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Frederick F.Y.I. newsletter - December

Frederick F.Y.I. newsletter - December

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Frederick F.Y.I. is a newsletter serving the communities of Frederick, Barnard and Westport, S.D. The December issues features an important discussion about a new model of medicine that could solve two key problems in the Frederick area and a special section about the Titans' trip to the Dome.
Frederick F.Y.I. is a newsletter serving the communities of Frederick, Barnard and Westport, S.D. The December issues features an important discussion about a new model of medicine that could solve two key problems in the Frederick area and a special section about the Titans' trip to the Dome.

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Published by: Heidi Marttila-Losure on Dec 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What’s coming up
Continued on page 3
 F R  E D E R  IC K 
 F. Y. I.
Se r vi n g F rede ric k ,  Ba r na rd &  Wes t po r t , S. D.
    o            
 F R  E D E R  I C K 
S po nso red  b y
 F rede r ic k   A  rea  Sc hoo l  D is t r ic t
Congrats, Titans, for second place in Class 9A!:
 Photos inside.
Camfel bullying presenaion,
 2:15 p.m. a Frederick Area School.
Baskeball doubleheader,
 v.  Aberdeen Chrisian in Leola. Junior  varsiy begins a 5:15 p.m.
 Junior high girls baskeball,
 v. Ellendale, 4 p.m. in Ellendale.
 Winer break begins󲀔no school unil Jan. 2.Girls baskeball,
 v. Edgeley/Kulm in Frederick. Junior high begins a 4 p.m.
Savo Sunday School program and candleligh service,
7 p.m. a Savo Luheran Church.
Chrismas Eve service
a S. Paul’s Luheran Church, 5:30 p.m.
Chrismas Eve service
a Sacred Hear Caholic Church in Wespor, 10 p.m.
 Merry Chrismas!
 Better Community.
Our “Generation (WH)Y” feature will be back next month.
P󰁨󰁯󰁴󰁯 󰁢󰁹 K󰁲󰁹󰁳󰁴󰁩 M󰁩󰁫󰁫󰁯󰁮󰁥󰁮
Hattie Zinter, back row on the left, was crowned 2014 Frederick Area Senior Snow Queen during the local competition on Nov. 23 in Frederick. Demi Truebenbach, back row, right, was chosen as the 2014 Frederick Area Junior Snow Queen. They are pictured with princess Gabby Millard and prince Gavin Nickelson. Zinter and Truebenbach will compete at the South Dakota Snow Queen Festival Jan. 3-11. Zinter will also receive a college scholarship sponsored by Frederick Forward. See a picture of all of the local contestants on page 2.
Zinter, Truebenbach crowned
Rethinking healthcare
Frederick could be pilot in new model for medicine
B󰁹 C󰁯󰁬󰁥 . A󰁤󰁥󰁭󰁡
 NREMT-Paramedic & Frederick Area  Ambulance Service  Directo
I grew up in he Frederick area. I consider i my homeown. And I care abou is residens. I have lived in a ew oher owns in he upper Midwes,  working wih heir emergency medical, fire, and rescue responders and soaking up every bi o knowledge I could abou how o (and how no o) make an ambulance service work and mee he needs o is cusomers.  Across he counry, local  voluneer deparmens (boh fire and ambulance) are huring or acive members. Call volume has no decreased, bu he  workorce cerainly has. Even in Frederick, we can remember when here was a healhy roser and always someone available o answer he call. Bu responders have moved away, goen older, and had lie evens change heir abiliy or desire o drop everyhing a he sound o a pager. A ew cerified riends and neighbors do heir absolue bes, and a small handul o dedicaed sudens
 on page 9
Public mee tin  to discuss communi t y paramedicine
5:30 p.m. Monda y,  Jan.  13, 20 1 4Communi t y Cen ter in Frederick
Community foundation discussion set for Jan. 20
Communiy members a several preliminary meeings earlier his year expressed ineres in orming a communiy savings accoun (ofen called a communiy oundaion) wih he Souh Dakoa Communiy Foundaion. On Monday, Jan. 20, a group will mee o make plans o officially creae a board ha would manage such a communiy savings accoun. People represening key groups in he communiy have been especially invied,  bu oher ineresed residens o Frederick, Barnard or  Wespor are also welcome.Te meeing will be a 7:30 p.m. a he Communiy Cener in Frederick, ollowing Frederick Forward’s regular monhly meeing a 6:30 p.m.
