebottom of his bed. A camera cut reveals that atattered hooded sweater lying on the ground, on top of which is a wooden bokken, worn-out and blood-stained.
GARO (VO): That is, college student by day. At nightit’s a different story.
He gets up and begins a Taijutsu form to wake himself up
GARO (VO): Even in my dreams I can’t escape them. A ninja never reallyrests. It’s been two years since my fight with Rhapsody during myfreshmen year. you know work is getting to you if someone you killedstarts appearing in your sleep.
He pauses, thinking back to his dream.
GARO (VO): Sigh, I can’t complain, everybody’s got their problems, minejust involve around scaling rooftops and clandestine assassinations. Iguess I’m just a little tired of this ninja life, afterall- I’ve beendoing this ever since grade school…
Garo finishes his form. We follow Garo into thekitchen, where he opens a box of cereal and gets amilk carton to prepare breakfast. Sunlight pour infrom the window. He sits down to eat looking sleepy still. The camera zooms out
EXT. CORNELLSCAPE, cue “City Life” by Stroke 9
GARO (VO): Another day. Nothing ever changes around here, everythingalways remains the same.FADE IN TITLE OF THE MOVIE, FOLLOWED BY CREDITSINT. The Bubble Tea Shop- AFTERNOON
Cut to the bubble tea counter. We hear the sound of the door opening, A Sammi Cheng music video is being played on both of the TVs in thelittle wooden shop. Japanese calligraphy is scribbled on the clothdraped near the kitchen. MARIKA, an attractive girl with a pair of cuteand witty eyes is working at the cash register. Garo is in line,looking at the girl attentively.
MARIKA (Smiles): Hey Garo, what would you like?GARO: Yeah, lychee black please.MARIKA: Hehe, you always get that. With tapioca?Garo: Yep.MARIKA: That’ll be three twenty four please.GARO: Oh, I have a CTAS membership card.MARIKA: Oh yea. Two ninety two please.GARO (Scratches his head): Uh, thanksMARIKA (Hands the order to the people working the back): So how’s itbeen? Do you like the professor for our 203 class? She’s from Taiwanright?GARO (smiles): Yeah, but she’s so boring in class I make it my dailynap session.MARIKA: Hehe, yeah I noticed from the back of room.GARO (Reddens): Hehe…MARIKA (Looks behind him): Ooo, people are coming in, here’s yournumber, just kick back here for a bit and watch some music videos. I’mgonna be off my shift soon so wait for me?GARO: Yeah sure.
Garo takes his receipt and grabs a seat in the corner of the teashop,grabbing a magazine off the shelf. Cue Jay Chou’s “Simple Love” as hesneaks glances at Marika working at the counter. Laughing along withthe customers, she’s looking cute as usual, Different cuts of the girl.The camera pans to Garo’s left and— 
The music gets ripped out of the record player

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