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The Wonder that is Sri Ramakrishna

The Wonder that is Sri Ramakrishna

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An English translation of Srî Srî Râmakrishna-Mahimâ

Writer: Akshaykumâr Sen.

Translation: Swâmî Bhâskarânanda (Vedanta Society of Western Washington)
An English translation of Srî Srî Râmakrishna-Mahimâ

Writer: Akshaykumâr Sen.

Translation: Swâmî Bhâskarânanda (Vedanta Society of Western Washington)

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Published by: Paul Herman Lodewijk Verbert on Dec 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An English translation by Swâmî Bhâskarânanda of the Bengali book
Srî Srî Râmakrishna-Mahimâ
 by Akshaykumâr Sen.
Akshay Kumâr Sen’s Bengali book
Srî Srî Râmakrishna-Mahimâ
 is quite popular among Bengali-speaking readers of the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda literature. I have translated this book into English at the request of one of my close friends who lives in Canada. The book contains many authentic anecdotes about Srî Râmakrishna and his teachings, some of which are not to be found in other books. But some of the author’s views on how the mind functions, etc, may not be acceptable to traditional Hindu scholars. These views, by the author’s own admission, are based on his own understanding and experience, and not necessarily on the scriptures. Nevertheless, this book is valuable because it is written by one who had the good fortune to have seen Srî Râmakrishna and associated with him more or less closely. In the publication of this book the following persons have helped immensely, and I acknowledge their loving assistance with deep gratitude. Ramakrishna Math, Belur, for permission to translate the book into English. Charles Scott Wirth for computer typesetting the manuscript and helping with the front cover. Devra Freedman for proofreading and editing. I hope this book will be helpful to those for whom it is intended. Swâmî Bhâskarânanda Vedanta Society of Western Washington Seattle, Washington 98102, U.S.A.
As mentioned in the preface, this is an English translation of the Bengali book entitled
Srî Srî  Râmakrishna-Mahimâ
 written by Akshaykumâr Sen. He is famous as the author of
Srî Srî  Râmakrishna Punthi
, a book about Srî Râmakrishna written in Bengali verses.
Srî Srî  Râmakrishna-Mahimâ
 is the only book written by him in prose. This book has great historical value so far as the history of Râmakrishna -Vivekânanda literature is concerned. Through this book Akshaykumâr Sen has tried to present Srî Râmakrishna as the divine incarnation of this age.
Srî Srî Râmakrishna-Mahimâ
 was published by the author in 1910, eight years after the first part of the
Srî Srî Râmakrishna-Kathâmrita
 was published by Swâmî Trigunâtîtânanda. At that time not many had accepted Srî Râmakrishna as a divine incarnation. Akshaykumâr Sen was one of the householder devotees of Srî Râmakrishna. His exact birth date is not known to us. But considering the fact that he passed away on December 7
, 1923. at age 73, he must have been born around 1850. As a young man he was employed as a tutor (?) in the renowned Tagore family at Jorâsânko in Calcutta. There he came to know Debendranâth Mazumdâr, a devotee of Srî Râmakrishna. Debendranâth and Akshaykumâr went together to Mahima Chakraborty’s home in Cossipore on the outskirts of Calcutta, where Akshaykumâr for the first time met Srî Râmakrishna, who had come there on invitation. Akshaykumâr felt very much attracted to the saint. But he did not have the opportunity of touching Srî Râmakrishna’s feet even though he was very eager to do so. However, according to Swâmî Gambhirânanda’s
Srî Râmakrishna-Bhaktamâlikâ,
 on January 1
, 1886, at the Cossipore country house, he got the opportunity to touch Srî Râmakrishna’s feet for the first time. Before touching his feet, Akshaykumâr had put two Champaka flowers on Srî Râmakrishna’s feet. As soon as he touched the saint’s feet Akshaykumâr’s mind was overwhelmed by an intense spiritual ecstasy. Unable to withstand the impact of that spiritual experience, the limbs of his body became temporarily contorted and he fell to the ground. Nearly 24 years after the passing away of Srî Râmakrishna, Akshaykumâr Sen wrote the
Srî Srî  Râmakrishna-Mahimâ.
 Swâmî Bhâskarânanda Seattle 2002

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