December 2013
B󰁹 C󰁯󰁬󰁥 H󰁩󰁮󰁺
FASD Journalism
Once again, he Frederick Area Coon Candy eam is ready o whip up some sugary goodness. Tis year’s sales will sar on Dec. 16, a he home baskeball game agains Langord, and end on Dec. 19, he day beore Chrismas break. Te coon candy flavors  being sold are Sassy Green Apple, Spooky Fruii Grape, Boo Blue Raspberry, and Silly Nilly Vanilla (Pink).Te eam is led by Liz Labesky, head o he music deparmen. Profis help pay or decoraions, equipmen, and oher needs or he music deparmen. Tis year some o he money will go owards new -shirs or he Coon Candy eam. Tey ge new shirs approximaely every hree years.Te idea or he Coon Candy eam sared in 2004 when he elemenary had a circus-hemed concer. Ms. Labesky  borrowed a coon candy machine rom he Aberdeen Shriners o sell coon candy during he concer. She realized i was a big hi and hough i would be a good idea o raise money. “Al Layon loaned us he money o buy he machine,” explained Labesky, “so our firs year’s profi was o pay off he machine. From hen on we have had clear profi oher han supplies.”Every year Ms. Labesky hands ou applicaions o hose who show ineres in  joining he eam. An applican mus be a high school band and chorus member, and mus be passing every class. Benefis o being on he eam include voluneer hours, a ree shir, and all he coon candy you can ea  while on duy. Applicans also complee an inerview.“I have he juniors and seniors inerview he new applicans, bu I oversee he process,” said Labesky. “We go over some o he answers on heir applicaion, and we ask hem when is naional coon candy day.”“Te bes par o being on he eam is he un we have while making he coon candy,” said Haie Ziner.I you missed he coon candy sale his monh, here will also be a sale in he spring. In case you were wondering, Naional Coon Candy Day is Dec. 7.B󰁹 M󰁥󰁧󰁨󰁡󰁮 C󰁯󰁮󰁮
FASD Journalism
O he hree sudens who sared oral inerpreaion his all, wo made i o he regional compeiion, wih one near-miss in advancing o sae.Meghan Conn and Briana Nordine,  boh juniors, perormed in several caegories a he regional cones in  Webser Nov. 19: Conn paricipaed in he Prose caegory doing a serious piece, “Te ell ale Hear” by Edgar  Allen Poe. Te wo also collaboraed  wih a Due, “Te Blueberry Hill  Accord” by Deryl Wason.Conn placed hird bu was unable o paricipae in he sae compeiion. wo oher conesans ied or second place, and only hree people can advance. Conn became he alernae. Nordine and Conn placed fifh in heir division wih heir Due  bu did no move orward rom he compeiion. A he disric compeiion a Norhern Sae Universiy on Nov. 6, Conn and Nordine perormed he pieces ha advanced o regionals, and Nordine also was a par o he Poery division, perorming “A Nighmare Beore Chrismas” by im Buron.Devin Flinn, whose prepared piece  was a compilaion o excerps rom “An Farm,” did no perorm a disrics  because o amily maers.  All hree o he sudens had perormed a a pre-disric compeiion a NSU on Oc. 19. None o he conesans advanced o finals, bu i  was a good day. amie Nickelson coached he sudens his year.Tis year’s Oral Inerp eam had a good run and would like o see more paricipans in uure years.
Cotton candy team whips up sugary goodness
New cotton candy team members
 Jessica Hertel (7)Madellyne Nordine (7)Brooklyn Podoll (7)Michaela Podoll (8) Jessica Podoll (9)
Returning team members
Alex Bowman (8)Cassandra Hinz (8)Keely Podoll (8)Alex Sumption (8)Hannah Sumption (8)Michael Wilson (8)Kayla Clifford (9)Tucker Delzer (9) Brooklin Nordine (9) Isabelle Podoll (9) Demi Truebenbach (9)Briana Nordine (11)Paige Podoll (11)Cole Hinz (12)Mariah Mikkonen (12) Hailey Sumption (12) Hattie Zinter (12)P󰁨󰁯󰁴󰁯 󰁢󰁹 K󰁲󰁹󰁳󰁴󰁩 M󰁩󰁫󰁫󰁯󰁮󰁥󰁮
Competing in the local Snow Queen competition were, from left, Jessica Podoll, Miranda Sumption, Demi Truebenbach, Hattie Zinter, Isabelle Podoll, Brooklin Nordine and Kayla Clifford. Zinter was the only competitor in the senior category; all the others competed for Junior Snow Queen. The South Dakota  Junior Snow Queen Festival will be Jan. 4, and the state senior competition will be Jan. 11.
