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Published by camouflage31

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Published by: camouflage31 on Dec 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Rational Unified Process, with its nine workflows, uses the best practices in software development and maintenance. True Software Quality Assurance documentation include the following: [check all that applies] test plan program specifications user manual software documentation guideline test cases and test processes Software reviews may extend to include personal concerns to assess morale and team cohesion. The correct answer is 'True'. Define SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. the application of a disciplined approach for the development and maintenance of computer software. Code control facilitates management of versions of program source code. The correct answer is 'True'. Software program security measures adopted by organizatoins may include the following: [check all that applies] biometric devices encryption/decryption userid and password The software quality assurance verification process is to make sure the developer builds the right product. The correct answer is 'False'. Types of software reviews [check all that applies] walkthroughs software inspection technical review  After a software problem has been reported, it is good to track the problem until it is finally resolved. The correct answer is 'True'. In putting quality in software, cost is never a consideration. The correct answer is 'False'. It is best to invite as many participants as possible to software review meetings. The correct answer is 'False'. Software related disciplines: [check all that applies.] Psychology, Economics Mathematics computer science Computer engineering
 Stages in software development. Stage 1
 definition, Stage 2
 implementation, Stage 3
 maintenance. To be able to recover from a disaster, careful planning and implemenation of recovery procedures are necessary. The correct answer is 'True'. Software engineers shall take advantage of their colleagues and would always want to be ahead competing with them unfairly. The correct answer is 'False'.  _____ insures quality by monitoring the processes that output the product or service. quality control  _____ is how well a measurement agrees with an acceptable value. accuracy Putting quality in software makes it error-free. The correct answer is 'False'. One reason for performing software quality is to make sure there is compliance to set standards. The correct answer is 'True'. The typical phases of a software development model are analysis, design, testing, and implementation. The correct answer is 'True'.  _______ process in software quality assurance makes sure the developer builds the product right. The correct answer is: verification One purpose of software quality assurance is to prevent problems from occuring. The correct answer is 'True'.  _____ insures quality by testing the product or service. quality assurance Define Software consists of the computer program and related documentation Quality does not happen by accident. It starts from ____. senior management One of the first things to do to implement quality in software is to set standards. The correct answer is 'True'. The Quality Policy is formally defined and expressed by middle management. The correct answer is 'False'.  _____ is how well a series of measurements agrees with each other.

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