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Published by suprakash_ghosh3147

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Categories:Types, Recipes/Menus
Published by: suprakash_ghosh3147 on Aug 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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lok Jagawat is a young astrologer withdeep study in astrology. He is a GraphicEngineer and has done MA in AstrologyHe started astrology at a very young age ofnineteen and has had many crediblepredictions to his credit. He likes to specialisein those areas of astrology which has beentraditionally ignored. His website is www.gems-astrology.com
The Best Kept Secret of Pukhraj 
ByAlok Jagawat, India.
“Ratnen Shubhen Shubham Bhavatinripanamanishtamshuben”Yasmadtah parikshyam daivamratnashritam tajagaye”
 his is the first stanza from thechapter “Ratnaparikshadhyaya”from the ancient classic “BrahtSamitha”.It says that auspicious, clean and bestquality gems bring prosperity to kings, andbad quality gems bring bad luck to kings. Soan astrologer should always choose agemstone with utmost care as
gems are theharbinger of fortune
.The last line says it very clearly that gemshave powers inside them; that they are thecarriers of fate. But questions still getmounted in the mind as which stone is thetrue gemstone for a planet and this can alsoraise some controversy as well. Beforewriting this article, I shared this knowledgewith many of my friends; and to mysurprise and astonishment everybody triedto discourage me to write this article. Iassure you that this article would remove allyour doubts related to a very particulargemstone known as “Pukhraja”. I have beenthreatened to write this article as this willdefinitely bring down the businesses of people who have been selling a differentgemstone as Pukhraja through all theseyears. I myself am; one of the culprits as Ialso sold the same gemstone calling it“Pukhraja”. I was not aware of it and I actedas been informed but researches anddiscovery into this subject has forced me toshare this knowledge with everybody.
Please note that I am writing this on the basis of proofs fromAncient classics and I am backed by the same classics that gave birth to the pure spirit of astrology.The synonyms of Pukraja are:1. Pushparagah2. Manjumani3. Vachaspati Vallabha4. Pitah5. Peetsphagtikam6. Peetraktha7. Pitaashm8. Gururatnam9. Peetmani10. Pushpraja11. TopazMost important in these synonyms is the colour of this gemstone which is Yellow. “Peeta”means yellow. But there are several gemstones which are yellow in colour. This includesyellow beryl, yellow sapphire, yellow topaz, yellow citrine and yellow tourmaline.So what exactly is Pukhraja or “Pushpragam”?. Please note that most of the commentatorsof classics have used the word “topaz” as the synonym for “Pukhraja”. Also nobody canclaim that yellow sapphire was called topaz in those times; as topaz or pushparaga has ahardness of 8. Yellow sapphire has hardness of 9.Today almost 99% of the astrologers and gemstone dealers sell yellow sapphire as“Pukhraja”. The reason is very simple. A clear and bright coloured yellow sapphire can costyou anywhere between Rs 5000 /carat to Rs 25000 /carat; depending on its size, cut, clarity &colour. But a real topaz can only cost you 2000 to 3000 Rs /carat in its utmost finest quality.Now there is a problem with yellow topaz as well. If you go to market to buy a yellow topaz,you will only end up with citrine which is far cheaper than yellow topaz itself. It is socontroversial that if you happen to differentiate between topaz and citrine while buying it,the seller will strongly oppose it and you may get dejected as a fool.First of all let me quote some classics texts to prove that “Pushragamis the stone related to Jupiter:
Vaidyanath (Describing Jupiter and its qualities):
 “Devacharya Saukhyavigyansagara subhdo devejya jeevastubhaytovrajet purandaracharya dvipaatbudhalayagramcharo guruh; trishat varshani guruh shakhadhipo jevah ; devta indrah; devjayasya cha
Mantreshwar. Grahbhedadhyaya, sloka 29:
 “Manikayam Tarne, sudharyamamalam muktaphalam sheetgo,Maheasya cha vidrum, markatam saumyasya garutmatam,
Devdayasya cha pushpragam
 suramatyasya vajram shane”
Pleasenotethatweightofgemstoneisnotspecifiedinclassics.Itisnotnecessarytoweargemstonesin particularweights.Itisclearandunderstandablethat gemsshouldbeofcertainweightandsizesotheycanallowthelighttopassthrough(whichcanbeanysizeaboveacarat).  
Vrihadjataka, Vrhat Samhita, Rajvallabha, Rasratnasamuchya, Shushrut Shanita, GarudPurana , mention gems related to planets.
Manimala mentions different traits of “pushparagam”, sloka 388:
 “Aapeetpanduruchirah pashanah pushpragamsangyastu”
A certain ash coloured stone having a beautiful yellowish shade goes by the name of topaz.Please note that yellow sapphire belongs to corundum class and is found with blue sapphire.Topaz is an entirely different gemstone with a far lesser value then its popular falsecounterpart.For your benefit here is the technical structure of the gemstones as mentioned earlier:
Properties Yellow sapphire(Peela Neelam)Yellow Topaz(Pukhraj)Citrine(Sold as topaz)Crystal System
 Trigonal orthorhombic trigonal crystalsystem
Crystal Habit
 six‐sided barrelshape tapering topyramidterminationselongate,prismaticEnantiomorphic
Hardness Scale
 9 8.00 7 to 7 1/2
Refractive Index(RI)
 1.760 to 1.773 1.610 to 1.630 1.550.
Specific gravity(SG)
 3.90 to 4.10 3.54 2.6 2.7
Gem Colour
 Yellow Yellow Yellow
Topaz or Pukhraja Yellow sapphire or PeelaneelamCitrineAs it must be clear through the pictures, all the three gemstones look equally alike andappear like Pukhraja. A true Pukhraja can only be determined through lab tests. It isgenerally clean and should not cost much.
Yellow sapphire which is sold as Pukhraja is notpukhraja and it is a very expensive gemstone.
Manimala sloka 395
, author says:
 “ That a man who wears a faultlessly yellow topaz possessed of a beautiful shade, weighty,exceedingly cool, flawless, and perfectly round, reaps fame, heroism, happiness, wealth and length of 

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