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VIKASH KUMAR - The Cocoa Trees Introduces Angry Birds Range of Confectionery in India

VIKASH KUMAR - The Cocoa Trees Introduces Angry Birds Range of Confectionery in India

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Published by binzidd007
VIKASH KUMAR - The Cocoa Trees Introduces Angry Birds Range of Confectionery in India
VIKASH KUMAR - The Cocoa Trees Introduces Angry Birds Range of Confectionery in India

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: binzidd007 on Dec 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Qualitative Marketing Research Individual Assignment The Cocoa Trees launch of angry birds confectionery brand Submitted to: Prof. Saripalli Bhavani Shankar IIM Indore Submitted by: Vikash Kumar 2012PGP438
 Situational Analysis:
The Cocoa Tree has launched confectionary product in premium range. The product has been launched under the brand name of Angry Birds. Angry Birds is a game extremely popular among young smartphone users. The company is trying to leverage the popularity of Angry Bird through this initiative. The company has opened stores in Mumbai, Delhi and Goa. Through this research proposal, the researcher is trying to understand the influence of gaming  brand on the sales of a confectionery product.
Research Problem:
Will the buzz around angry birds influence the sales of premium confectionary launched by The Cocoa Tree? What else the company should do to increase the sales of confectionary?
Qualitative techniques to be used to collect data:
As the new product is launched and the researcher is planning to understand the correlation  between gaming brand and confectionery product,
 Focused Group Discussion
 appears to be a viable option. It will give the depth of viewpoints regarding the problem mentioned above: what else the company should do in order to increase the sales of new product launched.
Following reasons guided me to use FGD:
Exploration of the depth and nuances of opinions regarding uses of confectionery  product is required
Differences in perspectives of different user groups of confectionery product is required
Factors influencing opinions and behaviour of customers of confectionery product can  be best drawn out through FGD
It is less costly, least time taking and easily manageable.
Detailed profiling of the respondents for the proposed study:
House working/working lady (age 30-35 years, living in metro city, decent education)
Marketing person who knows consumer behaviour of confectionary brand(experience of more than 5 years in the selling confectionery preferably MBA in marketing)
Sales Manager of confectionery product(experience of more than 5 years in the selling confectionery, preferably MBA in marketing)
Young angry bird user(male college going student, age 18-22 years)
Young angry bird user(Female college going student, age 18-22 years)
Retailer who sell gift items(selling experience of 5 years in Mumbai/Delhi)
Detailed guide with relevant questions to facilitate data collection:
The FGD will be carried out in two sessions. Two separate groups of same profiling will be called for FGD. It will help the researcher to compare the findings of each group to felicitate  better in decision making for further course of action. Following are some of the basic requirements which will be taken care of while conducting FGD:
: It will be ensured that the moderator should
 be familiar with the discussion topic: how to increase the sales of premium confectionery product
 be able to speak the language spoken of the area; Delhi/Mumbai
not act as a judge or a teacher
not agree/disagree with what is said
not put words in participants’ mouth
 be insensitive/unbiased to gender
 be polite and have respect for participants
 He/she will pen down important outcome of the discussion. Arrangements will be made to record the discussion, so that any reference can be drawn if required.
Steps in conducting the session
Logistical arrangements:
 All the participants will be contacted in advance, at least one to two weeks before the session. A letter of invitation will be sent to each  participant, taking into consideration the prevailing practices in the area. Participants will also be reminded about the focus group discussion one day  before the session.
Group composition
 Six people will be contacted for the FGD. The group will comprise of marketing and sales people, housewife, young angry bird users and a retailer. The choice of participants depends on the topic of the focus group.
 To ensure attendance, transportation will be arranged for the  participants from their residence to the focus group venue.
 Focus group discussions can be conducted in a place where six  persons can be seated and assured of some privacy. A hotel room will be arranged for this.
Seating arrangements
 A circular seating arrangement will be done to facilitate healthy interaction among participants because it allows them to freely see and hear each other.
 Name tags
 name tags will be provided to each participants, which will facilitate identifying each one.
 A trained sub-moderator will capture the discussion in writing and note the
 participants’ nonverbal expressions.
Arrangements will also be made to record the FGD.
 Refreshments will be served after the discussion as a small gesture of appreciation to the participants for having taken time off their work to participate.
After a brief introduction, the purpose and scope of the discussion- influence of angry  birds buzz on the sales of confectionery brand and ways to increase the sales will be explained.
The discussion will be structured around the key themes using the probe questions  prepared in advance.
All the participants will be given the opportunity to participate.
Moderator will stimulate the participants to talk to each other and encourage shy  participants to speak. Following are the prepared questions which will be discussed in the FGD 1)
What is the brand image of angry birds in India? 2)
Is it same across all demographics of people?

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