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Churches and Schools and Media Are Filling the People's Mind and Heart With Fear

Churches and Schools and Media Are Filling the People's Mind and Heart With Fear

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Published by cocoy777
A document to help cause the people to rethink about churches and schools as well as media that feed fear to them
A document to help cause the people to rethink about churches and schools as well as media that feed fear to them

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Published by: cocoy777 on Dec 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Filling the People’s Minds and Hearts with Fear, the Churches, Schools and Media  Together Betrayed the People
 %!"# &"T% 'S T! F'(( THE PE!P(E)S HEA#T *'TH (!+E A& THE'# M'&S *'TH FA'TH C!"#A-E., !T FEA#/
Note to all thinking Christians: What is the substance being deposited to your mind and heart when, for example, the Church and the media as well as schools, promote the Halloween? Your answer: Fear.Conclusion: Then and therefore, they are filing your minds and hearts with what kills faith and love, thus, leading you away from salvation and God’s kingdom! This thing alone about fear can show you clearly who and where are the false and imposter churches, and false educators!So, beware. Your future and your own life and salvation is at stake.Read the following two letters to get the point:December 19, 2013Franky,
 I am very fortunate and most blessed for having you. Amidst the battleground here, it is not difficult to get weighed down easily by the burdens (negativism) of the people. During the quake, fear came out of almost everyone's heart, and filled the air. Instead of faith (courage and simple trust in God's love and power, hence no fear), fear filled everyone's heart and home.
And I told them, if fear is the deposit that you are withdrawing in your two spiritual banks called mind and heart all through these years, instead of faith (from the mind) and love (from the heart), then, the church has failed you! The Churches ought to have given you faith-coins and love-coins to fill our heart-bank and mind-bank. So, be careful, I pointed out to them, many churches are fake and are there to just suck your money and get themselves rich and worse, draw you away from what you are aiming, longing and working hard for, namely: salvation, eternal life, kingdom of God. FEAR IS THE OPPOSITE OF FAITH, AND FEAR IS THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE. And take note that only IF WE HAVE FAITH AND LOVE CAN WE AVAIL THE PROMISE OF SALVATION AND ENTRY INTO GOD'S KINGDOM, as we read in the Holy Bible. A Church or religion is false if it has filled our heart and mind with the fear, instead of faith and love. I am hoping that these trials -- these quakes and storms, and God forbid more will come, -- these trials or must I call these as QUALITY TESTS - because the quality of our heart and mind or spirit will be severely tested -- I am hoping that these partial tests will point to us what we lack, namely: faith deposits in our mind and love deposits in our hearts. Indeed, I see with my own eyes, how poor we are after all in these two treasures that Jesus wanted us to gather, namely: faith and love. By faith must our mind be constructed and by love must our heart be composed -- then we shall not fall nor get conquered by whatever trials and test that will test the quality of our mind and heart -- the quality of who we are. Because if we lack faith and love, then, fear shall lead us to our own destruction and death. 
In the middle of this Armageddon (see-saw/ tug-of-war) between the negative and positive, it is a great lift and encouragement to hear your news, Franky, THAT THE LIGHT IS SURE AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. The end is sure. That it is dawn, then, morning! Thank you in particular for the message from "angel" Kryon. It is encouraging to hear the reassuring words that "ALL IS WELL." Kryon mentioned that the overall condition for all is: ALL IS WELL. That reminds me of a special film which makes this enigmatic phrase "ALL IS WELL" at its theme. The title of the film is: The Three Idiots. I am hoping this truth will become more and more evident and clear day by day.... that the attitude of "ALL IS WELL" holds great power, more than we ever have realized. Cocoy
F#AK%’S #EP(%&ece23er 45, 4657Hi dear 0riend, %es, this is 8ery true Cocoy9 Fear can 3e people’s greatest ene2y, 3ecause it 3loc:s their di8ine power9 Thin:ing that they can do nothing a3out it while they can do e8erything a3out it9Fran:y 111111111111111111111111111111111 

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