Snow queen smiles
Oral interp students make it to regionals
Titans Clubhouse welcomes your children!
A safe and fun place to spent the afterschool hours! The program, located at the school, is open from 3:40 to 6 p.m. daily. Contact Tamie Nickelson for more information: 329-2094.
December 2013
Your independent community bank since 1882
314 Main St. Frederick, South Dakota 605-329-2455
Ring in 2014 at The Shed! 
Westport, SD • (605) 225-9751
Prime Rib Dinner 6-8 p.m.
Musical talent from Kayla Cliord
Then karaoke the night away!
Ellendale Holiday Tournamen,
girls and boys  baskeball. Girls’ firs game: 3:30 p.m. Boys’ firs game: 5 p.m.
Ellendale Holiday Tournamen
Girls baskeball,
 v. Ipswich in Ipswich.
Buzy Beez Preschool resumes.Baskeball doubleheader,
 v. Roncalli in Aberdeen.
Boys baskeball,
 v. Edgeley in Edgeley.
Baskeball doubleheader,
 v. Hichcock/ulare in Frederick.
Public meeing o discuss communiy paramedicine,
5:30 p.m. a he Communiy Cener in Frederick.
Frederick Area School board meeing,
7 p.m. in he school library.
 Junior high boys baskeball,
 v. Roncalli, 4:30 p.m. in Frederick.
Girls baskeball,
 v. Herreid/Selby, in Herreid.
 Junior high boys baskeball,
 v. Langord, 4 p.m. in Frederick.
 Junior high boys baskeball,
 v. Norhwesern in Frederick, 4 p.m.
Blood drive a Frederick Area School.
 Call school or deails.
10 a.m. o noon, a Frederick Area School.
 Junior high baskeball,
 v. Faulkon in Leola.
Baskeball doubleheader,
 v.  Aberdeen Chrisian a he Civic  Arena in Aberdeen.
Frederick Forward regular meeing,
 6:30 p.m. a he Communiy Cener. Tis is also he annual meeing, so officers  will be eleced.
Communiy foundaion formaion meeing,
7:30 p.m. a he Communiy Cener. A deciding voe may be aken a his meeing.
 Junior high boys baskeball,
 v. Ipswich, in Leola, 4 p.m.
Frederick Area Hisorical Sociey meeing,
 7 p.m. a he Communiy Cener.
What’s coming up
Continued fom font page
B󰁹 S󰁨󰁩󰁲󰁬󰁥󰁹 A󰁮󰁤󰁥󰁲󰁳󰁯󰁮
Frederick Senior Citizens President 
Te Frederick Area Senior Ciizens organizaion mees monhly or un, ellowship and ood. Te meeings are usually he ourh uesday o each monh, excep or special dinners in June, November and December.  A ypical meeing sars a 1:30 p.m. wih a shor business meeing. A 2 p.m., we’re generally ready o play some un game or enjoy a gues speaker or music rom Rae and he Ranch Hands or he Sunshine Singers. A 3 p.m., we’re ready or a delicious lunch, eiher provided by individual members or by poluck.  We have special dinners in June (our picnic monh), in November (our radiional Tanksgiving dinner) and in December (our Chrismas dinner). We’re graeul o Frederick Forward or heir generosiy in covering he cos o he enrees a Tanksgiving and Chrismas his year.Membership ees are $5 per person or he year. Also, members are asked o hos or co-hos (provide he ligh lunch) one meeing a year. By radiion, he minimum age or membership is 55󲀔bu we don’ ask or ID.  We have 14 members a he presen and would love o double ha. We very much enjoy each oher, especially during he compeiion in games and regular bingo wih really nice prizes. Come on over and visi in  January, and see i you’d like o  become a regular member.
Frederick area senior citizens invited to attend gatherings

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