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My 12/4/13 letter to National Science Foundation Asst Director Joan Ferrini-Mundy about unanswered questions per my investigations request re: $1.5m NSF grant to Radiolab

My 12/4/13 letter to National Science Foundation Asst Director Joan Ferrini-Mundy about unanswered questions per my investigations request re: $1.5m NSF grant to Radiolab

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Published by Peter M. Heimlich

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Published by: Peter M. Heimlich on Dec 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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December 4, 2013Joan Ferrini-Mundy PhD Assistant Director Directorate for Education  !uman "esources #ationa$ %cience Foundation &#%F'4201 (i$son )ou$e*ard  Ar$in+ton, ir+inia 22230 Dear Dr Ferrini-Mundy./ recei*ed a #o*ember 2, 2013 e-mai$ from your assistant informin+ me that "ichard Dusch$ PhD, Director of the #%Fs Di*ision of "esearch on earnin+ in Forma$ and /nforma$ %ettin+s, reorts to you /d areciate your ansers to 5uestions / ha*e about an 6ctober 21, 2013 in*esti+ation re5uest / submitted to Dr Dusch$ re. #%F Aard 71114823,
, an aro9imate$y :1; mi$$ion +rant administered by his di*ision <he introduction of my in*esti+ation re5uest &hich inc$udes thorou+h suortin+ documentation' shou$d ser*e as a summary of my concerns./m troub$ed that this ro+ram is suorted by ta9 do$$ars )ased on the fo$$oin+ information, "adio$abs brand of =ourna$ism inc$udes. fai$in+ to correct ro*ab$y fa$se information> reortin+ information ?non to be fa$se> reortin+ fabricated information> cuttin+ unethica$ dea$s to obtain inter*ies> obtainin+ inter*ies and information under fa$se retenses> and censorshi  Astoundin+$y, a$$ that ma$feasance occurred in the reortin+ of a sin+$e story,
he !an "ehind the  !aneuver
, a 2;-minute documentary about my father, !enry J !eim$ich MD, ?non for @the !eim$ich maneu*erater that day / recei*ed this e-mai$ from Dr Dusch$./ ha*e recei*ed your communication be$o re+ardin+ the in*esti+ation re5uest and brou+ht it to the attention of the aroriate #%F staff %ubse5uent communications i$$ be coordinated by A$$ison B erner, /nsector Cenera$, #%F <han? you"ichard<he ne9t day &6ctober 22' / recei*ed this e-mai$ &emhasis added'.Mr !eim$ich, (e recei*ed your recent emai$ to Dr Dusch$, on hich e ere ccd
 We reviewed the matter and agree that that the matters you raise are appropriately addressed to NSF management
> there are no issues aroriate for in*esti+ati*e action by our office (e ha*e informed Dr Dusch$ of ourconc$usion and i$$ maintain your corresondence in our fi$es<han? you (i$$iam J i$+a$$in%enior Ad*isor, /n*esti+ations#ationa$ %cience Foundation6ffice of /nsector Cenera$&03'22-43
#e9t / recei*ed this 6ctober 31 e-mai$./ am ritin+ in resonse to your $etter dated 6ctober 21 and e mai$ dated 6ctober 22, 2013  Gou com$ained that "adioab H
I ro*ided fa$se and fabricated information, made unethica$ dea$s to obtain inter*ies, and censorsed H
I information/n accordance ith #%Fs "esearch Misconduct Po$icy, #%F referred your com$aint to the 6ffice of /nsector Cenera$ &6/C' <he 6/C re*ieed your com$aint and dec$ined to in*esti+ate further#%F does not *et the content of +rantee broadcasts nor dictate editoria$ o$icies (e ha*e recent$y  become aare that you rote to the ice President of Pro+ramin+ at the radio station hich aired the ro+ram that is the sub=ect of your com$aint (e be$ie*e that (#GB is in the best osition to resond to your concerns <han? you for your interest in our "esearch on earnin+ in Forma$ and /nforma$ %ettin+s Pro+ram %incere$y,Dr "ichard Dusch$<he ne9t day &#o*ember 1' / sent this in5uiry to Dr Dusch$."e. your e-mai$ of yesterday in resonse to my 6ctober 21, 2013 in*esti+ation re5uest, $ease ro*ide me ith coies of the #%F o$icy +uide$ines on hich you based on your decision !eres his #o*ember  re$y. Mr !eim$ich,<he o$icy document you are re5uestin+ is $ocated on the #%F ebsite at  nsf+o*  Attached is a coy for your con*enience<here is no $on+er any need for you to communicate ith this office<han? you" Dusch$P$ease c$ic? here for the document he attached, a December 1, 2012 $etter from A$an F )oehm of your a+encys 6ffice of the /nsector Cenera$ <hat $etter aears to ha*e no bearin+ re. my 5uestion, so on #o*ember  and a+ain on #o*ember 12, / sent this e-mai$ to Dr Dusch$.<han? you for your e-mai$ this mornin+ and for the document you attached, a December 1, 2012 $etter si+ned by A$an F )oehm !oe*er, in my oinion that $etter doesnt ade5uate$y anser the 5uestion / osed to you in my #o*ember 1, 2013 e-mai$ %ince you ad*ised me not to communicate further ith your office, $ease ro*ide me ith the name of  your suerior at the #%F so that / may attemt to obtain further c$arification/ recei*ed his confirmations of receit to both e-mai$s but no further re$y, hence this $etter to you1' (ou$d you $ease ro*ide me ith coies of the #%F o$icy +uide$ines on hich Dr Dusch$ based his decisionK2' )ased on the e-mai$s / recei*ed from Mr i$+a$$in and Dr Dusch$, /m concerned that my in*esti+ation re5uest may not ha*e been roer$y rocessed <herefore, ou$d you $ease direct me to the aroriate #%F em$oyee to hom / may submit a re5uest to re*ie hether my in*esti+ation re5uest as roer$y rocessedK

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