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WPFFA Press Release

WPFFA Press Release

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Published by windsorstar
Windsor Professional Fire Fighters Association statement released Dec. 20, 2013.
Windsor Professional Fire Fighters Association statement released Dec. 20, 2013.

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Published by: windsorstar on Dec 21, 2013
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Mayor Pushing a Dangerous Plan for City: Fire Fighters
 No consultation on model that is a significant reduction in level of service
WINDSOR -- Windsor fire fighters are calling out Mayor Eddie Francis for rushing into a dangerous and outdated plan for the fire service without having consulted the pulic or properly studied how it will i!pact pulic safety" fire fighter safety and such things as residential and co!!ercial insurance pre!iu!s#$he city should withdraw the current proposal and conduct a proper pulic consultation and a  proper study of the plan%s i!pact on pulic safety" says Windsor &rofessional Fire Fighters 'ssociation &resident 'ngelo (ertsa)is#(ertsa)is says fire fighters" who are on the front lines every day" elieve the Mayor%s plan is dangerous# While closing a fire station and reducing the on-duty staffing co!ple!ent fro! *+ to *, !ay not sound significant" the Mayor%s plan will in fact result in a significant reduction in the level of service to tapayers" and conse.uently" a decreased level of pulic safety" he warns# In recent years" the city has re!oved four firefighters and an aerial truc) fro! the front lines" not for a deploy!ent strategy ut for cost reasons# With the further cuts eing proposed to the fire service" additional strain will e placed on a syste! that is already struggling to !eet actual ris) deploy!ent and staffing standards# $he syste! will rea) not end" and pulic safety will decrease#'ccording to the Mayor%s proposal" frontline fire fighters in !any cases will not have the resources to conduct interior search and rescue upon initial arrival" and will lose the aility in so!e cases to conduct rescue and fire suppression si!ultaneously" (ertsa)is says# /0nder the Mayor Francis plan" .uite si!ply" fire fighters arriving at a house fire !ay have to wait outside until enough fire fighters are on scene" wasting !inutes at a ti!e when seconds can !ean the difference etween life and death"1 he said# /$hat is not the level of service our citi2ensepect and deserve#1 (ertsa)is adds that a lac) of personnel also reduces fire fighter safety and that shifting resources away fro! one part of the city into another is /roing &eter to pay &aul#1
(ertsa)is says that the Mayor%s plan is ased on an Ontario Fire Marshal 3OFM4 /5, firefighters in 5, !inutes1 guideline that was rescinded several years ago after !unicipalities co!plained it was vague and confusing# $he OFM has since introduced a co!prehensive ris) evaluation tool for !unicipalities to use# $here is no indication the city has used it" or other availale tools such as (eographic Infor!ation Syste!s 3(IS4 !apping that would definitively !easure the cuts% i!pact# In the !eanti!e" the National Fire &rotection 'ssociation%s science-ased 565, Standard for uran fire depart!ents says that in order to constitute ade.uate pulic safety" four fire fighters should e on scene of a residential fire in four !inutes and 5* to 56 fire fighters in eight !inutes" depending whether an aerial is used#/Windsor residents and usiness owners epect and deserve a fast and effective fire depart!ent response !odel that is ased on proper ris) evaluation and current uran fire protection standards li)e the NF&'"1 (ertsa)is says# /Not an outdated and rescinded plan that unnecessarily puts citi2ens and their property at ris)#1(ertsa)is challenges the Mayor to for!ally as) citi2ens if they want to ris) their safety and  property" and possily higher insurance pre!iu!s" to save what a!ounts to a few pennies on their individual taes# 7e notes that the current level of service provides s)illed and certified fire fighters at their door in !inutes in response to virtually any )ind of e!ergency" all for less than a dollar a day# /$hat%s an ecellent value to tapayers#1In the !eanti!e" the fire fighters are putting Francis and the city on notice that if the plan is i!ple!ented" they will e docu!enting any instances where the reduced service !odel results in delayed response and specific conse.uences" to ensure the pulic is fully aware of the service level they are receiving fro! their fire depart!ent# /So!eone has to stand up for pulic safety here# Windsor fire fighters are proud to step forward and do it#1
&uestions 'ill e ans'ere( on Fri(ay Decemer !"
# !"$%
W&FF' 0nion Office8*5 (oyeau StreetWindsor" ON N9' 576
$$:%" to $!:$)*m +In Person,CO-TACTS:
'ngelo (ertsa)is" &residentWindsor &rofessional Fire Fighters 'ssociation3*594 98;-886<angelo=cogeco#ca

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