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How to Clear a Tarot Deck

How to Clear a Tarot Deck



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Published by daydreamer25
How to clear a Tarot deck of all negativity.
How to clear a Tarot deck of all negativity.

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Published by: daydreamer25 on Aug 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HOW TO CLEAR YOUR TAROT DECKOF ALL NEGATIVITYThere are several ways of clearing your tarot decks from all negativeenergy. These same techniques can be used for removing negativeenergy from crystals, amulets, talisman, bracelets, broaches,necklaces, magical tools, ceremonial weapons and other personal orspiritual articles. The instructions given will usually work with oneapplication of the technique.ELEMENTAL CLEARINGElemental clearing or cleansing is accomplished using symbols chosento represent the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The usualsymbols are given in this paper but readers are encouraged to use anysimilar materials in their own clearing rituals. Clearing with Spiritis called Consecration and will be covered later in this paper.Clearing with Elemental Weapons is also a form of Consecration.As a rule, you'll find it easier to clear and cleanse your deck ofunwanted negative energies by fanning the deck when using Water, Fireand Air Elemental Cleansing techniques. If extreme cleansing isneeded, the cards can be cleared one-at-a-time. As a rule only oneform of Elemental Clearing is used. However, readers are encouragedto be creative and use as many Elements as desired.When the allotted period of time expires, check your tarot deck to seeif it still exudes any negative energy. If in does, or if in doubtabout the outcome, repeat the process as many times as required toclear the deck of all negative energy. When you're done with thecleansing, dispose of the materials used for the cleansing.Earth Elemental Clearing1.Bury your protected deck in sand, salt or dirt for twenty-fourhours.2.Fan your deck on a tablecloth and sprinkle it with salt and/orsand for one to two minutes.3.Fan your deck as above but instead of salt and/or sand, use anycombination of any of the following herbs: Basil, Lavender, Rosemary,Sage, Thyme, the crushed dried leaves of any plant or tree, or thecrushed dried flowers of any plant.4.Rub your deck for a minute or two with any of these materials.5.Place your deck under your pillow or mattress and sleep on itovernight.
Water Elemental Clearing1.Sprinkle your cards lightly with water. Wipe immediately.2.Sprinkle your cards with salt water (1 Tablespoon salt to 1 Cwater). Wipe immediately.3.Sprinkle your cards with consecrated water. Wipe immediately.4.Sprinkle your cards with any herbal tea or plant infusion. Wipeimmediately.5.Expose your deck to moonlight in a protected area for half thenight.Fire Elemental Clearing1.Pass your deck quickly through a candle flame. Don't burn yourself.2.Place your deck on a table with a candle holder and lightedcandle on it for five minutes.3.Place your deck on a table with a candle and aromatic oildiffuser for five minutes.4.Expose your deck to sunlight in a protected area for half a day.Air Elemental Clearing1.Pass your deck five to seven times over burning incense.2.Smudge your deck with Sage or any similar smudge.3.Take a deep breath and breathe deeply and slowly into your deckthree times.4.Place your deck on a cassette or video player playing good musicfor one hour.CLEANSING BY CONSECRATIONConsecration is an intention to make a person, place or thing holy.
By making it holy all negativity is completely and instantly removedfrom the person, place or thing. Intention is the most importantingredient in any consecration. If you intend to bless, clear,cleanse and consecrate a person, place or thing, and your intention issincere, then the consecration occurs just as you intend it.Consecration is usually done in a reverent manner, preceded by prayersof invocation, thanksgiving and petition. Invocation is a prayerasking Deity, by whatever name you wish to use, to assist in theintended ceremony. Thanksgiving is a prayer thanking Deity for one'slife, blessings, gifts, health, family, friends and happiness.Petition is a prayer asking for something. Be careful, prayers ofpetition are not begging for fame and fortune. They're prayers askingfor forgiveness, assistance, knowledge and blessing.To consecrate a tarot deck, first decide what purpose the deck is toserve. Divination, meditation, visualization, and spiritualadvancement are typical purposes for a tarot deck. Prepare yourselfand your spiritual altar for the ceremony. Invoke the Deity of yourchoice and inform this Deity of your intention in regards to the tarotdeck. Ask Deity to assist you in performing the ceremony andaccomplishing your intention.The next step is to recite whatever prayers of petition andthanksgiving you want to use. Following these prayers is theconsecration ceremony. This can be as simple as: "In the name of(name of Deity) I hereby bless, clear, cleanse, charge and consecrateyou to be (blank) for the purpose of (blank)." Fill in the blanksaccording to you intention and purpose for this deck.CLEANSING WITH ELEMENTAL WEAPONSElemental Weapons are special implements consecrated to be therepresentative for a particular Element. There are some usualcorrespondences, but readers are encouraged to make and consecratetheir own Elemental Weapons of their choice. The usualcorrespondences are:1.Air - Sword or Dagger2.Water - Cup or Chalice3.Fire - Wand or Spear4.Earth - PentagramCleansing with an Elemental Weapon is usually done in a formal ritualbut this is not required. Any formal ritual may be used includingWiccan, Christian, Buddhist, Golden Dawn, Masonic or Rosicrucianritual. Any informal ritual may also be used. The form used isentirely up to the reader and may include Invocation of Deity, Prayerof Thanksgiving, Prayers of Cleansing and Consecration, and closingprayers. The ritual may include representatives of any of the

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