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Osteoporosis in Ayurveda

Osteoporosis in Ayurveda

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Published by Yoga FMU

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Published by: Yoga FMU on Aug 30, 2009
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The word osteoporosis simply means “porous bones”. Bones become porous, or less dense, with age. Bone is adynamic living tissue; it is constantly being broken down and rebuilt, a process known as remodelling.As we age,themineralrich,internalpartofbonebreaksdownfasterthanitisrebuilt. Itshouldnotbetreatedasdiseaseunlessyouexperienceoneorfollowingmultiplesymptomsoveraperiodoftime:Bonefracture, Agraduallossofheight. Aroundingoftheshoulders.Guminflammationandlooseningoftheteeth. Acutelowerbackache.Swellingofawristafteraminorfallorinjury.Troublewithnail,hair,teeth,gums,joints,orback;Nocturnallegcramps,Rheumatoidarthritis,Restlessbehaviour,Persons with osteoporosis suffer from a loss in bone mass and bone strength at a higher rate than expected withaging.Their bones become weak and brittle which makes them more prone to fracture.Any bone can be affectedby osteoporosis, but the hips, wrists and spine are the most common sites. Peak bone mass is reached betweentheagesof25and35years.After35,bonemassisstableuntil,inwomen,itstartstodropwithmenopause.6-18%of women between 25-34 years of age have “abnormally low” bone density. Hip-fracture rates for white women inthe US and Britain begin to rise abruptly between the ages of 40-44 much earlier than menopause begins. Thisdropoccursmoreslowlyinmales.From Ayurvedic perspective any vata imbalance or disease pattern in the body is indicated by in one of thesymptoms such as stress, anxiety, constipation, dry skin, hypertension, restlessness, insomnia, PMS or manymenstrualdisorders,IrritablebowlsyndromeandInabilitytorelaxetc.Some of the behavioural patterns that can create a vata imbalance in the body are: being in stress or reacting tostresswithanxiety;physicalexhaustion;mentalstrainandoverworkwithoutgivingbodyachancetorelaxandre-create;addictivepatterns;lackofsleep;sufferingemotionallyfromgrief,fearorshock;travelling(flyingorlongcar  journeys);stringentdiets;eatingcold,rawordryfoodsfrequently;livinginacold,dryandwindyweather.Osteoporosisisoneofthenaturalprocessesthatoccurwithage,however,vatabodytypeindividualsorpeopleinvatastageoflife,arelikelytoexperience lossofbone densityatahigherrate.Consequently riskforosteoporosiswill be higher in a person of vata body, old people and women after menopausal age. For women, a regular menstrualcycleisimportantforbuildingandmaintainingbonestrengththroughoutawoman'sreproductiveyears..Certainriskfactorsthatincreasethelikelihoodofdevelopingandaggravatingosteoporosisare:Beingfemale-womenarefourtimesmorelikelytodeveloposteoporosisthanmen.Thoughmostwomenstarttothinkofbonelossonlyatmenopause,itoftenbeginsyearsbefore.50%oftheboneloseovertheilifespanislostbeforemenopauseevenbegins.Thereasonsare:Theirbonesaregenerallythinnerandlighter.Theylivelongerthanmen.They have rapid bone loss at menopause due to a sharp decline of oestrogen. Naturalmenopause before age 40; a hysterectomy which includes removal of both ovaries with nohormonereplacementtherapy(HRT);alackof/orirregularmenstrualflow.Oestrogen/progesteronedeficiencyHavingathin,smallframedbody.
An Ayurvedic Perspective
By Jatinda Ahuja
family.Someracese.g.CaucasiansareatahigherriskthanAsiansandAfricanAmericans.Skim and low-fat milks, yogurts and cheeses. Soft-boned fish and shellfish, such as salmon with thebones, sardines and shrimp. Vegetables e.g. dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, kale, collards. Beansand bean sprouts as well as tofu (soy bean curd, if processed with calcium). Calcium-fortified foods suchassomeorangejuices,applejuicesandready-to-eatcerealsandbreads.
Lack of physical activity especially activities such as walking, running, tennis and other weight-bearingexercises.Lack of calcium and vitamin D, Magnesium and other mineral deficiencies from our modern diet of processedfoodsCigarette smoking and Excessive Alcohol - Heavy drinkers and smokers often have poor appetite andpoornutrition.Taking certain medicines such as corticosteroids (anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat asthma, arthritis,lupus, etc.) and aluminium containing antacids like Rolaids or Di-Gel., anti-seizure drugs and overuse of thyroidhormones.Hyperthyroidism,hyperparathyroidism,andcertainformsofbonecancer,anorexianervosa,scoliosisandgastrointestinaldisease.MalabsorptionofnutrientsasaresultofantibioticuseHighFat,highproteindietMedical management, especially if you are at a high risk of getting the disorder. Doctor may prescribehormone replacement therapy (HRT) and/or calcium. These are recommended to prevent fractures fromosteoporosis if taken during or soon after the start of menopause and then on a continual basis. HRT does notrebuild bone, but it is supposed to prevent further bone loss. New research on HRT is bringing question mark onthismethod.Surgery,suchashipreplacement,ifnecessary.Dietaryandlifestylemeasures.Naturalapproachestoosteoporosistreatmentaretofocusonsupportingthisdynamical,bonerebuildingprocessand not on replacing the natural and healthy decline of oestrogen during menopause. To prevent or slowosteoporosis,takethesestepsnow: Ahigh-Complex-Carbohydrate,Low-FatDiet,Relativelylowinprotein-Limitservingsofredmeattoleancuts no more than three times per week (Red meat is very high in phosphorous, as is soda. High phosphorousintake extracts calcium from bones to keep calcium/phosphorous levels in balance.) Concentrate on eating darkgreenleafyvegetables.Plan to get enough calcium every day: If our diets were mostly whole grains, greens, beans andvegetables, our bones would be more apt to stay healthy on relatively less calcium, as long as we alsoexercisedandgotoutinthesunforvitaminD.Somehighcalciumfoodsare:Follow a program of regular, weight-bearing exercise at least three or four times a week. Examplesinclude: Walking, jogging, cycling, weight training, low-impact or non-impact aerobics anything that putsweightonthebones,twentyminutesfivetimesperweekorthirtyminutesthreetimesperweek.Do not smoke and limit alcohol consumption.. Smoking makes osteoporosis worse. Smokers, along withthose who consume two or more alcoholic drinks daily, are at highest risk of osteoporosis. Smokingpoisonstheovaries.Payattentiontoyourposture.Keepyourbackstraightwhenyousit,standandwalk.Takemeasurestopreventfallsandinjurytoyourbones.NoColaorsodadrinks Thesearetoohighinphosphate,whichdirectlyinterfereswithcalciumabsorption.VitaminC isinvolved in collagensynthesisandrepairandisfound inCitrusfruits.Magnesium Itisfoundinorganicallygrownvegetables,wholegrains,seaweed(kelp)andmeatssuchas

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